Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a set of semi-permanent lashes that are applied to your lash line with the help of specialty lash glue. Eyelash extension application should be done by a professional technician. With extension lashes, anyone can be able to wake up with nicely done lashes and won't have to apply layers of mascara before leaving home. 

Eyelashes are available in silk, and synthetic lash, and a client can choose according to their preferences, so make sure you guide your client if they are new to this. A client should tell you that if their eyes are sensitive or allergic to various things, and if it is their first time getting extensions, they should discuss all these factors with you before making an appointment.

Of course, style and customization is important when enhancing a client’s natural and unique beauty! This is why eyelash lengthening doesn’t stop at simply making eyelashes longer – there are a whole range of options for people to choose from, including different materials, fan shapes, volumes and styles.

The Art of Lashes

Working with tiny hairs takes a high level of skill and extreme patience. The technical mastery involved in placing individual strands of hair in precisely the right place while holding a tiny eyelash completely still is one that can take many months (if not years) to acquire! True experts are able to take the art to an even higher form.

The majority of eyelash extensions that come in sets are premade fans. Those are volume-building fans created with the assistance of machines that come in packages ready to be set in place on the eyelid. Those with a high level of experience in lash extensions, however, are capable of creating beautiful fans by binding classic lashes into bouquet shapes and then either applying them immediately or otherwise curing the adhesive and storing the fans for later use. These promade fans (or handmade fans) have the advantage of being able to be custom designed for an individual client’s unique eye shape and lash density. Promade fans can be built for a single eyelash, weighted and measured to exact specifications. They are also easier to fix into place than premade fans are. Handmade fans can be designed to wrap around the anchor lash, allowing for superior and longer-lasting retention.

The Art of Lashes

If your time is limited, premade fans are certainly the most convenient alternative, while handmade fans are generally more elegant visually, capable of bestowing a more crafted look to the wearer.

Lash extensions also differ in the way they are bound. “Easy fan” are strips that are firmly bound at the base, which prevents them from falling apart at the slightest movement. Easy fan lashes do not split easily at the base, allowing lash artists to create a dramatic flourish without worrying about how to hold the base of the lash together.

Loose fans are premade fans that are more optimized for fast convenient application. They’re easier to manipulate with tweezers, and can be shaped on the fly just before they’re fixed in place.

Regardless of whether a lash technician uses handmade fans or premade fans, easy fans or loose fans, the work of any lash artist requires intense training and total control of lash structures to create immediate, high-grade fabulousness!

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Eyelash extension products; how do they work?

Talking about eyelash extensions, there is a lot that can help you with your future clients, even if you are already an expert esthetician. Let's take a look at such factors:

1) Choosing lash extension sets:

Make sure that your client knows about the types of eyelashes so they can choose wisely:

  • Classic lashes:

The classic lash extension consists of a single lash  carefully applied to each natural eyelash one at a time. Each natural lash is preserved, while each lash appears longer and curlier thanks to this simple solution. This particular set of eyelashes adds just the slightest bit of oomph. Based on the thickness of the client's natural eyelash, which is typically between 0.15 and 0.20 mm, the thickness of each lash is determined.

  • Volume lashes:

Volume lashes became popular in 2010, more than length and curl were desired in lash extensions. When multiple extensions are applied to the same individual lash, it creates the illusion of thickness.

Eyelash extension products; how do they work?

The number of individual lash extensions arranged in a "fan" is what gives volume lashes their name. To indicate the number of lashes in a fan, people use a number and the letter D. A 3D example would be three lashes clustered together to form a fan, for example. Volume styles in 2D - 4D (Russian volume) are lighter and more natural-looking. 4D to 8D can be used to achieve a more dramatic and voluminous look called "mega volume". Because of this, they are ideal for those with naturally thick lashes. The final desired look will depend on how many lashes you use on a fan, and it can be up to 20D.

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2) Choosing Eyelash Extension Length and Curl Type

Choosing Eyelash Extension Length and Curl Type

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  • Curl

Lash extensions are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 8 mm to 15 mm at the majority of salons. Consider the thickness or fineness of your client's natural lashes because it will impact the final look. Longer extensions can be worn if your client's natural lashes are thick and healthy. Those who have sparse or short lashes may want to consider getting extensions that are on the shorter side. Unless they spend more time taking care of natural lashes again, these extensions will fall somewhere in the middle. 

The most natural-looking curl is the B-curl. It's best suited to those with naturally curly lashes which also want a slight lift.

