How to choose the right hybrid lashes sizes for your clients

We all know that hybrid lashes are a great type of eyelash extension because of the perfect combination of Classic and Volume. This is also the type of eyelashes that professional eyelash extensions artists always find creative inspiration. And for newbies, hybrid lashes are something very diverse, abstract and interesting to be explored. So, today we share some helpful tips for hybrid lashes so that you can quickly conquer every client’s eyelash shape.

How sizes affect the final look of a lash set?

hybrid lashes sizes

As mentioned above, hybrid lash sizes are a combination of two types of extensions, so the texture of eyelashes is diverse and the number of lashes also becomes more than normal. Changing the sizes of eyelashes will help break the monotony of classic or simple volume lashes. Depending on the thickness, curl of each type, we get different results.

Variations in curl, thickness or lash length on the same style also produce different results. Therefore, you can create a set of subtle lashes, thick enough to be dramatic, but also for these eyes, you can completely change the result into a seductive, impressive style with highlights from different lashes sizes.

The common rules in choosing eyelash extension sizes

There will be some specific specifications or allowable ranges in choosing sizes of lashes. In reality, you can completely adjust them to be reasonable.

The first is about thickness: in hybrid lashes, we will have the mixed diameter of the lash fan from 0.05 - 0.10 mm for volume lashes, from 0.10 mm to 0,20 mm for classic lashes. Choosing this thickness depends on the client’s natural eyelashes. The stronger the lashes, the more thickness you can apply. However, they also need to be balanced to avoid creating a heavy look in the eyes.

hybrid lashes sizes

The second is the curl of the eyelash extensions. We still use basic curls like C, CC, D, DD and sometimes L for cat eye effect and M for fox eye effect. Hybrid lashes will rarely use too small curls like J or B because they almost have no effect. In addition, according to many shared experiences, technicians often mix curls to increase the naturalness, but in this case, you should not make too much difference.

the common rules in choosing eyelash extension sizes

The third is about length: There are not many notes for the length of hybrid lashes, mainly 8mm to 12mm, depending on the extension types that the length is suitable for.

In addition, you also use lash fans such as 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D etc..., for the types of eyelash extensions. As such, the choice of any size depends on your extension type.

How to choose the suitable hybrid lashes sizes for your clients

hybrid lashes sizes

We will share more details with you on choosing the right size for hybrid lashes. You don't have to follow 100% of these steps, instead, make a smart choice depending on your client.

First, we need to determine the characteristics of the natural lashes such as length, thickness, the distances between the two eyes, and the health of natural lashes. Then clean and brush them gently before performing the eyelash extension.

Next, if your client likes a very light and subtle set, but still would like a change give her priority for small parameters, especially those of thickness of volume lashes. They will usually be 0.05mm, 0.07mm.

For clients with strong natural eyelashes, thick eyelashes with a large curl will be ideal for them. Some styles such as cat eyes, fox eyes, doll eyes etc. should be considered in this case.

How about clients who love what's new and unique? You will have to check their eyelids carefully, determine the flaws that need to be corrected according to the wishes of the client so that you can make the right decision about the specifications. Once again, we consider that to meet the requirements of them, only lash artists and technicians who are skilled enough can do it successfully. The reason is that the combination is not only a lashing technique but also requires experience. 

Surely you understand that it is very difficult to have a universal formula for all eyelash extension styles, so in addition to mastering the basics, regular practice is extremely important. 

That will help you get a quick reaction in front of all shapes of eyelashes, practice to have an aesthetic eye that keeps up with the trend.

Hope that the above sharing will help you feel more confident when approaching hybrid lashes sizes. If you have any questions relating to eyelash extension techniques or are interested in high quality and affordable eyelash extension products, please feel free to leave us a comment below. We are always willing to serve you. And do not forget to follow our blog for more useful articles.

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