The full story on classic eyelash extensions

Delicate and pretty – yet super reliable – classic eyelash extensions tend to be overlooked by lash enthusiasts in this day and age of dramatic Instagram beauty standards. But for the everyday female client looking for a subtle and simple enhancement to the windows to her soul, there is no better choice than the classic lashes.

Individually applied to each natural lash, classic lashes can fit right into a client’s everyday routine – from work to home, and out and about on the town. Classic lash extensions may not have the “va va voom” factor of volume lashes, but with their much reduced price tag compared to their more glamorous cousin (and almost no need for special maintenance at home) there is no option more dependable and easy to wear.

Types of classic lashes

There is a classic lash material and style for everyone, and your clients will love and appreciate a good chat to find out the right lashes to their specific needs. 

Mink lash tray

Light, pretty, reliable, and affordable, faux mink lashes are an excellent choice for first-time customers trying out their options. Faux mink lashes are man-made fibers that are finer than silk – so ladies, don’t forget to apply a few more on your client for a fluffier, prettier set with a full, feminine body.

For a more natural and luxurious upgrade, real mink lashes are those made from the fine fur of minks. A favorite choice of the more high rolling clientele for their natural lusciousness and lightness, this lash option is most often seen on celebrities gracing the red carpet or the glossy cover pages of Elle and Vogue everywhere.  

Yet another option for lusciousness and lightness, sable eyelashes are made from the fur of sables, a forest animal found in parts of Russia and Siberia. The thinnest and lightest lash option to date, sable eyelash extensions offer the same quality and yet superior comfort compared to mink lashes.

Last but not least, for those allergic to certain furs, who are vegans, or simply working with a stricter budget yet still want an extra flutter to their peepers, silk lashes are a great everyday choice, soft with a slightly glossy look–they’re always a great option for lash newbie, to get a sense of how lash extensions will look and feel on the eye. 

Classic lashes have their own various thicknesses, with some individual fibers varying in diameter opposed to others for a truly customized look. Because of the 1:1 application technique, classic lashes can be applied very naturally or reasonably thickly, depending on how many natural lashes you have to work with. 

Styles of eyelash extensions using classic lashes

Classic lash extensions are most popularly used in a full natural lash style. In this style, the lashes are applied to follow the natural pattern of the lash-line and are usually longer towards the 2/3 point of the eye, enhancing the eyes without changing the shape too drastically. With this set, apply 70-80 lashes per eye. This style is great for most eye shapes and for daily wear especially.

In the Glamour Classic Style, a focus on density and darkness takes center stage. Natural lashes are covered 90-100 percent, thus creating a greatly emphasized look around the eyes. If your client is looking for the most dramatic look possible on classic eyelash extensions and has strong, healthy natural lashes, definitely recommend this style to them. Glam lashes are ideal for lavish events, for blushing brides seeking a finer look on their big day, or those whose eyes are already naturally large wanting to fill out their already lush lashes. As more lash extensions are applied, glamour sets usually last longer than other classic sets.

Finally, there is the Classic Lite Set, also known as the half set. This is the most subtle and natural looking style. Lash technicians only need to apply about 50-60 lashes per eye, resulting in a subtle, barely-there look for everyday wear. We can also concentrate the lite set of eyelash extensions on the outer corners of a client’s eye, graduating the lash lengths to create a natural cat-eye/almond style/wing set. This option is excellent for those clients working with a tight budget or those who are barely dipping their toes in the world of glamorous lashes.

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Whatever the style you choose, your clients are likely to be very satisfied with the subtly enhanced beauty that can only be provided by fabulous classic lashes!

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