The brief history of classic eyelash extensions

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Classic lash extensions are simple, sweet, and the most common lashes. One extension is attached to one natural lash in a 1:1 ratio in Classic lashes. Your clients can achieve a more natural look and feel this way. There are a variety of materials, thicknesses, and styles available for Classic eyelash extensions, and we cover these in detail as part of our education. The lashes should be soft and natural-looking in a typical 1.5 to 2-hour application. Classic lashes won't give much more Volume, but they will lengthen lashes considerably. The even lash line that Classic extensions provide helps open up the eyes.

Clients usually love the idea of having semi-permanent eyelash extensions because they look good all the time without having to apply makeup, during the day or night time. All they need to do is to maintain their eyelash extension by being more careful.

How do classic eyelash extensions look?

How do classic eyelash extensions look?

Classic lashes set gives the most natural effect. If your clients love the natural look, similar to when you brush on mascara, a classic set will be the perfect set for you.  

Make sure to take some time to discuss with your client before starting to apply the eyelashes. Take the time to see what their preferences are, and what kind of look they are going for. Some clients prefer the dramatic look, and it wouldn’t be the best choice to offer classic lashes to clients who love thick and full eyelash extensions. Also make sure to know what kind of effect they want to achieve with their eyelashes so that you can try to figure out which mapping would suit their face and features. 

The most popular diameters for classic lashes and flat lashes are anywhere from 0.12 mm to 0.20 mm. The most popular lengths for classic lashes and flat lashes are anywhere from 8 mm to 14 mm.  

As a lash artist, it is your job to make sure to choose the right diameter and length in order to keep your clients' lashes healthy. Some lash suppliers offer the rule on the tweezers in order to help you measure your client’s lashes. LLBA Professional is one of the brands that offer that. 

Types of classic eyelash extensions

Types of Classic eyelash extension mapping

Did you know that there are two types of classic eyelashes? There are the regular ones, and there are the ones called ‘’flat lashes’’. Flat lashes are used in order to give more volume to the clients, but still with a classic set.

Flat lashes have a wider base, which allows the lashes to look darker than reality.  The first thing that comes to our mind is that flat lashes are probably heavier since they look thicker, but the truth is: they are less heavy than natural lashes. Their flat base makes the lash extension less heavy, which allows the lashes to look full without damaging the natural lashes. 

Types of Classic eyelash extension mapping:

To help you create the best eyelash extension looks possible for your clients, consider using lash mapping!

With so many lash extension lengths, thicknesses, and curls to choose from, it's easy to get complacent and stick with tried-and-true looks.

You can experiment with different looks and ensure that you're creating the right lash extension style for each eye shape by using lash mapping techniques.

Many lash mapping designs exist that can serve as excellent guidelines for you to use on your clients, but keep in mind that each eye is unique, so you should adjust as necessary and avoid letting the mapping guide limit your creative freedom. Let's take a look at different Classic lash extension mappings:

1.      Doll eyelashes

Lashes with longer lengths in the middle create the illusion of wider, more open eyes. In the middle, you can use a curlier lash if you prefer. Doll eyelashes are ideal for eyes with almond or wide-set shapes.

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2.      Cat eyelashes

Use the longest-length lashes on the outer edges of the lashes to give the appearance of wider eyes. As these lashes are typically smaller or weaker, they tend to fall faster or 'droop.' It is recommended to drop down 1-2mm from the outer corner. Cat lashes are ideal for eyes that are almond-shaped, close-set, or round.

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3.      Squirrel Lashes

By starting with short lashes and gradually lengthening them to the halfway point and then gradually shortening them again towards the outer eye, this look can be achieved. Eyes with wide shapes and sizes can benefit from squirrel lashes.

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4.      Natural eyelashes

Everyone can achieve a "natural" look by simply following the length of their natural lashes. The changes in length will be gradual and not have a noticeable impact. For the first length, you can start at the inner corner of the pupil with an 8-mm length and work your way outwards. The longest lashes are found at the outer corner of the eye, and they get shorter from there.

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If your clients prefer a more natural look but don't want to alter the appearance of their eyes drastically, this is the look for them.

Classic eyelashes length, thickness, shape, and curl type


Different diameters of eyelash extensions are made for different purposes when it comes to creating a Classic lash set.

Classic lashes typically have a length of 15 mm. 10 mm can be used on very fine lashes, or it can be used in conjunction with another. 10 mm is needed to create a two-dimensional effect. Volume lashes are available in thicknesses of 07 mm, 06 mm, and 05 mm. There is no one size that fits all when applying eyelash extensions, so you should experiment with different lengths and thicknesses before settling on an ideal number.


The length of the class lash extension is the next option you have to choose for your client.


This size is ideal for use on the inner eye.

It is ideal for use as a transition between shorter and longer lengths.


Used for a natural look all over or on the inner corners of the eyes.

12 mm-

Depending on the client's features, this can be natural or dramatic.

13 mm-

You should never begin a client's first appointment with a 13mm or longer length because it will be dramatic.


Use with caution if you have natural lashes that aren't strong enough to support this longer length.

