Mega volume eyelashes with 10D, 14D, 15D, 20D premade fans

Mega volume is the eyelash extension method which requires the volume of eyelashes from 10D to 20D with the thickness from 0.03 to 0.05 mm. That means the lashes are super thin, smooth and light and difficult to handle smoothly. Hence, it requires advanced skill and application techniques; and it is this type of eyelash extension that once again proves the necessity of premade fans! Let's take a look at characteristics of premade fans from 10D to 20D!

What are 10D, 14D, 15D, 20D premade fans?

10d premade volume fans

Currently, there are quite many types of premade lash fans for a mega volume set. Below are very popular types:

10D premade fans: made from 10 ultra-thin lash fibers bunched into a 'lash beam' with the same root. The material of  10D premade volume fans is often silk or artificial mink (synthetic mink fur) to create a smooth and extremely light blackness. The recommended thickness of this type of mega volume is 0.05mm corresponding to the length from 8 to 17 mm.

14D premade fans: similar to the method of making other premade fans, this type of eyelashes often prioritizes thin and light materials such as mink lashes, artificial mink lashes, and Korean silk lashes. 14D premade fans have 2 types: short and long fibers corresponding to curls from C, CC, D. The usual length of this style is from 8 to 18mm except for cases up to 22mm. Besides, the recommended thickness for this one is 0.05 - 0.07mm

15D premade fans: More than type  14 premade fans only 01 lash but this lash type design is recommended with thickness of 0.03 to 0.05 mm to ensure that it does not affect the real eyelashes. The curls of this eyelash are also diverse with C, CC, D curls and of course, the material must be super light. About the length, it is from 8 to 18mm.

20D premade fans: It can be said that this eyelash design was born for girls with strong personalities who love thick, seductive eyelashes! Therefore, it's not surprising that this design has an impressive length of 9-13mm and the recommended thickness is 0.05mm. In actuality, there are also some manufactures offering products with thickness 0.03mm to optimize the lightness of eyelashes for clients. An interesting point is that the curl of this eyelash extension style is the most diverse of all the above premade fans.

At LLBA Professional, we dedicate a special investment to the line of premade fans so as to create our own distinction.

Premade lash fans from LLBA Professional

Our premade lash fans are ultra-thin, light and extremely sticky with high safety, eco-friendly, and high durability (from 4-5 weeks after application). In addition, material pro-silk lashes with dark black color is a great advantage of LLBA's premade fans products. Besides, each product also has its own features to meet actual needs.

10D premade lashes: This line has 3 main products consist of: the first one is ‘Promade fans 10D’, choose between 8 - 20mm in length, choose between C, CC, D; the second is ‘Promade fans camellia 10D’ including 3 different lengths in 1 fan to create naturalness for clients. Next one is the ‘Mix 3 in 1’ product, helping clients feel ease of application and save more when there are up to 750 fans corresponding to 3 different sizes. Final product is 10D Ultra-Speed promade fans that is an extremely optimal product which helps you a lot in performing eyelash extension quickly. It has 7 sizes, 1000 fans and 3 curls. This type of  10D premade fans has the same thickness of 0.03mmm and price range from $20 to $58,99.

14D premade fans: includes promade fans 14D and ‘Mix 3 in 1’, both with same thickness 0.03mmm, average length from 8 -16 mm, choose between C, CC, D curls. Particularly, 'Mix 3 in 1' product has different sizes in the same tray, the total number of fans is 750 fans. Prices for these sets are $31.99 and $45.99 in turn. This product is very popular with girls for parties and important events.

Furthermore, 16D, 18D, 12D premade lash fans are also the best-selling eyelash product lines of LLBA Professional. These lines are available, full of products, on-trend and 100% hand-checked for quality before released on the market. The products are aimed at convenience, speed and maximum time saving for technicians. Moreover, for 'Mix 3 in 1' products, we always give clients 4 times more lashes than other types. In addition, we have the best policies to support payment, shipping and consulting with the motto 'being a companion to clients'.

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