Eyelash extension curl – the full story

Understanding different types of curls is one of the most important things to take note of as lash artists.

Lashing is an art and that’s why lash experts are also referred to as artists. As beauty trends evolve, our approach must evolve with them. Since a great lash set has the potential to produce a stunning appearance, it’s critical that we as lash artists keep up with the latest techniques and information. 

With all the complexities that come with an eyelash extension application, such as the length and thickness of the extension, the wide variety of extension types, or the procedure itself, it can be difficult to focus on one aspect alone. Taking some time to analyze your client’s features in order to choose the right length, thickness and type of lash will greatly enhance their look.

As professional lash artists, we must take the time to give the best service and satisfy our clients by making suggestions to them about the right curls for their eye shape. Unfortunately, the curl of the eyelash extensions are often forgotten or dismissed unless our clients request them first.

Choosing the right eyelash extension curl requires some knowledge. Take the time to study all the curls in order to provide the best service!

What is the eyelash extension curl?

eyelash extension curl

Everyone is unique! Everyone has a different eye shape, and there isn't a universal rule when it comes to eyelash extension curls but there are curls that will suit some better than others.

At the most basic level, eyelash extension curls are curves on the extensions that help highlight the face and the eyes. As facial features and eye shapes vary from one person to another, it is important to take the time to choose the right eyelash curl as well as having many different types of curls on hand. 

It is also important to buy high-quality products. Depending on the material and the brand, some lashes will lose their curls faster than others. Instead of focusing on price, focus on the value of your eyelash extension products.

Sometimes a client will want two different types of lash extension, or different types of curls within the same set. You will have to take special care in this case and try to choose beforehand what type of extensions you are going to use.

What makes every set of eyelash extensions unique is the fact that there are many options available when it comes to curls, thickness and length. This allows you to create a customized set for your clients by creating an effect that will enhance their look.

If you want to see the effects of the curls, find a model and try different curls on the same person. Depending on their eye shape, you will be able to tell how one curl can make their eyes prettier than another curl.

Various types of curls and their histories

Whether you're a new lash artist or already a top-level expert, this section will help you understand the different eyelash curls. Curls are similar to hair styles in that there are many different curl types suitable for different people, especially since eye shapes and types of lid can be so varied.

It is important to keep up with trends. These trends determine what styles are favored at any given moment and what aren’t. Similarly for eyelash extension curls, we have curls that are more commonly used and ones that aren’t.

Common and less common types of curls

J Curl Eyelash Extensions

The J Curl is one of the most commonly used curls, and it’s reserved for when you want a natural curl for your extension. If your clients wants something dramatic, this is not the right curl !

Usually this type of curl is great for male clients since the curl is suitable for those with lashes that point straight or downard, and the result is a more subtle and natural look.  

B Curl Eyelash Extensions

The B Curl is similar to the J Curl, but a little bit more curled, perfect for a natural look. If what you want is a kind of subtle aesthetic for your curls, the B Curl is just fantastic. Its base is straight and the contortion of the B Curl is gradual, meaning it will frame your eyes gently and will not overdo things in regards to lift.

If the client is searching for a very natural appearance for their eyes, the B Curl is definitely recommended as the go-to choice. However, it depends on the situation as well. If the client has straight or downward pointing natural lashes, the B Curl can create a very subdued look, similar to the J Curl but much more so in terms of intensity. This is something you should take note of as you practice.

C Curl Eyelash Extensions

The C Curl is said to be one of the most popular curls, and there are good reasons why! Usually our clients opt for a slight curl with their extensions since they provide an open eye effect while not being too drastic and dramatic. This is exactly what the C Curl offers.

Generally speaking, clients who have naturally curled lashes are great recipients of this type of curl,  the C Curl will really give a standout look that is satisfying.

CC Curl Eyelash Extensions

C Curl Eyelash Extensions

This is a unique style of curl that is even more curly than the C Curl! Clients and lash artists usually love this curl. If what the client wants is something that seems naturally curly and a bit dramatic, with more than adequate volume, go for CC. 

You can compare this to the C Curl and see how it is a bit more curled, but less than D curl. The CC Curl usually features a 65-degree angle and can really help open up the eyes for those with lashes that point downward. 

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D Curl Eyelash Extensions

The D Curl is curlier than the CC one. If you have downward natural lashes, this is a great option to create a dramatic look, with its 70-degree angle d curls really bring out the eyes.

If you have smaller eyes and want to brighten, widen, or make them stand out, the D Curl is great. Similar to the CC Curl, this type of curl isn’t great for upward lashes. 

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U Curl Eyelash Extensions

Also called DD, these are the curliest lash extensions out there, and should be the definitive choice if you’re all about that drama. Whether you have straight lashes or downward lashes, the U Curl will help you create a really dramatic look that steals the spotlight everywhere you go.

They aren’t exactly good choices for upward pointing lashes, since it will give a strong curled effect, and that might result in giving. The appearance of very big eyes. 

L&M Curl Eyelash Extensions

The L and M Curls are also rising in popularity. If you’re looking to have a wide-eyed kind of look, then the L Curl is the best candidate to help you achieve it.

The M Curl is similar to the L Curl, except it provides more of a lift than the L Curl while still retaining the straight base for attachment. The M Curl is designed to look good on pretty much anyone, but clients with straight lashes will receive the best of its benefits. 

Both extensions don’t work as well on clients with downward-pointing eyes, so try to take note of this.

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How to choose the right curl

Now that we’ve gone over some common and less-common types of curls – including their usage – we can now talk about how and when to choose certain curls. Just as different types of curls have different names, their functions will also differ quite a lot. It’s best to talk about curls and their usages separately so that you have a clearer idea of when best to choose a curl type and when not to.

A curl will depend a lot on your client’s facial features and appearance, so take good care to note this first, as well as the client’s own request to figure out the best way to apply an extension. 

If the client requires something natural but has existing dramatic lashes, then something like the J Curl might not be suitable, unless what they want is to “normalize” their look. Usually male clients are more suitable for J Curls, since a lot of them will prefer something that’s natural and not dramatic. 

B or C Curls tend to also be considered if our clients crave a natural look. If they want a lifted look, as in slight lifts without being overly dramatic, C is the most popular curl. 

Other types of curls such as the CC Curl, D Curl and U Curl are more up to personal taste; if the client is willing to go for something that is really exciting and dramatic, these are curls that you can recommend. The CC Curl especially can help in creating the effect of doll eyes, and really make the eyes look brighter and bigger. 

As a rule of thumb, analyze your clients’ natural lashes before proceeding. The type of curls will also depend on the type of lash sets being used. Let’s look at this specifically and see what each type of curl means for different lash sets.

Common lash sets for curls

No matter what type of set it is, there are some common curls that can be used for all of them, namely the C, CC and D Curls. These eyelash curls are especially popular because of their versatility; they can pretty much fit everyone, and are the curls you should always have in stock. 

All the curls mentioned earlier can be used for classic, hybrid and volume sets. 

The most popular curls used for volume sets are C, CC, D, DD, L and M curls. These curls can help achieve some beautiful looks that are currently trending.

Knowing the different types of eyelash extensions is one thing, but without learning the correct eyelash extension curl for certain situations, you won’t be able to decide on one and apply it for your clients. That’s why we must be careful to learn all the things we need to know about them first. Get to know all the curls, practice, and you’ll have all the skills you need to create fabulous looks for your clients!

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