Different styles of cat eyes and how to create them

Ever heard of the famous winged eyeliner? The trended makeup look used in order to elongate the eye? Well, it is also a trend when it comes to eyelash extensions!

One of the most popular types of lash sets is the cat eye set. It is a highly versatile and time tested lash set that suits a large majority of people.

Why is cat eye style attractive?

People love the cat eye set because of how it opens up the eye while the winged taper end gives a longer looking eye and an alluring, sultry and mysterious look. Cat eyes also give the illusion of having wider eyes by having longer lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. 

How many types of cat eyes

We all heard of the classic cat eyes set, but a new trend amongst fashionistas now is to sport an “extreme” cat eyes set. This extreme version of the cat eyes set sports a more exaggerated wing flair at the end with shorter lengths closer to the inner eye to greatly enhance that flared wing look.

Cat eye effect can usually be done with usual curls such as C or CC curls. This will give a nice natural eyelash effect. 

For extreme cat eyes, the L curl can be used, as well as M curl in the end. 

Who should wear extreme cat eye

People with almond eyes, round eyes, deep set eyes and droopy eyes are best suited for this kind of set as it elongates naturally round eyes and creates a sensual and enticing look

Lash mapping for extreme cat eyes

Lash mapping for extreme cat eyes

The longest eyelashes are in the outer corner, but we usually put a few lashes that are shorter in the last lash in the corner since they tend to be weaker. 

If you wish to give an even more dramatic cat eye, the outer corner eyelash extensions should be applied on the natural lashes with an angle of 45 degrees. This will ensure a beautiful cat eye effect. 

Now that you know how to create an extreme cat eye set, try it out on customers best suited for them and want a dramatic look for their eyes. They will not be disappointed!

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