How To Achieve Denser Yet Healthy Mega Volume Lashes?

Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level as a lash technician?

Because LLBA is your one-stop solution for voluminous, show-stopping mega-volume lashes! And if you're looking for lashes that are both dense and healthy, then this one’s for you! In fact, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get desired lash looks. So, get ready to elevate your lash game and captivate your clients with stunning lashes!


Use Narrow Fan Lashes

If you want denser lashes, we recommend going for narrow fan lashes because, unlike the wider fans, these lashes have fewer extensions, which means that you’ll get a more concentrated and denser look. Hence, narrow fans can make a significant difference in helping you achieve the dense, mega-volume lash look. Not to mention, they give an intense and dramatic vibe while still maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel. And to make things easier, we suggest trying the LLBA Lashfolio Promade Fan Lashes because these are genuinely exceptional!

Use Narrow Fan Lashes

What makes these mega-volume lashes stand out is the closer fan, which allows for maximum impact. Plus, the pick-up and application are effortless, which means that you don’t have to be some beauty guru or expert to apply these lashes – it’s super easy. Also, of course, the compact and portable design makes it easier to travel with these lashes. And they’re also compatible with the LLBA Promade Fan lashes, which is an added bonus. These features combine to deliver remarkable density;so these narrow fan lashes really are the ultimate solution for mega volume, so you absolutely need to give them a try – we’re not even kidding!

Use 12D - 20D Promade Fans

With the help of LLBA meticulously promade fans, you can create denser lash sets with ease. It makes creating fuller lash sets an effortless feat! Our PROMADE LASHES are every artist's dream come true - arranged perfectly for easy plucking and guaranteed to give you that show-stopping, dramatic Mega Volume Lashes that everyone will rave about!

LLBA meticulously promade fans

Healthy Mega Volume Lashes

Achieving mega-volume lashes shouldn't have to mean that you need to compromise lash health or damage your natural eyelashes. It’s definitely important to preserve and prioritize lash health while you’re building density. Don't worry, though, because we have just what you need to use mega-volume lash extensions the right way!

#1 Fill Volume Fans with the Longest & Heaviest Natural Lashes

Weight distribution is an important part of maintaining lash health. Hence, when you’re creating volume fans, try going for the longest and heaviest natural lashes that you can get your hands on. You see, by distributing the weight of your mega-volume eyelash extensions evenly, you can effectively avoid putting excessive strain on individual lashes, and this can go a long way for lash health and longevity. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can still make a big difference!

Fill Volume Fans with the Longest & Heaviest Natural Lashes

#2 Use a Proper Amount of Adhesive

The adhesive used to apply the mega-volume lashes is obviously super important. However, the quantity of adhesive applied  also matters. Using the right amount of adhesive will ensure that the mega-volume lash extensions remain securely attached to the natural lash line without overloading the clients’ own lashes. But remember that applying too much can actually weigh down their natural lashes and even cause significant damage over time, so make sure to avoid that. We suggest going for a high-quality adhesive for the best results.

#3 Take Care of the Lashes

This goes without saying, but proper aftercare is key to maintaining the health of your mega-volume eyelashes. Not cleaning properly can cause excessive buildup, breakage, and even premature lash loss. So, make sure to gently cleanse lashes after use with an eyelash-safe cleanser and a soft brush. Also, invest in regular lash fills to keep your collection of mega-volume eyelashes looking full and fresh without affecting your natural lashes. And since your customers might not always know these things, make sure to guide them because, remember, you’re the lash expert.

Take Care of the Lashes

Healthy Mega Volume Lashes Are Possible – with LLBA!

Achieving denser yet healthy mega-volume lashes is possible with the right techniques and proper care. We suggest using narrow fan lashes, such as the LLBA Lashfolio Narrow Promade Fan lashes, to create stunning density and impact. But of course, remember to prioritize lash health by using the longest and heaviest natural lashes, applying an appropriate amount of adhesive, and taking care of the lashes through gentle cleansing and regular fills. Following these guidelines can help you not only achieve the mega volume lash look that you desire, but it will also ensure the health and longevity of natural lashes – so win-win!

Healthy Mega Volume Lashes Are Possible – with LLBA!

So, if you're ready to unleash show-stopping mega-volume lashes, you should start by exploring our range of high-quality products and professional lash services to instantly elevate your lash game! Visit our website here to see what we're all about, and we promise that your clients will turn heads wherever they go!

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