As a result, the C-curl is the most popular and widely used in every eye shape. The C-curl is a great option if you have thin natural lashes but want to make them appear more open and full.

The D-curl is ideal for creating a dramatic look. In addition, because it resembles a semicircle, having naturally curly lashes is preferred.

It then curls a flat base before lifting upwards. This is your client's curl if they have only one eyelid, hooded eyes, and straight lashes.

  • The Length of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can damage natural lashes if you have chosen the wrong length for your client. In addition, they'll make them feel uncomfortable, and it might be their worst experience with you.

If the lashes are too heavy, the lash follicles won't be able to produce healthy new lashes. The general rule of thumb is that eyelash extensions should be no longer than 3mm of your client's natural lashes when getting them done.

3) Tweezers


Fine-tipped tools are needed to apply and manipulate the delicate lashes. Tweezers are an essential part of an eyelash extension kit, and it's a good idea to have several different sets on hand so that they fulfill your client's needs accordingly.

4) The importance of proper eyelash bonding

The importance of proper eyelash bonding

Regardless of the glue chosen, making sure the temperature and humidity are just right is critical. The temperature around your client can be lowered with the help of an air conditioner or a fan.

Also, you can use a dehumidifier or desiccant to lower the humidity in the room and ventilate it frequently. In hot areas and seasons, humidity tends to be high. Also, viscosity gets thinner due to the increased temperature. 

How much is a lash extension?

Lash extensions price list:

  • $100 and $350 for a full set of eyelash extensions
  • $50 to $150 per 60 to 75 minutes for a lash refill.

How much is a lash extension ?

Lash extensions prices are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Client's preferred lash design. For example, Classic style eyelash extensions cost less than Volume lash extensions.
  • The total number of lashes required to achieve a particular look, such as a mega volume set.
  • A technician's expertise.
  • Lash application at a salon, whether it's a professional salon, a style suite, or an at-home stylist

What to advise the first-time client

Any lash artist would have a client that has never had eyelash extensions before. Your job is to be gentle, explain the procedure as clearly as you can, and help them enjoy the whole lashing session.

So, what should a client know about their first appointment for eyelash extensions? Check out this list of things:

What to advise the first-time client

1) Consultation:

Clients should be assisted by you before any work is done. Having this information will allow them to be comfortable with you and will make it easy for you to design a unique set of extensions for them.

2) Inquire about the tools:

Clients should know whether or not the tools are used and disinfected because it is about the eyes. It is a sensitive matter, so the right and clean tools are necessary.

3) Remove makeup:

Remove makeup

You should tell clients to come without makeup, otherwise their lash extensions won’t last. The final appointment will be much more pleasant if they remove it before heading to the salon.

4) Humidity:

Too much humidity can cause the adhesive not to stay put. So, set the room temperature accordingly.

5) Let them know if you have any allergies:

 To be on the safe side, a client should tell you about any seasonal allergies they may have, as well as any cosmetic allergies they might have. 

6) Contact lenses removal:

Before your appointment, clients should remove any contact lenses for safety reasons. 

7) Recognize how things work:

Inquiring about the procedure is the right of clients, and they should know what to expect and how to care for new lashes. 


Taking Care of Eyelashes to Keep Them Healthy

Taking Care of Eyelashes to Keep Them Healthy

Don't forget to warn your clients that eyelash extensions can harm your natural lashes if you don't take care of them properly. With the help of aftercare products, clients can keep their lashes clean, prevent eye infections, and maximize retention.

Make sure your clients get the most from their sizzling new look with some clear instructions on  how to protect and care for their new lash extensions after the sets have been fixed in place. These aftercare tips apply to both premade fans and handmade fans. Obviously extensive rubbing of the eyes could easily damage the extensions and tear the adhesive, so it’s good to gently wash the lashes on a daily basis with a specially designed lash bath product to remove any irritating residue.

In the first 24 hours immediately following the lash extension appointment, it’s very important for a client not to let their eyelashes get wet, as this can disturb both lashes and glue before everything has cured and set in place.

It’s also really important to advise your clients not to use heavy mascara, eyeliner or any other eye makeup that might interfere with the new lashes. “Gently, gently does it” is the best policy to ensure that the stunning extensions stay in the centre spotlight. 

It takes time and dedication to become a competent lash artist. But with a comprehensive knowledge of the materials, fans and styles available, you’ll have all the tools you need to help your clients enhance and draw attention to the natural gorgeousness of their eyes!

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