How to choose the best-colored lash trays

Color Lash Extensions

If you want to make your eyes appear flashy, lash extensions are the way to go, but basic extensions don't always go far enough. Eyelash extensions exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. The most common color is black, although additional options include natural browns, blonde, and deep red, shades of blue, and pink. One should always be open to options when it comes to colored lash trays. It's completely up to you! Add a splash of color to your look with a full set of colored lashes, or keep it simple with a few colorful strands. Colored lash extension trays help make your client’s eyes pop even more than natural lashes, enabling you to be distinct and highlighted. 

Common color lash extensions tray includes single and multiple colors in a lash tray. If you want to make your eyes appear bold, lash extensions are the way to go, but ordinary extensions don't always go far enough. Colored lash extensions make your eyes pop even more than natural lashes, allowing you to be noticed. If you're a genuine trendsetter, you'll want to get on this latest beauty trend before it becomes basic.

How to choose the right set of color lash extensions tray?

color lash extensions tray

Choosing the right set of color lash extensions tray for your eyes can be challenging with the different styles and variations of lash extensions available out there. There are numerous aspects to consider when it comes to finding the ideal eyelash extensions. The general eye shape, eyelid shape, the quality of the client’s natural lashes, and especially their preferences are some of the elements that influence how to choose the best colored lash extensions. Colored lashes are a great way to fire up your natural lashes. Bold and radiant women are usually known to be the trendsetters of colored extensions whether it is amongst their friends or colleagues. If this sounds like your customer then you definitely need to check out our variety of colored lashes.

LLBA offers a diverse collection of colored lash trays which fit in directly with your client’s demand and personality. It makes your job easier by offering a variety of vibrant colors. The range of color lash extension trays is chic as it extends from bright and bold red, to unicorn pastels and rainbows to soft lavender purple. Lash artists can design the extensions according to their client’s desires whether they want funky color lashes or classy. Our color lash extension tray’s collection provides more options to the lash expert as well as the clients by making the extensions more appealing and harder to resist. Some features of the colored lashes are listed below:

  • Material: Synthetic mink lashes

  • Look: fluffy, radiant, bold, elegant

  • Quantity: 480 - 530 fans /box

  • Color: blue, lavender purple, red, white, brown, pink, yellow, orange

  • Diameter: 5D

  • Curl: C, CC, D curl

  • Thickness: 0.07 thickness

Along with these various features, Promade color fans are also available in 5D and 7D. The colored promade lashes are made of high quality PBT synthetic silk with a light bonding glue at the base which as a result gives you a high quality, fluffy and featherlight lash.

Benefits of Colored lashes

Colored lash extensions

Colored lash extensions offer a plethora of advantages that will help your clients stand out for all the right reasons. Many clients desire a dramatic look, which colored lashes can provide. Colored lash extensions are a great way to show off your client’s individuality and create a style that stands out from the crowd. Many makeup professionals use colored lash extensions for heightened effects or costume makeup. With so many advantages of colored lash extensions, you should totally stock up on color lash trays to offer your clients.

Colored mascara has been available for a long time, but colored eyelash extensions add volume and length to your lashes. Colored lashes also come in ombré and neon variations and can be combined with black lashes or a range of tints to create distinctive appearances. Through colored lash extensions you get a look that is impossible to achieve by using colored mascara because it allows you to add as many or as few colored lash extensions as you wish. Moreover, colored lashes make your client’s eye color stand out by a subtle blend of color. Another reason why lash experts should stock up color lash trays is because this is a hot trend and a premium offer that most lash salons don’t offer.

Colored eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty trends nowadays. Add this to your service offerings to meet the needs of your clients. This can pave the way for you to attract more customers and raise the value of your services as well as grow your business by getting good reviews and social media feedback.

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