Lash Lift Pros And Cons - Things To Consult Your Clients

Lash lifts have recently become popular in the quest of perfect lashes- giving your eyes the curled and mascara look without actually doing it everyday! 

If your client is considering booking a lash lift appointment, you may want to help them understand the lash lift pros and cons to ensure that they’re making an informed decision. 

We’ve got you covered, here are all the pros and cons of lash lifts to bring up during your consultation!

Pros of Lash Lifts

Pros of Lash Lifts

Here are some of the reasons why your clients should consider getting a lash lift. 

Provides A ‘Bright-Eyed’ Appearance

Lash lifts make the lashes curl upwards, thereby giving your face a ‘bright-eyed’ appearance. Your eyes get a natural pop due to the enhanced effect of the long lashes.

The lash lift may also make your eyes look bigger. This is because natural eyelashes tend to be straight, and some can even curl downwards, making the eyes look small and dull. Eyelash lifts help to circumvent this and give the appearance of bigger, more open eyes.

Low Maintenance and No Need For Follow-Up Appointments

Lash lifts are semi-permanent procedures and do not require any follow-up appointments for touch-ups and maintenance. The procedure only takes a single visit of 30-45 minutes to complete.

After this, there is only some mild aftercare required to ensure that the lash lift is effective and long-lasting.

A lash lift can last up to 8 weeks with the right care, aside from which there is no active maintenance required, making these procedures extremely efficient.

It Is Affordable and Reduces Makeup Time

Lash lifts are a very affordable procedure, in more ways than one way. Not only is the process itself not too expensive, it also saves you time and effort in your makeup routine. 

Lash lifts allow you to forego the need for curling your lashes and applying mascara on a daily basis.

While this doesn’t mean that you need to completely give up on using mascara, it’s a great way to enjoy the appearance of fuller lashes without needing to apply the product every time.

Enhances Natural Lashes

Lash lifts are completely safe and performed on an individual’s natural lashes. This means that there are no false lashes involved in the procedure. Chemical products are only used to enhance the natural lashes and provide them with a curl and a tint, to give the effect of longer, wispy eyelashes.

It is an especially well-suited procedure for those who have straight natural lashes and wish to give them a lift.

Cons Of Lash Lifts

Cons Of Lash Lifts

There’s two sides to everything and just as lash lifts have a list of pros, they have some cons too. Here are some potential disadvantages to warn your clients about, before they decide to opt for a lash lift. 

Not Compatible with Extensions

Not Compatible with Extensions

Lash lifts cannot be performed with extensions, so those who like the dramatic effect of lash extensions may have to settle for the more subtle appearance of a lash lift.

Also after using chemicals for lash lift, your natural lash will be more softened and won't be able to carry the weight of lash extensions. To go ahead with eyelash extensions, you have to wait until the next lash circle or once the lashes are no longer curled from the lift. This means that the money spent on an eyelash extension will be a thorough waste.

Only Semi-permanent

Lash lifts are only semi permanent procedures that last 6- 8 weeks. With proper maintenance, they may last as long as 8 weeks, but that’s about as much as one can get out of them. As the eyelashes grow, the effect of the perm fades and the lash lift gradually becomes less effective.

May Limit Usable Products

After a lash lift, the use of oil-based serums, conditioners, waterproof mascara and lotions is discouraged. This may limit the skincare products that a client can use without affecting the lash lift. Plus, your clients may have to invest in new products that are not oil-based and suitable for lash lift aftercare regimes. This can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if the products in question are required for certain special purposes.

Potential Side Effects

Lash lifts are safe, but there can be certain side effects from the chemicals used in the perming solution, especially for those with sensitive skin. Some of these side effects include:

  • Watery eye
  • Inflammation
  • Brittle lash hair
  • Blisters
  • Rash
  • Dry eye
  • Itchiness
  • Irritation

With that in mind, technicians need to do a patch test for first-time lash lift clients to ensure they have no reaction with the chemical in the lash perm solution.

Time Consuming

Despite the fact that lash lifts don’t require too much maintenance and extensive aftercare, the procedure is still somewhat time consuming.

A typical lash lift and tint often takes around 30 to 45 minutes. While this may not seem like much, especially considering how long the effects of the procedure last, it may be a hefty investment for those who cannot remove the time in their busy schedules.

How to Consult with a Client for a Lash Lift

How to Consult with a Client for a Lash Lift

During a lash lift consultation with a client, it is important to provide them with all the information pertaining to the procedure. This includes taking them through:

  • What is a lash lift
  • The pros and cons of lash lift
  • How the lash lift procedure works
  • What the steps of a lash lift procedure are
  • How they should prepare for a lash lift
  • What immediate and long-term aftercare is required to maintain a lash lift
  • Types of lash lifts available
  • What the difference between a lash lift and lash extension is
  • Why DIY lash lifts are a bad idea and the possible damage they can cause
  • Potential side effects of lash lifts that the client must be aware about
  • What the pros and cons of a lash lift are and how they may affect the client’s day to day life

Lash Lifts & Lash Extensions

Lash lifts and lash extensions are totally different procedures with vastly different results. It is important to point this out to the client during the consultation, so their expectations align with what lash lifts can realistically accomplish.

As far as the differences between eyelash extensions and lash lifts are concerned, it is especially important to emphasize the following:

  • Price difference and factors
  • Process
  • Longevity of each procedure
  • Time taken to perform the procedures
  • Materials or products used
  • The final results of each procedure
  • Different maintenance or aftercare of every procedure

Understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks of a lash lift is extremely important to ensure customer satisfaction. This article includes all the main pointers of lash lift pros and cons that you should bring up during your eyelash consultation to help your client make a decision!

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