Guide to buy eyelash extensions at wholesale prices

Eyelash extension wholesalers in Canada and US

As a lash artist business owner, we often want to increase our net income by spending less on lash supplies. As you probably know, there is something called wholesale. It is when we buy in very big quantities for cheaper prices.

Before considering this option, it is best to analyze your situation. Here are some things to consider before moving forward to purchase from a wholesaler:

  • Are you a lash artist working full time, or are you working part time ? 

If you are a lash artist beginning or working part-time, it would be way less consuming to purchase directly from a lash retailer as you probably won’t be able to get much of a discount from a wholesaler. Wholesalers offer discounts whenever you purchase in big quantities.

  • Are you working alone, or do you own a salon? 

If you are working full-time and have a lot of clients, you can consider buying from a wholesaler since you would eventually be using those materials. Just make sure you like those materials since you’ll buy in bigger quantities, which will be a big amount invested. 

If you are a salon owner and have many lash artists in your team, this is a great option because you’ll make sure to use all the supplies. Buying in big quantities will then be a very good option since that will allow you to offer your team products at a lower cost. 

How to buy eyelash extension at wholesale prices

 How to buy eyelash extension at wholesale prices

Searching wholesale prices isn’t that difficult, but requires a bit of research. Here are what we suggest for you to find products at wholesale prices. 

  1. Before even thinking of buying from a wholesaler, you probably discovered a lash supplier brand that you really liked because of its quality and material. Feel free to message them and ask if they can give you a price if you order a big quantity of material. That way, you’ll use products you already know, which will be simple and you’ll be saving some money. 
  1. AliExpress & AliBaba! Let’s be honest, those are websites you probably heard about. Those websites are filled with a lot of sellers. You may need to do some research before ordering from a seller because quality might be an issue if not chosen carefully. 
  1. There are also some vendors on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. They create themself a page in order to attract customers who want to purchase in big quantities or build their brand.

Pros & Cons



Lash suppliers

  • Guaranteed that you will be receiving the same product and quality at a lower price. 
  • Simple and straightforward, no need to worry about complications.
  • Familiarity with the brand and products.
  • Limited resale opportunity
  • Higher costs than the other options. 

Wholesale websites

  • Wide selection and choices of products.
  • Big quantity available.
  • Opportunity to build your own business brand.
  • Communication is not always easy. English is not always their first language and timezone is most of the time different.  
  • Needs organization for time of process and shipments. 
  • Inconsistent quality standards and customer service. 

Social media pages

  • Easy to find them. 
  • Faster replies from vendors.
  • Payment is often made by Paypal to someone you don’t actually know. 
  • Processing time can be long.

Have you ever heard of lash bulk wholesale? Some local lash supplies offer this option! It allows you to buy a lot of lashes for a cheaper price since they offer discounts for big orders.

This option is best for people who have found a brand they like, wanting to purchase large orders in order to save some money. It isn’t as cheap as if you would buy it from a wholesaler, but you still save a lot of money.

We suggest using this option if you are a small business owner having a business that is working well. The good thing about this is that you won’t need to go through the process of having to choose the right seller since you’ll already be familiar with the products and the company. Like mentioned earlier, buying from a wholesaler takes some time for communication, finding the right products and it isn’t always easy.  

So choosing lash bulk wholesale instead of a wholesaler can be easier. Whenever you have issues with your order, it won’t be as hard to communicate with the company, than a wholesaler and shipments will probably be faster.

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