Lash extension styles for spring

For beauty lovers, spring is a season of inspiration and catching up with the latest trends. It's a time of fun and light colors. And, of course, eyelash extensions can't be left out of such seasonal beauty trends. The beauty treatment of this season is also partly influenced by hype. With that in mind, there will be eyelash extensions that become popular and suit the tastes of the majority of clients, and today we will share these styles with you.

Lash extension styles for Spring: A blend of simplicity and color

The first type of eyelash extensions on the list are classic lashes

It's not surprising that the Classic is at the top of the list of lash extension styles. The biggest advantage of this type is how it compliments clients' natural beauty. With the one-by-one eyelash extension technique, natural lashes are increased in length and thickness. Clients can wear this set of lashes instead of applying mascara every day. And for those who love gentle, natural, and delicate beauty, classic lashes never disappoint.

The second style is pink-colored lash

A sweet twist! The pink-colored lashes are applied on the natural lashes to create a magnificent feeling, and they’re suitable for parties. Or you can create exciting highlights by adding a few neon or glitter lashes to help the eyes stand out more than ever.

Pink coloured lash

Wispy lashes; and the next name that is hard to miss in impressive lash extension styles

Often referred to as "Kim K", by placing volume, and spikes of different lengths between natural eyelashes. Wispy lashes make the eyes look bigger. This type of eyelash extension is very suitable for clients with small eyes to create an effect of wider eyes.

Camellia lash is an eyelash extension with a pretty name

camellia lash

As the name implies, this set of eyelashes gives a result no less impressive than the types mentioned above. Camellia lashes are designed to give sets more texture. Usually, for Camellia lash, we will use three different lengths according to the natural growth cycle of real eyelashes.

LLBA products for these lash extension styles

Velvet SuperMink

Nowadays, there are many places where you can find products to perform lash extension styles for spring. As we always understand customers' needs, you can find the highest quality of different selections, such as our Velvet SuperMink synthetic mink lashes with a full range of curls from C, CC, D, DD, L to M curl, and various lengths. We also offer single eyelash products and mixed trays in different lengths. Besides, we also have our Promade fans collection, which is the perfect product line for volume. You can find nearly every size, thickness, and curl of eyelash extensions with us. In particular, you can always find stylish and on-trend eyelash products. Additionally, along with pink eyelash products, you can find other colors like purple, blue, white, brown, etc.


We carry not only eyelash extension products, but we also provide every tool you need to support the application, such as tweezers, glue, eye pads, etc. LLBA Professional has specialized products that support each type of lash extension, such as glue named "Hook-up" for slow drying time. If you want to save time and are already a professional lash artist, you can choose "Speedy" glue. In addition, our tweezers are also a favorite product of many technicians. In particular, the Gracie Silver Collection tweezers are designed to be sturdy, anti-static, anti-magnetic, and easy to pick up delicate eyelashes, which are said to be very suitable for spring eyelash extensions as above.

Also, you can find necessary accessories such as a lash mirror, lash map sticker, Hydrogel eye underpads, Pack Dental Bib, etc. All products are very affordable and are indispensable for performing lash extension styles for spring.

Tips to take care of lashes in spring

An important thing you need to share with clients is some notes when wearing eyelash extensions to keep them beautiful.

Lash foam bath

The first is to minimize oil-based products, especially in lash extension styles for spring. The reason is that people often use oil-based products to remove makeup or care for their eyelids, but that will affect the retention of eyelash extensions.

Do not use mascara. This could damage the natural eyelashes and cause poor retention. 

Next, use specialized cleaning products and eyelash conditioners. After all the activities, the lashes must be properly cleaned to keep the bond between the natural eyelash and lash extension strong, and keep the lashes beautiful.

Advise clients to come back to check their lashes after 2-3 weeks of eyelash extensions. It helps you to assess the eyelash situation and make appropriate adjustments.

Above are the popular lash extension styles for spring. We hope you find this article useful, don't forget to follow our next articles.

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