How To Prepare For A Full Set Of Volume Lashes Procedure

Everyone loves a little extra oomph in their makeup looks, especially when it comes to their eyes. Unsurprisingly, many people opt for a full set of volume lashes to make their eyes pop without extra effort.

Full set volume lash extensions give a dramatic yet sophisticated look by adding volume to natural lashes, making them look longer and denser.

A volume fan typically has one to eight lashes. So, for every single natural lash, multiple extensions lashes are attached in a fan to give them a voluminous look.

Here’s everything you need to know about full set volume lashes and how to style them to make your clients look their absolute best!

Full Set Of Volume Lashes

A full set of volume lashes refers to a lash extension technique in which two to eight  individual lashes are used to make a fan. This fan is then applied to a single natural eyelash.

The lashes used to create a fan for a volume lash set are usually thinner and lighter than those used for classic lashes. This prevents the fan from weighing down or damaging the natural eyelash while ensuring optimum longevity and lash health.

Full Set Of Volume Lashes

Volume lashes enhance the eyes and can create different lash styles ranging from doll looks to cat looks. 

They also offer other benefits, including:

  • The appearance of a fuller lash line
  • Fluffier and more voluminous lashes
  • Soft and lightweight lashes
  • It can be completely customized to suit the client’s needs
  • Help darken the lash line
  • Reduces time taken to apply makeup as clients don’t have to apply mascara

Different Types Of Volume Lash Fans

Artists can choose from various volume lash fans to achieve the look they’re aiming for. Here are some popular types of volume lash fans to pick from.

Different Types Of Volume Lash Fans

Wide Fan Volume Lashes

Wide fan volume lashes have a short stem and a wide gap between the lashes that make a subtle but distinct difference to one’s look. This type of volume fan can appear shorter and less dense than other types of fans. But this is the way to go if the client wishes to have fluffier, natural-looking lashes.

Camellia Fan Volume Lashes

The natural lashes on our eyes tend to shed and grow at different times and are thus of different lengths at a given point throughout their cycle. 

Camellia volume lash fans include extensions of varying lengths. So, the staggered, multi-length camellia volume lashes mimic the appearance of natural lashes and are ideal for clients who want voluminous and full lashes that retain a natural look.

Narrow Fan Volume Lashes

Narrow volume lash fans use to create dramatic lashes with greater density and volume. Additionally, the narrow fan-volume lashes have long stems, which make it easier to adhere to natural lashes and maintain long-lasting retention. 

Easy Fan Volume Lashes

Easy fan volume lashes are premade lash fans attached with a sticky base. This acts as an adhesive and prevents the fans from separating or falling apart when they are picked up.

How To Prepare For A Full Set Of Volume Lashes Procedure

A full set of volume lashes is ideal for those who wish to have fuller, fluffier, and more voluminous lashes. 

How To Prepare For A Full Set Of Volume Lashes Procedure

Here’s how to prepare for a full set of volume lashes procedure:

  • Prepare a gentler cleanser to cleanse the area around the eyes and ensure no residual makeup, mascara, dirt, or skincare products on the lashes.
  • Get an eye tape to protect the undereye area and ensure that the eyelid remains taught.
  • Prepare tweezers to work
  • Choose an adhesive that is suitable for the humidity of the room and the weather.
  • Depending on the desired lash set, you can choose between wide fan, narrow fan or easy fan lashes to create a full set of volume lashes.

Remember to maintain the right humidity, room temperature and adhesive freshness when working on your client’s lashes. This will maximize the retention of your lash set.

Final Thoughts

A full set of volume lashes is prevalent among clients who like fluttery, voluminous, and dense lashes.

They require a slight learning curve compared to classic extensions, as you may have to practice applying the lash fan to the natural lashes. However, it is worth the effort because clients sometimes want to explore volume lashes for a bolder statement!

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