FAQ: Are Hybrid Lashes Better Than Classic?

Lashes have always been a bright star in the beauty world. Long, fluttery lashes are a coveted look for many, which is precisely what lash extensions help you achieve. 

The right eyelash extensions can not only level up your lash game but also transform your eyes. But with the endless options of lash styles available, it can be confusing to choose the right one. 

So, are hybrid lashes better than classic ones? Let’s find out in this FAQ guide.

Are Hybrid Lashes Better Than Classic?

Classic and hybrid are two of the most popular lash extensions, so deciding between the two can often be tricky. 

Classic lashes are standard, one-to-one ratio lash extensions, while hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and light volume. 

So, on to the million-dollar question — are hybrid lashes better than classic lashes? 

Well, it depends on various factors, including your client’s preferences. Classic lashes are better for those who want a natural, subtle enhancement, but hybrids are perfect for those who’d love to flaunt some volume and drama. 

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what the client feels most comfortable with. Both classic and hybrid lashes have their place in the lash world.

Are Hybrid Lashes Better Than Classic?

Which Is Better For First-time Clients?

As mentioned earlier, classic lashes are a great option for those wanting a more natural look. These lash extensions are applied one by one to your natural lash and are perfect for adding more length and subtle volume. And since first-timers prefer a more subtle look to get used to the sensation and upkeep of lashes, classic lashes fit the bill perfectly. 

On the other hand, hybrid lashes are a blend of classic and volume lashes, providing a more dramatic look. They’re great for those with sparse natural lashes as they add more fullness and depth. But for first-timers, it may be a bit overwhelming.

So, even for first-time clients, it depends on what the client wants. If they’re looking for a subtle and more natural look, a classic is a way to go. If they want more oomph, then hybrid may be the answer. 

Lash artists can guide their clients through the process and recommend the best option, so their clients can leave the salon feeling happy.

Which Type Is More In-demand?

Both classic and hybrid lash extensions are extremely popular.

For those who want a simple, everyday look, classic lashes are the ideal choice. They provide a natural look that can enhance your eyes without being too over-the-top. Plus, they’re perfect for those who want to look put-together without too much effort.

On the other hand, hybrid lashes deliver a more glamorous look without looking overly dramatic. These lashes also allow more flexibility as lash artists can blend both classic and volume lashes to create a fuller lash effect while still maintaining the client’s natural appearance.

Which Type Is More In-demand?

And for those who are all about eye customization, hybrid lashes are definitely the way to go. Lash artists can use both classic and volume lashes to create a unique and tailored look that fits the individual’s eye shape and style preferences. With hybrid sets, the possibilities are endless!

So, whether it’s a simple everyday look, a denser yet natural look, or eye customization, both classic and hybrid lash sets have their place in the world of eyelash extensions and offer numerous benefits. In the end, it all comes down to the client’s natural eye shape as well as their individual style and preferences.

Which One is Better for Aftercare or Maintaining Retention?

Whether it’s classic or hybrid lashes, aftercare and maintenance are crucial aspects for ensuring the lash extensions look and feel flawless for a long time. So, is it more difficult to care for one type than the other?  Are hybrid lashes better than classic in terms of maintenance, or is it the other way around? 

First things first, there’s not much difference in aftercare between classic and hybrid lashes. Whether your client has opted for the more natural classic look or the volume-packed hybrid, it’s important to handle them gently. 

Avoid using oil-based products and resist the urge to rub or tug at your lashes. And whatever you do, don’t forget to clean the lashes daily with eyelash extension cleansing products. 

Which One is Better for Aftercare or Maintaining Retention

To ensure the lashes last as long as possible, your clients should come in for regular fills every two to three weeks. Losing a few lashes between appointments is completely normal, so it’s necessary to advise your clients that they shouldn’t worry if they notice a gap or two.

The only real difference in aftercare between classic and hybrid lashes is that hybrids may require a bit more attention when brushing or cleansing due to their added volume. 

However, you can guide your clients to be gentler with their lashes and provide tips for aftercare, so they can flaunt their new extensions for longer!

The Takeaway - Are Hybrid Lashes Better Than Classic? 

Now that you know the similarities, differences, and benefits of classic and hybrid lash extensions, you can guide your clients to find their ideal lashes. Make sure you take your client’s natural lashes, eye shape, and preferences into consideration so you can make the perfect choice between classic and hybrid lashes!

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