The best eyelash extension for hooded eyes

Have you ever heard of hooded eyes? If you are in the eyelash extension industry, you probably have, and it is our responsibility to figure out what kind of lashes would suit our clients the best if they do have this eye shape.  

What are hooded eyes?

In previous blog articles, we have explained the different types of possible eye shapes and what style would best suit your client. In this article, we will go over what curl and length we suggest would suit your client with this specific eye shape.

First off, do you know what hooded eyes are and what they look like? People who have hooded eyelids have excess skin under their eyebrows, which can make it look like a small flap. The lash line can disappear under the lid depending on the size of the hood, causing the lashes to be tucked under and the bases to be practically hidden. This gives the eyes the illusion of being smaller than what they truly are. This is very similar to having monolid eyes. Women who are a bit more mature also tend to get hooded eye shapes as well. 

What to consider when choosing lashes for hooded eyes?

best eyelash extension style for hooded eyes
  1. Length of curl: You'll want to break through a thick lash line and open up the hooded lids. You’ll want to use enough length to lift the lashes over the lid as it will make the eyes look bigger. Once the hooded eye/monolid eye is opened, all eyelashes will be covered by lids. With that being said, you should therefore have 1-2mm longer extensions than the natural eyelash for hooded eyes

  2. Curl of eyelash extensions: Using stronger curls, such as CC and D curls, should be avoided for clients with these types of lids because they will curl too far up that the tips will virtually blend into the lid, creating an artificial look and possibly pain for your client. Instead, before curling up, choose a curl that extends past the hood of the lid. A curl like L or M, will have a straight base with a curl in the middle and tip of the extension. Having the flat base makes it easier to adhere to the natural lash and makes it much more difficult to break that bond if applied correctly. best eyelash shape for hooded eyes

  3. Facial features: determining the facial features of your client can help make or break the lash set. Depending on your client, you’ll want to choose a style/curl/length that will help accentuate all of their natural features. 

First of all, it is important to consider the client’s natural eyelashes. It is important to measure their natural lashes and to take a look at their natural eyelash curls. Something to note is that when a client shows you a picture of what she wants her lash set to look like,  we need to let the client know that depending on the number of natural lashes will affect how full their set will be. This will help avoid any disappointment for your client and keep things realistic. 

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What are the best eyelashes for hooded eyes?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to eyelash extensions products for hooded eyes. Here are our recommendations : 

Recommend LLBA products

  • SuperMink : This lash tray will be your best ally when it comes to hand-making your own fans. They fan very easily and provide a rich dark matte effect while keeping the lashes super fluffy!
  • Promade : Promade fans are great when you want to save time or if you aren’t familiar with the volume handmade technique. This will allow you to give more volume to your client. They are available from 3D to 20D with a variety of packaging choices such as: loose, XL tray, 3-in-1 or 6-in-1.

And here’s another recommendation for you to apply the lashes easily ! 

  • Tweezers: Made of anti-static stainless steel, a wide range of tweezers and colors, we are sure that you will definitely find ones that best suit you! We suggest “Give me the D” for making fans and for applying the lashes. 


No matter what eye shape your client has, it is our job to make them feel comfortable with the lash set we’ve applied to them. Knowing what we know now, will really help us in the long run with future clients and also spread the knowledge to other lash artists so that they can achieve the same thing!

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