The super dramatic look of dd curl lash extensions

The most important question clients must ask themselves while going for lash extensions is what kind of curl they are going for. Currently, the most popular one is CC curl lash extensions as they give a somewhat slight curl and retain the natural lash look. However, lash stylists are reporting that nowadays, people are increasingly opting to go for the step-up version and getting DD curl lash extensions. DD curl lash extensions can be used to give clients a much more mega volume look with a curlier look. Clients can choose whether to use DD curl lash extensions on their own or to mix them up with other curls resulting in a much more textured look.

They are available in different lengths which makes it much easier for lash stylists to customize them according to each client's specific eye shape. It is important to know which type of lash extensions will perfectly go with the face while giving the perfect amount of thickness and volume. DD curl lash extensions are for those who are seeking a fuller look than the traditional CC curl lash extensions and want to take one step further and add a bit of a dramatic touch to their look.

It is no doubt that creating and designing the perfect lash extensions is an art. Lash techs should be skilled in creating customized lashes that complement different unique faces. It is important that they can gauge what thickness, curl, and length goes with each of their client's faces. DD curl lash extensions allow lash experts to use layering and feathering techniques which broadens the horizons for creativity in lash designs.

dd curl lash extensions

Clients who have naturally downward angled lashes are known to benefit the most from DD curl lash extensions as it gives them that dramatic curlier look and accentuates their lashes. Another well-suited demographic for DD curl lash extensions are clients with naturally round eyes. DD curl lash extensions will add much more depth and definition to their overall eye shape. They give the perfect lift to the client's lashes that can help frame their face much more beautifully and add a more dramatic effect.

Another great aspect of DD curl lash extension is that they can be used for all the techniques, classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume. . Anyone in the lash industry can tell you that hybrid lashes are the perfect mix for people who aren’t sure what kind of look they are looking for.  The hybrid lash application method gives its users the best of both worlds and combines the classic and volume lashes at the client's lash line, which results in a glamorous texture. The introduction of hybrid lashes in the industry has ended many clients' dilemmas when choosing between classic and volume lashes. It is the perfect blend of both classic and volume lashes and is increasingly gaining popularity with users as it gives them a fuller look and the ideal texture for their lashes. Hybrid lashes are specially designed for clients who want a natural appearance to their lashes while gaining volume at the same time. Hybrid lashes range in a variety of different volumes and textures.

DD curl lash extensions can be  used with the Russian volume lash technique. This technique involves the application of fanning lashes to get more volume.. The fan will have thin lashes stuck together and will  allow lash artists to place more than on each lash, giving an overall fanned look to the lashes. This results in a much fuller look with the perfect volume. They create the ideal lightweight, fluffy eyelash look. This depends on many factors such as the artist's skill, lash’s quality, the adhesive used and the natural lashes of the client. Russian volume lashes are ultra-fine fibers most commonly made from synthetic mink, giving it its fluffy and thick look.

Russian volume lashes

DD curl lash extensions are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add that extra flair to their appearance and show off this super dramatic look. It gives lash lines the extra volume and perfect curl that strategically frames the face to optimize its beauty. We all know how much of a difference lash extension can make on a face, and it's extremely important to choose the lash extensions that give your client the best look.

DD curl lash extensions offer a variety of ranges in sizes, so it caters to all different eye shapes. If you are looking for lash extensions that are lightweight while giving the best amount of volume to your lashes then there is no doubt that DD curl lash extensions are the best choice. With this choice, your client’s dreams of achieving the thick and luscious lashes will finally come true.

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