The must-do steps before any lashing procedure

The process of applying eyelash extensions can be quite long and extensive. As beginner lash artists, sometimes we don’t know where to begin and it can be overwhelming. In this blog, we will go step-by-step with you to help prepare you for your eyelash appointments. We will be providing some tips and tricks for you that will allow for a much smoother transition and application process. The more prepared you are, the less you will be scrambling during your appointment.

Prepare all the eyelash extensions you will need

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Prepare all the fans you’ll need for the lash set

Making sure you have the right eyelash extensions for your client beforehand is super important. For example: If a client is requesting a classic set, you have to make sure you have the right type of eyelash extensions as well as a variety of sizes and weights. Remember, you cannot use volume eyelash extensions for classic sets and vice versa. Taking a bi-weekly or monthly inventory of all your eyelash products is a good habit to get into so that you don’t run into the issue of running out of certain products.

If we know what type of set our client is looking at getting, we can have our lash tiles ready with the appropriate lengths and sizes. Always remember to not leave lash tiles out in the open for too long as they can collect dust and bacteria from the surrounding environment. Keep the lash tile concealed in a drawer or plastic container within reach once you’ve finished setting up for eyelash appointment.

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Pre-making your fans will save a lot of time during the lash set

If you hand-make your fans, it would be a good idea to pre-make them before an appointment or the night before so you aren’t taking up too much time hand-making them during the lash set. Make sure you crystalize the fans appropriately and store them in a container for later use. Some lash artists use old lash tray containers to store their fans as well.

Check the freshness of the eyelash extension glue

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Having appropriate glue specifically for your environment is important,  but making sure your glue is fresh is just as important. There are many different indicators that determine if the glue is no good. A good way to check is right after shaking your glue by hand (at least for one minute) or spinning in a glue shaker, place one dot of glue on a foil circle on a jade stone, and just take a look at it. If it’s stringy or if it is not holding its carbon black color (maybe a light grey color) it isn’t good to use anymore. Always have two or three different lash glues on hand so that if you do run into this problem, you aren’t having to reschedule your client due to not having any product.

Also making sure your glue is still fresh also helps adhere the eyelash extensions to the natural lash much better than if the glue was a month or two old. You can also store unopened glue in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. Once you take it out from the fridge, wait until it is back to room temperature before use. You can wait 5-10 minutes or hold them in your palm. Eyelash glue, once opened, stays fresh for at least 2-3 months depending on how frequently you use it. Opened glues are recommended to store in an airtight container in dry rice or silica gel packs.

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Store your glues in the container

Cleanse lashes before applying eyelash extensions

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We’ve learned that clean natural lashes are a must before getting eyelash extensions done. Clean lashes help the eyelash extensions adhere to the natural lash more effectively. Kindly ask your clients to come with clean lashes before their appointment and always inspect them before starting the lash set. If you notice that there is still some leftover make-up, residue etc., advise your client that you will need to give them a lash bath and explain the importance of why you’re doing it. Clients will appreciate you telling them that clean lashes lead to better adhesion to the natural lashes thus in turn, possibly longer time in-between fills.

A great way to clean the lashes would be using an eyelash extension-safe lash bath. LLBA Professional carries a foam lash bath solution which is great for this step. Simply have your client close their eyes, pump a little bit of lash soap on both lash lines. Use a disposable cleansing brush (you can give it to the client for them to take home and use) and gently sweep the lashes making sure to get in and around all of the natural lashes. Rinse the foam away with saline solution (a.k.a contact solution) and fan the natural lashes dry. Do one more quick inspection...then you’re ready to start lashing!

Make sure you sit comfortably for the eyelash extension procedure

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During a lash appointment, sometimes your body can’t help but start to hunch over, your head inches closer to see the lashes or you might be sitting too far away from the lash bed. Whatever the reason is, it is important to try to consciously remember good lashing posture. This will help prevent any pain or damage to your neck and back. Here are some tips to maintain good posture while lashing:

  • Maintain a slight 90–120-degree bend in your arms and knees while seated.
  • Keep your back as straight as possible.
  • Make sure your back is supported in your seat

Stretching your shoulders and neck before your appointment and after can also help reduce any pain or strain you may get from lashing. Especially when you have multiple clients a day.

Educating your clients on after-care of the eyelash extensions

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After-care is so important and we all know there are some clients that just refuse to maintain their eyelash extensions in the appropriate way. Sometimes, we as lash artists also forget to educate our clients because the lash appointments are so long. But proper education is a must in order to maintain the lash extensions and for the health and safety of our client. Don’t forget to remind your clients that their aftercare should consist of:

  1. cleansing their lash extensions daily with extension-safe lash soap and brushing them every day 
  2. not wearing any make-up
  3. avoiding any oily face products near the eye area
  4. Not picking their eyelash extensions 

Once you get to the consultation to see if a person could be a potential candidate for eyelash extensions, it is important to take a look at the person’s natural lashes. If someone has very weak, short, and brittle lashes, they may not be the best candidate. Eyelash health is very important so, in the case where you may have to turn a client away, offer them a serum to increase growth and strength for their lashes and ask them to return in a couple of weeks for a reassessment.


Every lash artist’s pre-game ritual is different but should always have a few of these important things in mind: keeping their client’s eyelash extensions looking beautiful, lashing safely and effectively, keeping them healthy, and providing the best service possible. If we continue to strive for this, our clients will keep coming back to us and even recommend our services to their friends and family.

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