Classic lashes shape

Flat lashes are an alternative to the more traditional round-based extensions. Traditional sets of eyelash extensions can also be made with them. Flat Classic eyelash extensions are gaining popularity because they stick better to natural lashes than other eyelash extensions." It's because of the oval shape's wider base than the base of round lashes.

Lashes that have been flattened at the ends are also known by the names "cashmere" or "ellipse" lashes. It's easier to apply, lasts longer, and requires less glue with these lashes. Flat lashes can be used to create darker, more dramatic Classic eyelash extension looks.

Classic lashes shape

LLBA Professional flat lashes

Types of curls:

The look of the curls is represented by a letter in the name of the style.

J curl:

The least curly or lifted curl is the J curl, which is more of a J shape. This is a more basic or minor curl.


For those with naturally curled lashes, the C curl is the best option for creating a more open-eyed look. The most common lash curl is the C curl, which most people's natural lash curls resemble.

The C curl is one of the most popular lash styles in the world. 'When applied to clients with lashes that are slanted slightly downward, the C curl provides a satisfying lift to the lashes. The doll eye effect can be achieved by applying this technique to clients who have lashes that have a close to horizontal angle.

However, if you have lashes that are slanted downward, we recommend using D curl.

D curl:

Curls in the D category are curlier than those in the C category. In terms of lift and drama, the D curl is by far the most noticeable from the front. They are best suited to clients with drooping lashes who desire a dramatic effect. You'll notice a noticeable curled effect when you wear these lashes.

Using eyelash extensions on a client with naturally upward-facing lashes or heavily hooded eyelids can result in a prickly experience. Clients with naturally curled lashes that fall downward are better suited to the D curl.

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When applied correctly, it has better retention than straight curls, but the added drama and widening effect make it an excellent choice for natural lashes with a downward angle.

When working with clients who have hooded eyelids, L curl lashes are ideal because of their harsher L shape.

Difference between Classic vs Volume vs Hybrid lash extensions

Difference between Classic vs Volume vs Hybrid lash extensions

What's the difference between Volume lash extensions and Classic lash extensions? Lash types differ according to the materials and Volume of eyelashes used during the application process, so no two pairs are exactly alike.

The most natural-looking eyelash extensions are the Classics.

To achieve a fuller appearance daily, consider using Hybrid lashes, which combine Classic and Volume extensions in one set.

Many people like to choose Volume extensions because they help to fill the gaps in lash lines, creating a glamorous and dramatic look.

Because Classic lashes are simpler to prepare, they are more accessible to your clients with tighter budgets. As the fans are made by hand, Volume lashes necessitate more expertise and time on the part of the technician.

You can use any technique to achieve the client's desired look, but it all comes down to their budget and the technician's skill set. If you've learned anything from this lesson, it's that we cover a wide range of extensions, so keep that in mind as you learn more.

What is the aftercare for eyelash extensions?

What is the aftercare for eyelash extensions?

Don't forget to tell your clients that their eyelash extensions will last longer if they follow a few simple rules.

For the first 48 hours after application, avoid getting lashes wet.

Do not shower or wash your eyes during this period, as this could cause damage to your new eyelash extensions.

The glue can be affected by water, making the bond brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

Regularly clean lashes afterward.

If the lash set is sealed with the bonder, you can still wash your extensions within the first 48 hours. This process will help cleans any buildup of residue around the lash line, infections, and other eye problems.

Your lash extensions should be cleaned every three days instead. To accomplish this, follow the following steps:

~ Use a softer bristle brush to remove any buildup of gunk.

~ Use a special eyelash extension cleanser or distilled water to wash them off.

~ The water from your shower should be allowed to run down your face and over your eyes as you relax.

~ Also, give them a good brushing.

~ Brush your eyelash tips every morning to keep them looking their best.

~ The best way to brush your lashes is with a dry, clean spoolie (also known as a mascara brush) and a clean finger.

      Warning: Be cautious when using products

Using oil-based products near eyelash extensions is not recommended. So, before using anything, double-check the ingredients, especially in eye creams and makeup removal products.

      Keep an eye on your cosmetics!

Lash extensions aren't necessary, even if the mascara claims to be "extension-safe." Your lash extensions may fall out if you wear waterproof mascara.

It's best to use a water-based, non-waterproof eyeliner if you're going to be wearing it all night.

It's bad for your extensions if you rub your eyes. Damage to both the fake and the real lashes is possible.

Because of this, powdery eyeshadow may not be the best option, as the powder can build up over time.

How to care for a Classic lash set?

How to care for a Classic lash set?

Having an infill every two to three is important and keeping them clean is also a good way to extend their life.

Classic lashes should be cleaned at least once a day. Use a wide eyeshadow brush or a lash cleanser to gently clean them, then rinse with water. Dry them without rubbing them.

If you want your Classic lashes to last as long as possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Is mascara necessary if you have eyelash extensions?

With the touch of eyelash extensions, there’s no need to put on the mascara. Because it might contain oil which will directly affect the retention, but if you’re really in need of enhancing the look, an oil-free eyeliner will make up for a better choice.

You can always add more drama to your look with eyelash extensions. Whether it is Russian Volume or Mega Volume, remember to consider the natural lashes and nourish them with lash growth serum for the best result.

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