Eyelash Extension Tips For New Lash Artists

If you are new here, you might think it takes a lot of time and practice before you really feel great about your work. It’s true that practice makes perfect, but follow these tips. They will help you gain confidence and improve your lash application. 

Keep their and your lash clean 

One of the most frustrating issues that every lash tech meets is dirty lashes. Make sure to always keep your lash set up clean before your clients arrive and also clean their lashes before the procedure. You can use a lash cleanser or lash shampoo to wash off all the dirt on the lashes. We recommend Prolong Cleanser Concentrate. You can make lash shampoos with foam bottles from that concentrate, which has been our best-seller for years (buy it today to save 10%).

Prolong Lash Cleanser concentrate

Prolong Lash Cleanser concentrate

“When in Doubt, Go Natural”

It is difficult for new lash techs when it comes to choosing the right lash map for your client. The best tip is to follow the natural growth of your client’s natural lashes in order to choose the right shape and styling. Over time, with practice and experience, you will gain confidence and know faster which shape and styling fit them the best.

Find a lash adhesive that works for you

Every lash tech needs to find their match adhesive. If you are new, you might love our Hook-up glue that works well with classic, volume, and pro-made fans. If you are a little bit advanced and want to save time, you’ll need Speedy 0.5s drying time.

Hook-up and Speedy 0.5s

If you are new to the lash industry, follow our tips sharing series and let us know your thoughts.


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