How to choose the best supplier for eyelashes in Canada

We believe it is our job as a lash supplier to create a guide for this product; How to find the best supplier of eyelashes in Canada. This guide will cover all of the essential points to consider before making a purchase.

Obtaining top-quality materials at cheap wholesale costs is critical to the business of selling eyelashes in Canada. People might grow emotionally tied to a particular brand of eyelashes, so having suppliers as part of your supply chain is critical. Finding a supplier is the first and most crucial step in starting a business eyelash extension anywhere in the world. The eyelash extensions and accessories market is quickly expanding, and sales of eyelash Canada may be a lucrative full-time job or a secondary income.

Lookup on social media

eyelash canada

There are several ways to identify a reliable eyelash provider, but the simplest and most obvious is to conduct a Google search. Professional wholesale eyelash suppliers should have a website or a social media account so you can access them easily by searching for "eyelash Canada", "eyelash suppliers" or related terms.

You can also look up the vendor's business history, read reviews and see if there are any complaints filed against them. Searching for pages or profiles of eyelash suppliers on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest and Tumblr is an example.

Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram are the leading social media networks and are regularly utilized for business-to-business marketing. You can use a keyword search or join a Facebook group or Instagram hashtag dedicated to eyelashes, for example; #eyelash Canada, to get recommendations from other members and the app itself.

Finding a significant group or influencer, both of whom may have tested some of the eyelash companies, is another popular approach to finding lashes suppliers. These individuals or groups may be willing to share or sell the data they have gathered. Similar keyword terms, such as synthetic eyelash producers in Canada, can be found on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Suppliers frequently publish information about their reputation on their websites. To search, use the keywords of eyelash Canada, and then you can see if they have any quality assurance and client satisfaction or other relevant evidence, such as Google vendor reviews. Is there a solid quality assurance scheme in place, and does the company offer replacements or refunds for defective products? It's crucial to know the answer.

Good customer care

Good customer care

Customer service matters a lot when it comes to choosing eyelash suppliers in Canada. One must ensure that the business they're choosing focuses on making their client satisfied. This includes the quality of the customer service, the efficiency with which the orders are delivered, product packaging to ensure the safety of the product, and resolving any possible complaints to guarantee customer happiness.

Whether or not a supplier offers good customer care can be verified easily by looking up reviews of buyers online as well as by consulting other lash technicians or salons who might have the expertise or someone who has had orders from various suppliers before.

Wide variety of products

Wide variety of products

It is crucial that the supplier you select has a wide collection of lash products to offer. This will ensure that the supplier has an established business and not a new start-up in the lash-producing industry. As a lash tech, you'll find everything you need for eyelash extensions in LLBA's extensive product line, including regular eyelash-to-eyelash and volume techniques.

We focus on high-quality eyelashes and eyelash glues, but we also sell lash and eyebrow perming, laminating, and tinting goods. Basic salon equipment, lash stylist gear and supplies, and hygiene goods are also available. To ensure that only the best products reach you, we first test them in our own salons.

For professional lash artists, LLBA seeks to create and innovate high-quality, precision-tested, dependable, and clean eyelash extension tools and materials.



Promotions are an essential element in the eyelash business. Whether you're using advertisements to promote services or products, one thing is certain: it helps spread the word and leads to increased sales. Marketing is the process of informing present and potential clients about why they should select you above your competitors by advertising your services.

Mastering the art of marketing can be quite advantageous. Brand collaborations can be done on a product level which will be beneficial for both business parties.

Similarly, influencer marketing can be done by incorporating social media influencers into your eyelash extension advertisement ideas. Referral promotions are advantageous in the beauty industry for both the short and long term. As part of your eyelash extension promotion ideas, consider implementing a referral program. This can help you increase sales and keep clients.

LLBA, selling eyelashes in Canada, has a tactic of “Lash Now, pay later” is another great way through which you can attract clients immediately. LLBA offers its customers Lash Now, Pay Later with Sezzle. Sezzle is a payment method that pays the merchant in full right away, ensuring that the merchant has funds and can complete your order as if you had paid in full with a credit card!

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