Everything to know about eyelash premade fans

Premade fans are something a lot of lash artists adore, and we’re here to explain why! To get the answer, let’s take a look at what those are.

What are premade fans?

Eyelash extension premade fans are a type of volume lash extension, so in order to really understand the former, we must understand the latter.

Essentially speaking, volume lash extensions are made up of several lash extensions joined together at the base. To be more specific, they are made using a process of attaching a lash fan to another natural lash. These fans will consist of two to ten extremely thin lash fibers bonded together from the roots. These form the shapes of fans – hence the name.

There are generally two ways of making volume lash fans: hand making them by yourself separately beforehand or during the procedure of attaching them to your client’s lashes; and making them in the form of eyelash premade fans.

It’s eyelash premade fans that we’re focusing on here. Premade fans are fundamentally special in that the lash fibers are already attached and in ready mode for usage. It’s a group of between two to more than sixteen lashes which have been either glued or heat-bonded at its base.

Usually eyelash extension premade fans are built by a supplier of lash extensions in advance then delivered to lash artists for applications. The production is usually assisted by a machine, making it fast and effective. The finished pre-made fans are shipped on trays, not dissimilar to strips of lashes.

Why choose premade fans?

As lash artists, you all know too well how time consuming it is to make the fans yourself. So, the biggest benefit that eyelash premade fans have is the time saved. With eyelash premade fans, this production process is already done for you. All you need to do is order, open the box and voilà – you get fans in excellent quality and conditions and they are ready for application.

With the time saved, you can also satisfy more clients each day with your services. Due to eyelash extension premade fans, there are plenty of ways you can grow your profit without needing to spend too much on marketing or products.

Another benefit that eyelash premade fans have is they are designed specifically for easy attachment. Additionally, with regards to eyelash premade fans, you only have to learn basic lash extension techniques, saving both the time and energy spent for learning and researching. Premade fans also have great self-maintenance in that they keep their shape well and are therefore easier to attach than handmade ones.

All of this shouldn’t disqualify handmade fans from the discussion entirely, however. Handmade fans are made by top experts and professionals, and do provide a most likely more beautiful-looking and longer-lasting set of volume lashes. But eyelash premade fans have their own unique attraction as has been laid out above – and we feel that’s really something worth considering.

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How they are used

They are generally used like single lash : an eyelash premade fan is attached to the client’s very own natural lash.

When you pick up your order of eyelash extension premade fans, open the tray and proceed to use your tweezers to pick up one fan. Prepare the lash glue, then dip the narrow end of the fan gently into it. Afterwards, start attaching the fan on a natural lash of the client.

Certainly eyelash premade fans are very simple to use and require little effort for successful application. Of course as lash artists you must still take good care of your work, but premade fans certainly do make it much easier.

Premade vs. Promade fans

While you have heard a lot about premade fans, there is one similar but better kind called promade fans. But what is it really? Promade fans are the eyelash extensions that are produced by professional lash technicians. Which means, they choose and attach single lashes together by hands, rather than machine. 

This kind of lashes help new lash artists to practice and gain their skills with speed. LLBA promade fans are made with special techniques that create the fans with a small base that helps better attachment. Our promade fans include 3D to 16D with light weight that make them appropriate for volume and mega-volume lashes. You can choose among wispy fans, camelia fans, and even colored fans to meet your client’s demand.

Promade fans 5D

That’s the basics – once you have all the available information, it can become clearer to you if eyelash premade fans are for you or not. The lashes world is ever-evolving, and it’s our duty as lash artists not to get left behind the times.


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