The best eyelashes for small eyes

Everyone is unique and has a different eye shape. This is the reason why it is important to customize everyone’s eyelash extensions to their own. Take some time to look at your client’s eyes and their natural lashes’ to determine which lash extension and lash curls would look the best on them. To help you, we decided to make this article about clients who have small eyes. We’ll help you figure out the best eyelash extensions for people who have smaller eyes.

What to consider about small eyes

best eyelash shape for small eyes

With clients who have small eyes, your goal should be to open up their eyes as much as possible to enhance their look. Using dramatic, long, and thick lashes is not ideal, as they can often look too heavy and can make their eyes look smaller in reality. 

Choosing lashes that are shorter are essentially the ideal solution, and could possibly make their eyes appear more natural. Using longer lashes in the center of their eyes can also help to give an illusion of having bigger eyes.

As a lash artist, you probably know that choosing the right eyelash extension length will be based on the style your client will want. You also probably know that it is important to take into account the client’s natural eyelashes. 

It is at this moment that it is necessary to make compromises by listening to our client’s wishes and to explain to them if you can use the lengths they want or not without damaging their natural lashes. They will appreciate it more in the long run when you put their lash health at the forefront and make it a point to listen to their wishes.

best eyelashes for small eyes

Most of the time, the most popular lengths that are used are around  8 to 12 mm. Those lengths are usually 1-3 mm longer than the natural lashes and this will give them a change in their look without being too over-the-top. Some clients have longer natural lashes, so as a lash artist, you’ll have to take some time to make a decision, but keep in mind that people who have smaller eyes will only get the illusion of having bigger eyes by using shorter lengths (usually 12 mm and less). 

But what about curls? What should we use to give the illusion of having bigger eyes? We suggest you use CC curl or D curl, as they are great for opening the eyes. For an open eye mapping, the best choice would be to use D curl. 

For the doll eyes or  Kim K (or also called Wispy) look, either curl can be chosen. Analyze their natural curl. If their natural eyelashes are naturally curled, go for CC curl, and if they are straight or downward, use D curl, as they will help to give that change! 

Best eyelashes for small eyes?

As discussed above, for small eyes our mission is to make them look bigger. Here are some mappings that help the eyes look bigger: 

best lash style for small eyes

Doll eye: Mapping with the longest length in the middle and shorter lengths in the inner and outer corners. The outer corners will be a bit longer than the inner lengths.

best lashes for small eyes

Kim K look/Wispy: Mapping with some spikes, which will give a textured effect. 

best mink lashes for small eyes

Open eye: Mapping with the shortest lengths in the inner and outer corner, and the middle will be a lot longer than the ends of the lash line. 

LLBA products you can use for the lash sets

best type of eyelashes for small eyes

Wispy lashes: If you aren’t familiar with this type of fan or texture, LLBA Professional offers Promade fans that have a spike in the middle. This gives some texture and lets the lash artist achieve a wispy look without having to hand-make it using the volume technique. The spikes in the middle are automatically 3-4 mm longer than the rest of the lash fan. 

eyelash extensions for small eyes

Pillar: These lashes are used to do the ‘’spike’’ effects in a lash set. These lashes can be applied to a few places in the set depending on the mapping. This lets you achieve the Kim K look by buying only one extra case of eyelashes and you can mix it with regular handmade fans or promades. 

eyelashes for small eyes

Promade: Promade fans are great when you want to save time or if you aren’t familiar with the volume handmade technique. This will allow you to give more volume to your client. They are available from 3D to 20D with a variety of packaging choices such as loose, XL tray, 3-in-1 or 6-in-1.

good eyelashes for small eyes

SuperMink: This lash tray will be your best ally when it comes to hand-making your own fans. The fan very easily and provides a rich dark matte effect while keeping the lashes super fluffy!

In conclusion, even though it seems like a challenge to make small eyes appear bigger, there are a lot of products that will help you choose the right mapping for eyelash extensions for small eyes. It is our job as lash artists to accentuate these features so our client will love their lashes more as they will complement their natural beauty.

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