How to create a hybrid lashes set using D Curl

One of the two most commonly used curls in hybrid lashes is C curl and D curl. While C curl is intended for a more natural and gentle eyelash extension look, D curl is an upgraded version with a more impressive look. You will easily see this during the application of hybrid lashes using D curl in styles such as cat eyes or doll eyes. So how is D curl hybrid lashes actually used? And for whom is it most suitable? Follow this article to become an advanced lash artist!

What is D Curl and when to choose it

d curl hybrid lashes

D curl could also stand for ‘’Dramatic curl’’. It has a curl that's about 70 degrees. This is also one of the highest curls in the world of eyelash extensions. We often see that lash artists use D curl to enhance clients who have drooping eyelids, sparse eyelashes, monolids, or horizontal eyelashes. The biggest advantage of D curl is the ability to transform the look of the eyes.

If C curl is usually applied in daily life, D curl shows itself as the perfect curl for parties and events. It can be said that D curl hybrid lashes will mostly be used to get a more dramatic look than C curl can provide.

Who are the hybrid lashes set using D curl for?

hybrid d curl lashes

Using the tips we’ve learned from the above paragraph, you are probably wondering who should get hybrid lashes with D curl? We can confirm that this curl is still quite friendly and suitable for nearly every eye shape. The next issue that we will talk about is the descending order of priority in using hybrid lashes using D curl. Let's find out this information together!

First, there is nothing better than using hybrid lashes using D curl for sparse lashes,  heavy drooping eyelids or horizontal lashes at the corners of the eyes. With the nearly highest curl, D curl is capable of "brightening" every client's eyes that seem to be "sleeping".

Next are the monolids and small eyes. These eyes need a lot of opening, but without the use of too heavy and thick lashes. Therefore, hybrid lashes using D curls with the right quantity of lashes will help them achieve the desired effect. A small note about hybrid lashes using D curl is that you need to consider the ratio of volume and classic when performing eyelash extensions. The ideal styles of eyelash extensions you can refer to are doll eyes hybrid lashes, cat eyes hybrid lashes, natural eye hybrid lashes, etc.

The next priority is for deep eyes and big round eyes. We can most definitely use hybrid lashes with a D curl and it is completely suitable. However, we recommend that you are careful about the depth and distance of the eyes because if the eyes are too deep or too far apart, hybrid lashes using D curl will need some more combination with larger curls like DD or L curl to minimize eye's flaws. In this case, Kim K eyelash extension often promotes its advantages.

Above are some basic eye shapes that you will often encounter. We are hoping that sharing about hybrid lashes using D curl can help you win the hearts of your clients.

How to make hybrid lashes using D curl?

hybrid lashes d curl

If you've decided to choose hybrid lashes using D curl, you've certainly decided on a specific type of eyelash extension to use. We don't think it's necessary to include too many classic or volume lashing techniques in this section since you are already familiar with them. So the following will be the tips to help with convenience and less time consuming when applying hybrid lashes using D curl.

You know that hybrid lashes are an eyelash extension technique that prioritizes naturalness and follows the client’s eye shape, so when doing hybrid lashes using D curl, you should choose the type of eyelashes that feel like their own real eyelashes. Many professional lash artists prefer synthetic mink lashes since they are super light, have a high durable curl and most importantly, and a real glossy finish. That's why at LLBA, we always give priority to faux mink lashes with full sizes, thicknesses and appropriate curls to help clients save more costs.

Because the hybrid set is a mixed technique, in terms of thickness, you should choose a thickness of 0.10 mm to 0.15 mm for classic eyelash extensions, and 0.05 to 0.07 mm for volume lashes. To make eyelash extensions easier, you should use an eyelash pad to fix the client's lashes, and clean them with the right products. 

In addition, the choice of glue is extremely important. You should regularly change the glue once it's been exposed to the air. Choose seasonal glues like La Magnétique for summer and Speedy for winter for best results!

hybrid lashes d curl

Finally, we always remind the technicians that after finishing the eyelash extension, carefully check the client's lashes, clean the excess glue, listen to their feelings and guide them to take care of the new set of eyelashes correctly. You may think these things are normal that any client will do, but for them, especially first-time clients, it is a really good experience and creates a good feeling for them to return to you happily when there is a need for beauty later.

Above is some basic sharing about hybrid lashes using D curl. Surely there will be more interesting things about this style of eyelash extension in reality. Share with us right in the comment section! Have a good day!

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