Tips for working with color eyelash extensions

Color lash extensions come in a variety of stunning colors. Even though experimenting with different color lashes can be thrilling, fun and unique, as a lash artist, you must adhere to some basic guidelines. This is a new era of coloring, bleaching and restyling, and we were due for a creative makeover on our usual black lashes with these new colored eyelashes! There are certain guidelines lash artists need to follow to ensure their client's desired results. In this article, we have a few tips and tricks for using color lashes.

Match the eyes' color

Match the eyes' color

Use lashes that suit and compliment the color of your client's eyes! For instance, if the client has blue eyes, add a few blue lashes in the lash line's outer corners. This ingenious placement method opens up your client's eyes, making them appear big, bright, and lively. Purple gives sky-colored eyes depth, while yellow brightens dark blues. For a show-stopping look, advise your client to add a flick of vivid liner or a deeply pigmented shadow to their colored eyelashes. To pop the color of your client's green eyes, add a fraction of green lashes to the bottom layer of natural lashes. For green-eyed beauties, purple lash extensions are a must-have. Purple lies on the opposite end of the color wheel from green, providing some contrast to really make those eyes sparkle.

Clients with hazel eyes are lucky since they can bring out the blue, green, and brown of their eyes with the colors they choose. The same is the case for brown eyes. Brown eyes are perhaps the most common eye color on the planet. Whatever color your client desires for their color lash extensions, it will brighten their eyes. Contrasting hues, in general, draw attention to themselves. Because brown is a warm-toned color, your client will look best in gray, blue, and light green shades.

Clients who wear colored contacts make the job easier for lash experts as it allows them to match color lashes according to the color of their client's contact lens.

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Play with layers

Play with layers

Color lashes should be placed on various layers to get different effects. When you use color eyelash extensions on the top layer, your client will detect a subtle trace of color when she blinks or closes her eyes. By putting the lashes in the middle layer, they blend in wonderfully with the black extensions while still visible. It will be the most noticeable if you put the color lashes towards the bottom layer on different levels. While working with colored lash extensions, you'll need more volume to make them stand out as a lash artist. For example, these can be 3D if a black lower layer is applied with 0.07 lashes, but the colors added should be 5D.

By mixing black lashes with colored lashes, one can achieve a subtler daily look or depending on client's preference, the lash expert can go all out by using exclusively colorful lashes!

Extra Application time

Colored lash extensions might take up to 30 minutes longer than regular lash extensions. There are several causes for this.

  • Consulting the client: It is important that you discuss color lash extensions with your client as there are so many options. You will want to be sure what your client wants and how colored lash extensions can help them achieve it.
  • Positioning colored lashes: Placing eyelash extensions is a skill. A lash artist needs to carefully consider where they're going to place each colored eyelash extension based on the effect the client wants.
  • The symmetry of the colored lash extensions: It is important to have balance in both eyes.

You'll gain experience and be able to save time as you make more colored lash applications. We suggest you inform your client before application that color eyelash extensions take a little longer than the basic black ones.

Stock a mixed rainbow tray

Stock a mixed rainbow tray

Make a statement with our LLBA color lash extensions and let your clients show off the rainbow with every blink. Our Rainbow Promade trays come in various colors that can be used to add a splash of color or create a complete set of rainbow lashes. The multiple hues can complement your client's eye color or create exciting, bold lash effects. By stocking up on rainbow trays, you can create rainbow lashes and create individual colored lashes while adding colors to black lash extensions.

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