Eyelash extension retention issues caused by masks

As you probably know, since Covid19, a lot of rules have changed. Masks are required in most states and provinces. Have you noticed since the pandemic, clients tend to lose more lashes than usual? That you have less good eyelash extension retention and some retention issues?

If you did, then continue reading! This article might help you understand what’s happening! 

If you never had problems before the pandemic and started experiencing problems, it might be because of the mask. 

Masks are made to protect particles coming out of our mouth and nose. Masks are made of a material that doesn't leave room for the breath to come out, but it still needs to escape, so it comes out by the top of the mask, which is directly in the direction of lash extensions. 

As you probably know, breath is warm and contains moisture, and we all know one of the most important things when it comes to lash retention is the environment. 

Humidity and warmer temperature speed up the adhesive, which means your adhesive could be drying faster than it should, even though your room temperature and humidity are in ideal conditions. 

How do I know if it affects my retention?

Get a hygrometer and measure your environment. Make sure the adhesive you are using is used in ideal conditions. You should be able to find this information on your supplier’s website. 

If your adhesive is used in ideal conditions, but you still have retention issues, then read below! 

Are your eyelash extensions popping up whenever brushing?

brushing lashes

If yes, this means your adhesive is curing too fast, and if you’re used to working in a 0.5-1s time, you might need to consider getting a 1-2s drying glue instead. 

That does not mean you are less experienced. That only confirms the fact that the masks are adding temperature and humidity to your environment, curing your adhesive faster than it should. 

If you are looking for an adhesive that works great in high humidity and hot environments, we suggest you try La Magnétique by LLBA Professional. This adhesive is great whenever the room temperature or room humidity rises up.

La Magnétique

What else can I do ? 

Make sure your clients wear their masks in the right way. You read that right! A lot of people are not wearing their masks the way they should. 

There is a proper way to wear a mask, and it is very important so that you protect yourself, and your clients, but also have less of a negative impact when it comes to lash retentions. 

lash extension retention issues

Make sure they are wearing the mask the right way. The top of the mask should have a stiff bendable edge allowing them to mold the shape of their nose. That will create a barrier between the air coming out by the top, so the hot hair and humidity don’t get to their lashes. 

Use a bonder! We suggest you try sealing your sets with a bonder at the end of the process. Bonder increases flexibility between the natural lash extension and the glue, which will also increase retention. Usually, using a bonder allows clients to get their lashes directly after, without having to wait. It can increase eyelash extension retention by up to 30%. We suggest you try SuperBonder by Ruthie Belle. 

We also suggest you educate your clients on that issue. Wearing a mask daily can also cause lash extensions to fall faster. Like mentioned earlier, masks add humidity and temperature to the face area, especially in the direction of eyelash extensions. It also makes the face oily, which is also an enemy of lash extensions. 

So, make sure they understand It would be absolutely normal to lose more lashes than usual. The best thing they can do is to wash their lashes daily, to remove all oil particles around their eyes caused by the mask. Keep some in stock to retail them! 

Finally, there is no magical solution to this issue. It doesn’t make you less professional because this is not something we can control in our daily lives! Do your best, follow our suggestions and see for yourself if your clients' retention is better! 

I don’t think my retention issues are caused by the mask! 

If you don’t see your lashes popping up whenever brushing, the issue might not come from the mask. It might be caused by other issues. Take some time to review your steps, your techniques, and your application process.  

If you need help finding the cause of your eyelash extension retention issues, we suggest you join our Facebook support group, a group where you can get advice and help to improve your work!

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