Top 5 Eyelash Extension Removal Tips for Lash Techs

Close-up of a lash tech removing eyelash extensions.


We all remember the first time we had to remove a set of eyelash extensions. Our clients had come in with a hopeful sparkle in their eye, looking to freshen up their look. As you walked her to the chair, the weight of the task settled in. At that moment, you weren’t just a lash technician but the last line of defence between beauty and a potential ‘lash-catastrophe’.

From lash tech to lash tech, here's what years of experience have taught us about removing eyelash extensions without damaging your client's natural lashes.

Tip 1. The Gentle Touch: Patience Is Your Best Friend

We can't stress this enough—rushing through a removal is a recipe for disaster. When the time comes to part ways with a set of extensions, patience isn't just a virtue; it's your best tool. Let us paint you a picture: eyelash extension glue isn't your average school project adhesive. It's designed to withstand the test of time and tear-jerker movies. Rushing can lead to pulling and damaging natural lashes. Take your time, and your client will thank you for it!

Eyelash extension supplies, specifically brushes.

Tip 2. Working with the Right Tools: A Lash Tech's Arsenal

We’ve got a selection of tools that make removing eyelash extensions much easier. Our go-to is a high-quality eyelash extension glue remover. It's magic in a bottle. A tiny drop on you micro brush, and your painting away the bonds like a lash Michelangelo. Investing in quality remover is crucial because, let's face it, nobody wants a stinging sensation ruining their spa-like salon experience.

Tip 3. The Steam Dream: Softening the Stubborn Glue

Let's chat about steam. It's not just for cappuccinos, saunas, and calming facials; it's also a saviour for eyelash extension removal. Have you ever noticed how a hot shower can loosen even the most budge-proof makeup? It's that same principle. A gentle steam can soften the glue, making the removal smoother than a silk pillowcase. But, of course, always remember not to overdo it; we don't want to bombard our clients with too much steam and make their experience uncomfortable.

Close-up of a lash tech carefully removing eyelash extensions with tools.

Tip 4. Oil Slick: The Slippery Secret to Success

We’ll let you in on a little secret: a dab of oil can be your ally, but it’s all about the right kind and the right amount. A little swipe of a safe oil along the lash line can encourage the glue to give up its grip without turning into an oily mess. Keep it neat and minimal, and watch those extensions slide off like butter on a hot pan.

Tip 5. The Final Flourish: Clean Up and Care

After all the extensions have said their goodbyes, we don't just send our clients on their merry way. No, we end with a flourish—a soothing cleanse to ensure their natural lashes are clean, free, and ready to face the world. This is when I take out my trusty, gentle, oil-free lash cleanser. It's like a spa treatment for lashes; my clients always feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


When it's all said and done, we stand back and admire our work. There's a certain joy in knowing that you’ve navigated the treacherous waters of eyelash extension removal and come out victorious, with your client's natural lashes intact, healthy, and ready for whatever comes next—whether it's a fresh set of extensions or a period of going au naturel.

Eyelash extensions and all the lash extension supplies in the world mean nothing without the skilled hands of a lash technician who knows their stuff. Removing extensions is an art—one that requires the same precision, care, and artistry as the application itself.

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