Everything you need to know about B curl eyelash extensions

Are you looking for a slight curl to create natural and gentle lashes or a curl that blends well with other curls to correct minor lash flaws? If so, B curl would be a good option! When understanding this curl, you will be pretty surprised about its benefits. Let's explore B curl with us through the article below!

What is B Curl eyelash extension?

b curl eyelash extensions

Among the lowest curls in eyelash extensions, B curl has the tips curved at 50 degrees, slightly curvier than J curl. Many lash artists share that they like B curl because it handles perfectly the cases of short lashes that need a moderate curl and length.

The biggest advantage of B curl is that it offers a slight uplift that is gentle and flatters the natural shape of natural lashes.

When to use B Curl eyelash extensions?

b curl lash

It is a fact that B curl is one of the least curled and not so popular eyelash extensions. This curl is preferable for natural lashes that point upward or point straight because it helps add thickness and gives a wider look for the eyes. Slightly droopy lashes can also use B curl but flexibly mix it with C curl in the centre of the eye to create a noticeable lift for the lashes. In addition, you can also advise the curl for clients with almond eyes. This eye shape already has a perfect look, so when skillfully using B curl, you will need to focus on making it balanced and brighter, thereby flattering the client's eye shape.

So, which lash types are not for B curl? Eyelashes that are too thin, sparse, and short. Then next are drooping eyes and deep eyes; these eye shapes should not be used with B curl because it not only does not handle the flaws of their looks but also makes them heavier.

Hooded eyes are also an eye shape to avoid when using B curl because they can't improve the look of your client's natural lashes.

One advice is to mix B curl with B+ or C curl depending on the style to achieve the desired result.

The best lash sets for B Curl eyelash extensions

With the above characteristics of B curl, you are probably wondering, with such limitations, what types of eyelashes are good for them? Here is the answer!

Classic eyelash extensions

The first is Classic: There is no need to explain much about this type of eyelash extension. It is simply an eyelash extension that needs to honour natural beauty. Therefore, B curl can perfectly meet this request.

Hybrid eyelash extensions

The second is Hybrid: As you know, this is a mixture of different curls, lengths, and lashing techniques. Therefore, combining those techniques helps B curl play its best role. The thick lashes of the volume will highlight the lashes, while the classic is a perfect technique to help the set look full and get a great lift. You should also mix some C curl lashes in the center for the hybrid eyelash extension to bring out the impressive yet elegant.

The third is volume lashes: The third is Volume eyelash extensions: Although not as popular as the above applications, B curl lashes are still applied to Volume lashes. This is often recommended for short lashes, upward or thin eyelashes, as clients do not want a big change but mainly want their eyelashes to be fuller and curlier, and more graceful.

Lash artists often use this curl to support thin eyelashes and keep the shape of the eyelashes; you will also find B curl lash extensions in some other eyelash styles.

A piece of advice for you is to pay attention to the material of the eyelash extensions because it directly affects the results. Artificial mink lashes are a good option that you can not ignore. In addition, the anti-static tweezers will also help you feel more comfortable and confident because they allow you to attach the eyelash extensions on the natural eyelashes accurately.

Although B curl is not a curl that gives you too much creativity and uniqueness, it is a classic curl suitable for the needs of naturalness, lightness, and delicate beauty. Therefore, do not ignore this curl when performing eyelash extensions. Instead, practice regularly with B curl lashes to become more professional.

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We hope the above article will help you easily handle B curl lash extensions. And don't forget to follow our next article!

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