How Long Do Henna Brows Last?

Thin brows have come and gone through the 1920s, 30, and 90s. However, full, natural-looking eyebrows have reemerged as de rigueur in recent years, creating demand for treatments like microblading and henna brows.

Henna brows, in particular, are a favorite among beauty enthusiasts because they last much longer than other types of brow tints. So, how long does henna last on brows? Learn all about it here!

Benefits of Henna Brows

Benefits of Henna Brows

As is the case with any cosmetic procedure, clients are always curious and asking about the benefits of certain treatments and how one might be better than another. 

The same goes for henna brows. Knowing why henna brows are a preferred way of tinting brows will help you decide if it’s right for you or a client. 

Here are the main benefits of henna brows:

100% Natural

Henna brow tinting uses a 100% natural, plant-derived, vegan paste to stain the skin and eyebrow hair. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or added ingredients. The paste is often made with a simple mixture of henna powder and water, making it the most natural eyebrow procedure available on the market.

Henna powder is derived from the henna tree, and contains no additives. It’s very easy and quick to prepare since the only additional ingredient you’ll need to create the paste is water.

Darkens and Covers Gray Hair

Henna is useful for covering gray hair and darkening naturally light eyebrows. It’s an extremely simple and straightforward method of tinting the hair and getting rid of light or gray brows.

Henna also contains tannins, a plant compound that helps control premature graying, thereby reducing further graying while covering up existing white hair.

Promotes Hair Health

Henna is generally good for the hair. In addition to slowing premature graying, it also promotes hair growth. This is because it is rich in proteins and antioxidants that provide overall nourishment to the hair, making it healthy and strong.

Additionally, henna also contains vitamin E which helps make hair soft.

All of these benefits combined make eyebrows look and feel great when tinted with henna.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Henna brows are completely natural, making them perfect for sensitive skin. There are also very few allergic reactions to it. If someone does experience an allergic reaction, it’s often not because of the henna itself but due to additives in its formulation.

Other brow tinting procedures use products that contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage the skin. 

On the other hand, henna is plant-derived and henna brown paste is made with a mix of henna powder and water. Most aestheticians will do is add essential oils to the mixture to enhance the formula and make it healthier. 

Overall, henna brows are best suited for those with sensitive skin which may react to other chemicals.

Provides a Fuller Effect

Henna doesn’t just tint the brows, it also stains the skin. This provides a denser and fuller appearance since it prevents lighter-toned skin from making the brows appear sparse.

How Long Does Brow Henna Last?

How Long Does Brow Henna Last?

Henna brow procedures stain the skin and eyebrow hair, each of which holds the tint for different amounts of time.

When it comes to how long does henna brows last, Henna tint on the skin can last for up to two weeks. Meanwhile, the dye that clings to eyebrow strands can remain for up to six weeks.

However, this can change depending on:

  • The intensity of the henna dye
  • How strictly the client follows aftercare instructions
  • The client’s skin type - tint remains on dry skin for much longer than individuals with oily complexions
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc. which can make henna fade faster
  • Exposure to makeup removers, oil, cosmetic, and skincare products
  • The rate at which hair sheds

While some of these factors are beyond our control, there are things we can do to make our henna brows last for as long as possible.

Brow Henna: How Long Does It Last With Proper Aftercare?

Brow Henna How Long Does It Last With Proper Aftercare

While you can’t do much to stop henna from naturally fading, there are ways to ensure that the dye doesn’t fade faster than it needs to. If you’re wondering henna brows last, the answer is six to eight weeks but only with the right aftercare. Otherwise, it can fade much faster.

Here’s what you need to remember so your dye job doesn’t fade too quickly:

  • Keep brows completely dry for the first 48 hours
  • Avoid steaming, it causes henna to fade faster
  • Avoid anti-aging products that are designed to promote cellular turnover, this will push the henna out
  • Use skincare and cosmetic products that are completely oil-free around the brow area
  • Use gentle cleansers that don’t contain bleaching agents
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and saltwater
  • Avoid vigorous exercise that causes a lot of sweating as it can accelerate fading 
  • Avoid exfoliants and scrubs
  • Take short showers to reduce how much water the brows are exposed to
  • Do not use products directly on the brows
  • Schedule henna brow refreshes every 3 weeks or so
  • Do not use micellar water in the area around the brows
  • Use non-alcoholic cleansers and toners
  • Avoid using antibacterial soap around the brow region

Did You Know?

Henna brows may be relatively new but people have been using it as a hair dye for around 6,000 years. Aside from being a hair dye, it’s also used to stain skin, fingernails, and fabrics.

The earliest proof that henna was used is based on text that dates back to around 2100 BC in Syria. The text mentioned how women would mark themselves with it before going to meet their husbands.

Henna brows are all the rage nowadays and for good reason. They’re natural, long-lasting, and highly effective at creating an appearance of denser, fuller brows. They’re also great for sensitive skin and generally promote healthy brows, making them the complete package for clients who want to elevate their natural brows and frame their faces perfectly.

If you want to know more about how long does henna last on brows, go through LLBA’s digital Brow Henna Training Manual. We also recommend our favorite industry-leading and long-lasting brow tint, BrowXenna, which is vegan-friendly and comes in 12 gorgeous and natural-looking shades.

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