Hot tips to apply lash extensions

Gorgeous lashes need no introduction – they’re self-evident at a glance, an immediate statement of glamour and elegance. With a stunning set of eyelash extensions, any girl is guaranteed to make an impression!

Of course, applying eyelash extensions is an art in itself, and for a professional, it takes a lot of effort and significant time in training. As with any complex process of beauty enhancement, it’s always worth noting that lash extension application takes both time and skill, and anyone working with lash extensions needs to make sure they’re constantly up to speed with current methods and techniques in the practice.

One of the key insights for lash artists to note is that clients are going to be doing their research – salons that have a reputation for low-quality premade fans, inexpertly done handmade fans or poor technicians will be promptly avoided. Clients whose lash extensions drop too early or who experience discomfort or pain as a result of the procedure will be quick to spread the news. As a lash artist, it’s vital to be well-prepared and keep an eye out for details.

When applying eyelash extensions, make sure your client’s face is totally clear of makeup – especially mascara. To be sure, wipe the whole eye area clean and pat it dry before applying standard eye patches over the lower lashes to ensure they won’t accidentally brush against the adhesive and get stuck. Be aware that this could feel a little strange for the client!

The next step in lash extension application is to run a light brush through the natural eyelashes to separate the individual hairs and choose the appropriate size and volume of the extensions. After confirming the preferred lash extension style with the client, start applying the fans (or classic lashes) one by one using a recommended adhesive. You can expect to apply around 200 individual lashes during the eyelash extension application process.

applying eyelashs extensions

While applying the eyelash extensions, watch carefully to make sure that every lash is fully separated from the others. If the adhesive is not fully dry before additional eyelashes are applied, it can bond to neighboring lashes accidentally, and they will need to be carefully separated manually. Lashes can also tangle if not applied carefully – so be careful to ensure the lashes look smooth and well-aligned.

Be sure to take extra care in separating out any stray lashes that may have accidentally bonded with the adhesive on a neighboring one or otherwise become entangled with a fan – this will help the lashes look smooth and well-aligned.

Once this is all done, it’s time to give the client a little time to rest while the adhesive dries – it doesn’t take overly long to do so. The final step is simply to double-check the work and make one more pass to check for tangled eyelashes. You can then remove the eye patches and let your client see your work!

During the lash extension application procedure, it’s important to keep in mind a few do’s and don’ts! Make sure to apply fewer eyelash extensions if you’re less experienced – it’s easier to create a balanced effect if you take it slowly, you can always add more afterwards as you gain confidence. You have to be 100 percent certain that the client is fully informed about the styles and types of extensions available – some clients may object if you’re not clear enough about the expected result.

Don’t select lashes of exactly the same size once the client has settled on a basic length. Instead, introduce some variance around the target length so as to achieve a more natural look while applying eyelash extensions. Use around three different sizes to provide a counterbalance and to fill any unintended gaps. Also, don’t leave the adhesive too long before the eyelash extension application, the glue will dry fast (check your glue label).

Lash extension application is a very time-intensive and delicate process requiring patience and accuracy. The best way to have them applied is to visit a professional – the result will be far smoother and better looking than a DIY eyelash extension application!

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