Everything you need to know about d curl eyelash extension

If you’ve ever wondered what one of the most dramatic curls is, the D curl is a great choice because of the impressive curl. It's usually seen when clients want an attractive and glamorous appearance. In this article, we will share with you the essential things you need to know when using this curl!

What is D Curl eyelash extension?

d curl eyelash extensions

In the table of curls in eyelash extensions, D curl is between CC and U curls. With 70-degree angle curl, except for eyelash extensions that require gentleness; almost all sets of lash extensions are applied D curl. As an important factor for creative and unique styles, D curl makes the eyes bigger, thicker, and longer eyelashes, thereby helping brighten and widen the eyes. It is also preferable for special occasions, important events, or parties. With that in mind, D curl requires mastering basic eye lashing techniques and particular experience in eyelash extensions.

When to use D Curl eyelash extensions?

Some technicians have commented that "D curl is too curly and is difficult to apply to many clients unless their real eyelashes are already curled. If you choose and misapply this type of eyelash extension, the new set of eyelashes will not last long and may shed prematurely." We think this assessment is not wrong but is still fundamentally incomplete. If you understand it deeply and practice regularly, D curl eyelashes can bring out beautiful lashes, and your artistry will also be mastered as a result. In particular, knowing when to use the D curl appropriately is essential if you want to become professional.

Downward natural lashes: D curl is an ideal solution for clients with these eyelashes. It will create a great lift for the eyelashes, open up the look and improve the weakness of thin and sparse eyelashes. Usually, the technician will use d curls lashes for doll or fox eyes.

Big eyes and even lashes: You may be wondering that “Big eyes and even lashes are already beautiful. Why do they need D curl lashes?” And this is the answer! Big eyes also need lashes that have the right length and curl to have a balance, so D curl is a top priority to get this result! After eyelash extensions, long, thick eyelashes will be extremely harmonious with big eyes, helping them look more balanced and more prominent. The biggest problem that easily happens when applying eyelash extensions for big eyes is the proportion of the two eyes. So check this ratio carefully!

Monolids or small eyes: D curl did a great job creating a "brand new" set of lashes thanks to the big curl. The "sleepy" eyes transform into a new, more vivid, bright coat.

d curl eyelash

Although quite common, D curl is also not advisable to some types of natural eyelashes, such as too thin, sparse, and weak eyelashes, or eyelashes that are too straight and upward too much.

The best lash sets for D curl lash extension

Let's take a look at some popular eyelash extensions that give priority to using D curl!

Volume lashes

Volume: This is a basic type of extension, often used to increase lash density and curl for the whole set of lashes, so D curl is the perfect choice for volume style! However, be sure to check the status of your client's natural lashes before taking the following steps.

hybrid eyelash extensions

Hybrid: Similar to volume lashes, hybrid eyelash extensions also help add the thickness of the lashes. However, adjusting the ratio of eyelash extensions using volume and classic techniques makes the eyelashes look lighter and more elegant. The problem with this hybrid is the balanced ratio between the two mentioned lashing techniques based on the client's natural lashes.

cat eye eyelash extensions

Cat eyes: We just have to share that skilled lash artists love to apply D curl for cat eye eyelash extensions. The simple reason for this is that D curl lashes with both long and deeply curved tips are a great combination to make the eyes attractive and extremely seductive. Especially if the client has small eyes or monolids, D curl shows its role even more clearly. For getting a perfect cat eyes effect, you need to pay attention to arranging the length gradually towards the end of the eye. 

Besides, mink eyelashes should be prioritized to make the eyelashes look light, smooth, and have the most natural eyelash color. You can check out these products at LLBA as we are a reputed brand specializing in eyelash extensions.

Doll eyes

Doll eyes: This is an eyelash extension often using D curl that you should not ignore. A pair of round eyes and an eye-opening look makes the whole face bright like a doll. Practice this set of lashes and apply D curl, you will gain a great experience with your expertise immediately!

Above are the best lash sets for the D curl lash extension, and tips for you is to mix different lengths with the same curl for creative works! Also, don't forget to prepare good-quality products. If you hesitate about the cost, maybe our mix tray will help you make the decision easier. We also often have occasional discounts, accompanied by free shipping, gifts, etc. You can refer to the policies on our official website or on Amazon!

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