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Whether you are a trainee or a professional eyelash artist, the LLBA's lash extension kits have always been the best choice for everyone. These kits have everything; you will need for doing eyelash extensions. 

What is an eyelash extension kit?

What is an eyelash extension kit?

A lash extension kit has every tool you can need to apply lash extensions to your client. The lash extension process will be feasible and easier with these kits if you're just embarking on the lash world. Then you must have to buy convenient kits to gear up the quality of service.

We can say that the kit is a single platform in which multiple things are present. The kit consists of lash trays, eyelash adhesive, eye pads, cream remover, nano bonder, primer and a pair of tweezers. The extension kit is an all-in-one package. Not only beginners but any lash artist can have their hands on them.

Why is an eyelash extension kit best for beginners?

In extension kits, tools are kept together for your convenience. These kits are the ultimate package for a newbie because you don't have to buy the tools separately. Instead, everything is present in a single box, which beginners can easily use, even with a little knowledge too.

Even if you just know the little tricks and tactics of lash extension, you can easily handle the kit. These products are best for beginner lash artists because they will have all the necessary items within their range. Put the kit in front of you and start practicing ; while using the kit, you will also feel that it's so easy to perform extensions.

Because all the essential tools are within your arm's distance, you do not need to spend so much time picking the tool. That's why the extension kits are considered the best choice for beginners.

These kits help you a lot in your professional life. But keep in mind to select the right kit of lash extension that makes your lashing experience worthwhile. We will guide you with some of the essential products and tools that must be present in a kit.

Why is an eyelash extension kit best for beginners?

·         Eyelashes Trays

Eyelashes Trays

Eyelash trays are an integral part of the lash kit. It is the important thing that holds the lashes in their place and separates multiple styles and types of extensions. An eyelash tray has approximately 16 rows of lashes available in each tray, with all common curls such as C or D. 

·         Eyelashes Adhesives

Eyelashes Adhesives

The clients want a lash extension that has the greatest life span. For this reason, the quality of eyelash adhesive should be good because the high-quality adhesive will bond better when the glue is adapted to the environment.

If you are a new lash artist, start with slow-drying glue to avoid any mistakes. But if you are professional, you can go with a fast-dry adhesive to optimize your time.

·         Eye Pads and Tape Eye

Eye Pads and Tape Eye

Eye pads and tapes are vital accessories that should be present in eyelash extension kits. Without them, your client's eyes are at risk. Because eye pads safeguard the fragile skin of the client, always put them before starting the lash extension process.

Eye tape is used to maintain the distance between lower lashes. It also ensures that eyelashes don't stick with extensions.

·         Primer for preparation

Primer for preparation

It's a good idea to prime the eyelid of a client before starting the extension process to make sure their lashes are dirt free. 

For best results of lash extension, a primer is a key step in preparing the eyes for the process. Get your hands on the Dos and Don'ts of priming the eyes for lash extension. 

·         Eyelash Brushes

Eyelash Brushes

Handy eyelash brushes are always a part of a good eyelash extension kit. These brushes will help you to apply the lashes properly. They also ensure that lashes are going smoothly. 

·         Set of Tweezers

Set of Tweezers

The tweezer is the main tool. With its help, you can easily apply the lash extensions to the client's eyes.  They are available in many styles like straight and curved tips etc. You can choose whichever tweezer you need to apply a specific lash style. 

·         Eyelash Extension Remover

Eyelash Extension Remover

If the client wants to remove the lashes, then lash remover gel or creams are used.. Good quality removing gel/cream immediately dissolves the adhesive without burning the eye.

The lash kits are all in one kind of box that will be very convenient. They are handy tool kits that you can carry anywhere with you. 

LLBA lash extension kits

LLBA lash extension kits

There is good news for you that LLBA has two mesmerizing types of unique lash kits. One is the classic extensions kit, and the other is the volume extensions kit. Both kits are made exclusively for you with best-selling products. Thoughtfully added the different products that can be used to do respective extension styles.

·         Classic Lash Extensions (Classic Starter Training Kit)

Classic Lash Extensions (Classic Starter Training Kit)

For every day's look, classic lash extensions are the best choice. So these lash extensions should also be present in the kit because many clients prefer simple and natural-looking lashes. 

·         Volume lash Extensions (Volume Training Kit)

Volume lash Extensions (Volume Training Kit)

If the client has minimal natural lashes, then they go for volume ones. Volume lash trays are also used to make hybrid lashes. So they should also be present in the lash extension kit.

LLBA makes your life simpler and easier by launching an all-in-one kit. It has everything you need to perform a lash extension process. Buying every product separately will also be hectic and time-consuming, so why not spend money on a single kit that is also 50% lower than the retail price.

Start your lash tech journey with LLBA and get ready to conquer the world!

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