Great tips for removing eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions certainly have a beauty of their own, but sometimes they can become defective when not taken good care of. In this article, we will dive deeper into what to do after they undergo a certain wear and tear – and talk about how to remove lash extensions.

All good things come to an end – and sadly this is especially the case with lash extensions. Although they can range in look from absolutely adorable to outright astonishing, these little beauties can be quite troublesome creatures. This is mostly due to one of the following things – the natural lashes are growing out wildly, or the extensions have been applied badly.

Once one of these situations has occurred, as professional lash artists you’re likely to receive plenty of complaints, if not orders for removal and replacement. This is because removing eyelash extensions without proper external help often causes unnecessary harm. Although sometimes clients do try to remove eyelash extensions themselves – and a few times they might be successful – this is absolutely not recommended.

In some situations however, it can’t be helped. Let’s delve into the issue a little further.

Why you should remove eyelash extensions the right way

This can’t be stressed enough, but removing eyelash extensions by yourself is not ideal. We should clarify to our clients as best as can be that one needs experience as well as some essential base knowledge in order to proceed with a successful removal operation.

In the age of the Internet, a lot of us do tend to be under the illusion that we can do almost everything by ourselves, so long as we follow the basic guidelines. This can be hugely misleading. Due to oversaturation – and lash artists can relate to this, since they’re customers as well – we can’t always be certain which information is correct and which is wrong.

As with all things chemical-related, you should be always careful when dealing with eyelash extensions. Make sure that your clients realize the importance of getting expert help when removing lash extensions – or at very least, the importance of getting educated on the subject when they are unable to get to a salon.

Basic eyelash extensions removal steps

There are a couple of items you need for removing lash extensions: Professional lash extension glue remover, cotton pads, under-eye gel pads, Q-tips and timer. Below are the steps detailing how they work together:

  1. Prepare the eyelash extension glue remover. Place either the under-eye pads, tape or cotton ones on top of eye pads. Proceed to set a drop of the glue remover on a prepared surface.
  2. Use the Q-tips or microswab to apply the glue remover on the targeted eyelash extensions. After that, wait for around three minutes (using a timer), then use a swab or tweezers to start removing the lash extensions.
  3. Use a lint-free swab to clean up the glue remover parts that stick to the natural lashes. For further clean-up, soak a cotton pad in water then use it to wash the lashes. After that, wait for drying or using a mini fan to dry the lashes.

The eyelash extensions will be promptly and successfully removed!

Dos and don’ts when removing eyelash extensions

There are some important dos and don’ts when removing eyelash extensions using a glue remover, which we will detail here:

  • If you touch the lash extensions right after applying the remover, you might create a blooming effect. Wait from two to five minutes before you start touching/removing them. 
  • Try to cleanse the remover from the natural lashes thoroughly before any liquid gets on the lashes. Remover getting stuck behind them can also cause a blooming effect.
  • If the cleansing process is not done properly, there might be irritation to the eyes that can affect the retention of the next set. Treat cleansing with utmost care.

Eyelash extensions removal tips at home for your clients

Tips regarding removing eyelash extensions may be simple, but they’re nevertheless very important.

Use a professional lash glue remover

As implied, a glue remover might be the single most important thing to consider buying for eyelash extensions removal. The glue remover can work with a lot of other products for a successful removal operation.

removing eyelash extensions

Consider oil-based cleanser

Oil-based cleansers are good for removing leftover lash extensions. Do not use them upon getting a fresh set, but only post-removal.

Be careful post-removal

Take care of your natural lashes after you remove the extensions. There are several products you can use to maintain their look.

Don’t pick or pull at your lash extensions

One might be tempted to do as such, but – well, don’t. This could backfire in a big way.

LLBA products for eyelash extension removal

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