Hybrid and classic lashes - a comparison guide

Lashes are one of the natural beauty treatments that everyone likes. There are many styles and looks that are trending nowadays. As a lash artist, one should have a grip on all of them. So you can confidently manage and satisfy the client. Their trust and satisfaction should be your ultimate goal. In this article, we are discussing and making a comparison between Hybrid and Classic lashes.

Are you ready to differentiate the differences between these two? We are going to tell you what you can only observe through the practical implementation of different lashes. Let's have a general overview of Classic and Hybrid lashes. Then we will explain the Hybrid lashes vs Classic elements.

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

The classic extensions will give a natural look with a little darker eyelash line. These extensions are curled but not dense like volume lashes and are applied based on a one-to-one formula. After every natural lash, a single Classic lash is added to give a perfectly natural look. We can say that it has a 1:1 ratio with your natural lashes.

If the client already has thick natural lashes, then Classic extensions are great for them. Thin lash clients should go for other options. Now it's up to you or the client to decide what looks good on them.

What are Hybrid eyelash extensions?

hybrid lashes vs classic

Hybrid extensions are a combination of Classic and Volume lashes. They have perfect volume for every day but are lesser than volume extensions. We can say that hybrids are perfect in-between Classic and Volume eyelashes. Some lash techs add 50% Classic and 50% volume to the natural eyelashes of clients. Depending on clients' natural lashes, if they are sparse or dense, healthy or not, you can customize the ratio based on reality. 

Give suggestions to the clients according to their eye shape and natural lash density. Listen to their demands and then act accordingly.

What is the difference between Hybrid and Classic lashes?

As a lash technician, knowing the basic difference between Classic and Hybrid lashes can help you a lot in your professional life. The main difference between Classic and Hybrid lashes are:

classic vs hybrid lashes

  • Ratio: The Classic lashes have a 1:1 ratio to natural lashes. It means that one extension is added with a single natural eyelash, and this process continues until the lash line is filled. While in Hybrid, the ratio of density can vary according to the client's need and requirement. It can be 50% Classic: 50% Volume or 30% Classic: 70% Volume.
  • Size: the size or thickness of a single Classic lash starts from 0.10mm, and the maximum is 0.20mm, according to the clients' demand. The same goes for the size of the lash. As it is a combo of Classic and volume, the thickness can also vary from 0.05mm to 0.15mm.
  • Classic lashes are natural ones and 2D lashes. Hybrid lashes are a dramatic combination, so it is 3D.
  • Classic lashes are affordable but Hybrid is a little more expensive than Classic extensions.
  • The classic set gives a soft-natural look while the Hybrid set throws a dramatic-natural look.
  • The Hybrid eyelashes are voluminous and fluffy lashes while Classic is simple and common lashes.
  • Hybrid will take more time because the lash technician will create a unique set of fans to adjust to the client's eye. While Classic is adjusted one to one.

We hope this Hybrid lashes vs Classic will help you out and remove any confusion left.

Should your client get Hybrid or Classic lashes?

If your client is interested in light and natural lash extensions, then you should go for classic lashes. Also, analyze their natural lashes, if they are lesser in quantity, then use flat lashes that give them a natural look.

But if the client wants a fuller everyday look. Then you can think about Hybrid ones because they are fluffy and also voluminous. The client will love the final look. If clients want denser and filled lashes, they are pointing towards volume extensions. 

Discuss everything with clients. What size and style of lashes do they want and give them suggestions which suits their eyes the most. Then work accordingly that is perfect for them if the client isn't sure and relies on you. Then give them an opinion of Classic lashes. If they want some intermixing, then apply Hybrid extensions because they can fill the lash line and also give a perfect everyday look.

The different making processes of Hybrid and Classic lashes

The method of applying any type of lash extension is different from others. When it comes to Classic, the process of applying a lash is one to one. A single lash is applied on a single natural lash. Hybrid is a mixture, in which many single and multiple lashes are applied on every alternative natural lash.

The technician with little knowledge can also apply Classic lashes easily. But for Hybrids, you have full-fledged skills to apply them.

classic lashes vs hybrid

Which one is better: Hybrid vs Classic lashes?

We cannot say that one is better and the other isn't because every lash extension has its pros and cons. Sometimes Classic looks best on a client, and sometimes clients only want hybrid ones.

In some situations, hybrid lashes are best, but Classic is no less than anyone. Because it is affordable, it takes less time and energy to take a look.

Classic extensions are close to a natural look, and any training holder can easily apply them.

While Hybrid is expensive, time is taken, and only professionals can easily apply them.

Hybrids are technical, and lash mapping is also more difficult than Classic lashes.

The length and diameter of lashes can be the same for both of them.

The curl style is also picked according to the client's eye shape. For example, C or CC or D curls.

The process of infill is done after 2-3 weeks of any lash extension.

Just in general, briefly explain the pros and cons of every lash extension to every client because their satisfaction is more important. Give suggestions about which style and size of extension go with their overall personality.

Every type of extension has its unique style and flair. If the client allows, you can also give special touch-ups to enhance the beauty of lash extensions. That your client will admire.

We hope this comparison of Classic Vs Hybrid lashes will help you a lot in your professional and practical life. 

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