Russian Lash Extensions Volume: Everything You Need To Know 2022

What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

Russian Volume Lash Extensions are the latest lash trend worldwide. They started in Russia in 2010 and have spread around the world because many people prefer full, radiant lashes over just long eyelashes. Russian Volume lash extensions or so-called 3D - 6D lashes consist of three to six ultrafine extensions applied to one natural lash.

Russian Volume lash extensions are typically created by hand at the lash application time. It’s a complex technique that takes long before one can master it. Therefore, Russian Volume lash extensions should only be applied by trained lash professionals. Your client’s eyelashes will look amazing when done correctly, but anything less than a skilled professional could leave them with mediocre results and less than their expectations.

Russian lashes are generally applied in a fan-like frame to add ‘Volume.’ They can last up to twice as long as Classic lash extensions due to their lightweight nature. Russian Volume lashes are made of various ultra-fine synthetic fibres. These give the appearance of denser, fluffier lashes. Synthetic Mink is the most common and current type used by professionals. Like other Lash Extensions, Russian Volume Lashes should last as long as your natural lash cycle is appropriately cared for. The lash cycle typically takes 4-6 weeks.

Who is most suitable for Russian Volume Lashes?

Who is most suitable for Russian Volume Lashes

The Russian Volume look is best for people who have extremely fine or sparse eyelashes and want a denser look. However, since Russian Volume creates such a magnificent effect, anyone, even individuals with the densest natural lashes, can now reap the benefits of this technique. However, some people should not get eyelash extensions Volume:

  • If your client’s lash count is relatively low, they have very little to almost no natural lashes.
  •  If your client’s natural lashes have been damaged for any reason.
  •  If your client frequently rubs their eyes
  • Any eye infection/ abnormal eye condition
  • If your client has had laser eye surgery in the last two years.

If your client falls into any of these categories, we at LLBA strongly advise you to prioritize eye care. 

How is Russian Volume different from Classic Lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions lengthen natural lashes and make them stand out by increasing their size and making them denser. But they are considered to be less fuller than Russian volume extensions. As a result, the entire set may fall off sooner, requiring a refill every 3-4 weeks.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions use a unique technique to make the lashes dense. This technique involves the lash artist applying multiple extensions (fans) to each natural lash, creating the illusion that more lashes are at one spot. They also enhance the texture of the lashes. Many clients have sparse or fragile natural lashes and would benefit from Russian volume extensions as they would make their lashes look voluminous.

Volume lashes are created by combining two to six lightweight, thin lashes and applying them to one natural lash. Instead of just adding length, the Russian lashes are fanned out to amplify Volume to the individual natural lash. The number of lashes attached to a lash fan can be determined by the thickness of the lash extensions themselves. As a general rule, the thinner or lighter the lash extension, the more it can be used in a single fan. 

Why should you choose Russian Volume Lashes?

Why should you choose Russian Volume Lashes?

There are five reasons for you as a lash artist to use Russian Volume:

  1. Fills in the Gaps: Almost every other individual has lashes that have thinned out and are brittle. You can use Russian Volume to fill in gaps between your client’s lashes, even if they are long. In addition, giving your client’s lashes a poofy and softer appearance will enhance their natural eye shape and give them a luminous glow.
  1. Use with Confidence: Russian Volume lashes are a safer alternative to other lash extensions because of their lightweight nature. Less weight and pressure on your client’s lashes mean less chance of damaging hair follicles or pulling out lash hair. It’s less demanding of you!
  1. Darker Sparkle: Because Russian Volume lashes are extensive and thick, they add natural tinted darkness to your client’s lashes, giving the appearance that they’re wearing a complete set of mascara everywhere they go. Your clients will never have to worry about tidying up their lashes again, going to work, hanging outs, or on a date looking fantastic.
  1. Convenient for everyday look: If your clients are tired of waking up in the morning and then having to apply mascara and curling their lashes, incorporating Russian Volume into their look will save them hours of preparation time every day. Your client can even go to the workout knowing that they look fabulous, take a shower, and return to work without putting on makeup. It’s always effortless glamour.
  1. Your client Saves Money: Every month, women spend excessive money on makeup. Although the initial cost of the lashes will be significant, the money saved on mascara, curlers, curling gel, and even eyeliner will quickly add up. Moreover, it’s a one-time cost that can be adjusted along with any type of budget.

Must-Have Supplies for Russian Volume Lash

  • Super Mink lashes in 0.03-0.10 thickness

Super Mink lashes in 0.03-0.10 thickness

Crafted lashes are extremely fine and light. They are several times more delicate and slender than regular lashes. Therefore, it is possible to apply several engineered lashes to a single natural lash without making it too bulky. The terms 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D describe Volume fans. This indicates the number of lash extensions used in a fan applied to the natural lash. For example, 2D techniques have 2x engineered lashes in the fan, 3D methods have three lashes, 4D methods have four, etc. The greater the D of your fan, the fuller your lash set will appear. Anything higher than a 6D is considered a Mega Volume set.

Recommended thickness of eyelash extensions by lash techniques (in mm) 

  • Classical lashes: 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18
  • 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10 for Volume lashes
  • 0.03 and 0.04 for Mega Volume lashes
  • Never use 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, or 0.30 for Volume lashes.
  • Tweezers for Volume lashes

Tweezers for Volume lashes

Volume lash extension tweezers are frequently long with a curvature at the tip that branches to a point. The curvature at the end of Volume tweezers enables lash artists to quickly open a fan, grab, and get a grip on multiple lash extensions. LLBA professionals recommend L tweezers for the Russian Volume technique, which tapers to a 120-90-degree angle at the tip and resembles the letter “L.”

  • LLBA’s La Magnetique (Magnet Adhesive) for Russian Volume Lash

LLBA’s La Magnetique (Magnet Adhesive) for Russian Volume Lash

Because you need to keep the shape of the fan, it is best to use a fast-drying glue or one with high permeability. This adhesive has a 2-second drying speed and is ideal for those who work swiftly when applying extension lashes. La Magnetique works best in high humidity weather since it simply draws to the natural lashes without effort. Volume extension glues are classified into Volume lash adhesives for handcrafted lashes and Premade Volume lash adhesives. Because you’ll be making a fan with your handmade Volume lashes, it’s best to use a fast-drying glue or one with a bit of viscosity.

  • Save your time with promade fan

promade fan

Our promade fans are made of the highest quality, which saves you a ton of time during lashing sessions. These lashes are well organized, with different lengths from 8mm to 15mm for easy applications. Say goodbye to your back hurt because of hours of making your own fans; whether you are a new lash tech or an experienced one, our lash tray will help you archive the most voluminous sets.

  •   Silicone work pad for Volume lash technique

Silicone work pad for Volume lash technique

A silicone work pad is a lifesaver. Before using your premade fans, position them on the work pad. The silicone work pad is a simple and effective way to keep your workspace manageable, sorted, and organized. You can easily attach and detach lash strips from the work pad without leaving any sticky parchment residue on the lash strip.

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