Classic and volume lashes: a comparison guide

If you're a beauty junkie, you're blessed to be alive in the modern day. Lash raising or micro-fiber mascaras are now ordinary, and some women even go so far as to get eyelash implants to enhance their eyes further. Lashes can make eyes appear bigger, brighter, and flirtier, all with no effort.

What are Classic eyelash extensions?

Standouts of the lash industry, these extensions are always beautiful and natural-looking. Individually applied Classic lashes are ideal for people who are looking for a more mild and essential eye enhancement. There are a variety of Classic lash materials and styles available, and as a stylist, you should be always happy to discuss your client’s needs to create the perfect set of Classic lashes!

classic and volume lashes

There are three distinct styles of Classic lashes to choose from.

  • Silk Lashes: When it comes to everyday wear, silk lashes are a terrific alternative because they're silky and shiny, and they're ideal for lash novices who want to get a feel for how lash extensions will look and feel.
  • Synthetic Mink Lashes: We tend to apply a few extra faux mink lashes because they are made of artificial fibers that are finer than silk. 
  • Flat Lashes: Those searching for traditional lashes with a little more pop will love the flat lash option, which features eyelashes flatter on the bottom than the rest of them, creating an optical appearance of fuller lashes.

In addition to various lengths and diameters, Classic lashes can also be found in various densities, allowing the artist to create a unique look. Since Classic lashes can be applied naturally or rather thickly, the 1:1 application approach means that people with naturally fine or sparse lashes may be better off looking into the Volume technique.

What are Volume eyelash extensions?

classic and volume lashes

If you've seen models on Instagram with lush, so full they look crazy, lashes, you're probably looking at a Volume set. This technique comes from Russian technicians and involves adding super-light extensions to the natural lashes in the shape of fans. This creates dark strokes of lashes that make an impression. Recent advances in lash technology have made volume lashes the lightest on the market. Most volume fans are made by hand during the appointment. This means that they can make lashes that are truly unique and make the eyes look their best. Fans can be natural Volume, with two or three lashes per fan, or medium volume, with three to five lashes per fan (3D-5D). People with strong eyelashes can create a show-stopping look with complete volume sets. 

Differences between Classic and Volume lashes:

What to choose in Classic vs Volume? This is a question that frequently runs through the thoughts of first-time clients. The most notable difference between the two is the number of artificial lashes applied to each natural lash. A single Classic lash extension is applied to a single natural lash to generate Classic lashes. "Volume lashes" are used to describe the appearance achieved by applying 2 or more eyelash extensions in a fan-like design. The term "Volume lashes" refers to lashes that consist of 2 to 6 separate lashes that are "fanned" out in the same direction and come to a lovely point at the base. In the time between fills, Volume lashes are designed to be larger and thicker.

differences between classic and volume lashes

The following are the two most crucial traits that distinguish lash extensions from one another:

Ratio: Classic eyelash extensions are placed in a 1:1 ratio. One eyelash extension is applied to each natural lash one by one, filling the lash line. On the other hand, Volume eyelash extensions are applied in 1: many ratios.

Thickness: Eyelash extensions come in various diameters  for the Classic style, ranging from 0.10 mm to 0.12 mm for the smallest to 0.20  mm for the largest. On the other hand, a volume set uses many lash extensions in each fan, with each extension being thinner than in a classic set. Lashes in diameters ranging from 0.05 to 0.07 mm for standard volume sets and 0.03 to 0.05 mm for mega Volume sets are commonly used by lash technicians.

classic vs volume eyelash extensions

Prioritize the client's desire to choose the best technique:

There is no "one size fits all" solution when applying eyelash extensions because everyone's eyes are different in terms of their size, shape, depth, and color; therefore, there is no universal method. There is a good chance that eyelashes that look good on a young woman of 19 years old who has a dark complexion would look very different from those that look good on a lady in her mid-50s who has a fair complexion. Because of this, every set of lash extensions is wholly tailored to the individual who will be applying them.

There are typically nine distinct lengths, three different curvature forms, and varied thicknesses, colors , and materials (synthetics or silk) to pick from, which means that there are practically hundreds of different looks and combinations that may be achieved. The clients ought to be given a comprehensive consultation to assist them in selecting their eyelashes; the following are some of the things that we may advise on when choosing eyelash style:

  • In general, the thicker and longer the lashes are, the thicker and longer an extension can be put. There are several different types of eyelash extensions. Natural eyelashes that are very sparse or thin should have a more delicate extension and be shorter not to weigh them down. Lashes that have been curled can add the appearance of fullness without adding too much weight.
  • Individuals who have naturally straighter lashes should go for a curled lash style since it will genuinely make the eyes stand out and raise the natural lash line rather than bring it down.
  • The "cat-eye" appearance, which consists of putting thicker and longer lashes on the outer corner of the eyes, works well for people who have rounder or more enormous eyes. This creates a highly seductive effect by making the eyes appear longer.
cat-eyed map
  • Almond-shaped eyes often do not work well with the cat-eye style; however, they can look stunning when longer lash extensions are put to the middle of the eye to broaden it.
  • Mature women who want to extend their lashes but maintain a natural appearance may choose a more delicate extension type in a shorter length, or even silk extensions, which are delicate and lightweight. Both of these options have the potential to achieve their goals.
  • Coloured highlights are perfect for those who aren't afraid to take risks, but they may also be understated. For example, violet and navy highlights are pretty popular, and colours can be chosen to complement the colour of the wearer's irises.
  • Guys should go for complete sets of lashes with a shorter and more delicate texture.

Make sure to apply your client’s lashes accurately, regardless of which style you believe will complement their appearance. So they remember you as their first priority next whenever they need lash extensions.

Frequently asked questions

1.   Do Volume or Classic lashes last longer?

In Classic vs Volume Lashes, the latter last longer. Volume lashes aren't just for individuals who want super thick lashes; they can also be used to create natural-looking enhancements, which can be great for going on vacation or those who want to look their best daily. Because hand making  fans technique utilized in volume wraps the natural  lashes properly, it means retention is better and lash technicians spend less time spent on infills! Because they are made during the appointment, Volume lashes will adhere to any natural lash, thick or thin, slim or robust, and last longer.

2.   Are flat lashes better than Classic lashes?

A flat lash gives the eye a wispy eyeliner illusion. A Classic lash is more modest and natural-looking. Flat lashes have a more excellent bonding surface, making them more durable. They're also less damaging to the natural lashes because they're lighter. Flat lashes can be used with other styles for added Volume and texture.

3.   Are Volume lashes bad for your lashes?

When placed correctly, eyelash extensions cause no harm to the natural lashes. To avoid injuring natural lashes, lash extensions should be chosen carefully (length and thickness) and applied one at a time to one natural eyelash.

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