Eyelashes professional tools every lash lover should own

Every tool in your eyelash extension kit has an impact on the quality of your work. In your eyelash professional tool kit, from your eyelash spoolie to your adhesives and removers, it's critical that you use the best products as a beauty professional. Isn't it true that we all desire to work with the best eyelash extension supplies? 

Can we be the best lash artist if our eyelash extension supplies aren't the best? No , it is not possible! As a result, we enlisted the help of our top lash team to create the definitive guide for eyelash  professional tools, which will save you time and effort. Check out the breakdown if you're putting together a professional eyelash extension kit; whether you're just replenishing your staples or looking for your first set of eyelash application tools, we've got you covered.

Eyelashes professional tools

  1.     Tweezers


Tweezers are one of the most important tools. Eyelash professionals should always have two tweezers on hand. Having a variety of tweezers on hand allows you to inspect and fine-tune each stage of lash application.

Pick up and apply for the lash extensions with the first tweezers. L-Shaped or Curved tweezers are the names for these tweezers.

The second tweezer is  used to isolate the natural lashes. Isolation tweezers are the name for these tweezers.

When buying tweezers, aim for ones that can withstand repeated sanitization and disinfection between clients. The tweezers should last a while for a lash artist. 

It is also recommended to keep at least two tweezers of each function in your eyelashes professional tool kit in case you drop a pair of tweezers. We never know in advance when accidents occur! With straight tweezers, you can do classic lashes, isolate them, pick up premade fans as well as remove lashes. With volume lash tweezers, you can pick up classic lashes, premade lashes, fanning lashes, and volume lashes. LLBA offers a variety of tweezers for lash artists to choose from and most of the tweezers are multifunctional.

  1.     Hygrometer for eyelash extension
Hygrometer for eyelash extension

When it comes to lash extensions, humidity and temperature are crucial for long-lasting retention. If you aren’t using your  adhesive under perfect conditions or have the skills to work around environmental challenges, you might get retention problems. Keep a hygrometer in your lash studio to keep track of the temperature and humidity levels. 

This is significant since the quantity of moisture in a space, as well as the temperature, will influence how well the extension bonds to the natural lash. The lower your humidity is, the slower your glue cures. The higher the humidity is, the faster your glue cures.

To determine the right adhesive for your clients, use a hydrometer, keep it in your room, and check it every day.

  1.     Adhesive Shaker
Adhesive Shaker

An adhesive shaker is one of the interesting yet essential eyelashes professional tools. Mixing all adhesive components in just 5 seconds will help your glue's retention and performance stay strong, reduce irritation, and extend its shelf life.

  • It saves time
  • Ensures that all components are properly mixed
  • No adhesive sticks in the nozzle
  • Simple to assemble
  • It's small and light, and it looks great on your lash cart
    4.     LED Standing Light

LED Standing Light

One of the most critical parts of a lash artist's setup is lighting. Good lighting will not only help to see the customers' lashes clearly (no more eye strain), but it will also improve the quality of the pictures when one photographs their work for social media and marketing. For lash artists, proper lighting is critical for producing high-quality lash sets, growing their company, and maintaining eye health.

Our LLBA team has thoroughly tested LLBA's Led Standing lights for pros to ensure that our lighting system is properly matched to the special needs of lash experts.

Key features:

  • Bright and even light
  • Phone holder/USB charger
  • Sturdy lamp
  • Adjustable to the artist's need
  • No cooldown and portable
  1.     Jade Stone
Jade Stone

Extension glues can dry up quickly during the application procedure, especially during the warmer summer months. Although you want the adhesive to be a medium viscosity, if they harden or become excessively tacky, they won’t stick anymore. A jade stone is perfect to keep your eyelash extension adhesive cold and prevent it from drying up too quickly during eyelash treatment. It is a must-have in your eyelashes professional tool kit. It's best to use Glue tape or Disposable Glue Plate Film to keep your jade stone clean.

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