CC and D curl lashes: When to choose it

CC and D curls are two curls that have similar points. They both help the eyelashes become attractive, increase openness of the eye, bring attraction to the eye, and are extremely sharp. So are CC curl lashes and D curl the same, or do they still have differences? Read this article to get the right view about CC and D curl lashes. 

CC curl lashes vs D curl

CC curl lashes are an upgraded version of C curl. It is the harmony between C and D curl, which has an average curl between the two.

D curl lashes are ones having 70-degree curl, one of the dramatic curls in eyelash extensions. They create dramatic lash designs like doll eyes and are often used for special occasions and important events.

Application of CC and D curl lashes?

cc and d curl lashes

It isn't easy to distinguish the applicability of these two curls because their curls are almost the same, and their results are not much different. So why do we sometimes use CC curls instead of D curls? And what factors help us make that choice?

The first is naturalness

Despite being curvier than C curl and creating more impression when applied to eyelash extensions, CC curl still retains its inherent naturalness because its curl is moderate and not too dramatic. It is preferred by many lash artists when their clients already have a nice eye shape, helping their lashes become more graceful and look like natural lashes right after the treatment. 

D curl lashes, a charm, and sharp beauty

D curl can conquer any beauty demand, playing an important role in creating an impressive and eye-catching look from the first time. It is also the appropriate curl for sets of lashes for clients who need to attend important events and parties. In addition, clients with a strong personality can also apply D curl eyelashes because it helps them express the character within.

The second is the harmony coming from CC curl

cc curl eyelash extensions

CC curl is the harmony between natural and seductive, standing between C and D curl. Therefore, there are eyelash extensions that only CC curl can handle, such as a client with unclear eyelids who wants to apply a classic style. Not letting her down, CC curl will help her achieve this with eyes much bigger and more lively.

Third, combining with D curl

Rarely C and D curls are combined on the same line of lashes because their curl is quite different. In fact, CC curl lashes and D curls are often mixed and matched because the curl follows each other and increases gradually like the eyelashes on the same natural eyelashes. Therefore, to create a delicate, soft, and distinct beauty, experienced lash artists often combine these two curls to create flawless eyelash sets.

How to choose the right products for CC and D curl lashes?

The first is to choose the material. The first thing to aim for is lightweight and to have a matte black color like natural eyelashes. Next are important specifications such as curl, thickness, and length. As experienced lash artists, you should be familiar with the above information, so we recommend visiting our store with many choices for CC and D curl lashes. Established by an experienced and enthusiastic founder, our products are always guaranteed to be high quality. In particular, the two main product lines are Promade fan and Velvet super mink, where you will easily find the appropriate CC curl vs D curl lashes.

cc curl lashes vs d curl

Besides, you can also purchase trays of mixed lashes or individual lashes with standard specifications. Moreover, we also provide supporting accessories such as collagen eye pads to take care of the eyes for clients, anti-magnetic Silver Collection Tweezers, seasonal glues, etc. All will help you appear to be the professional lash artist that you are within the clients' eyes.

If the cost makes you wonder, don't hesitate to stay in touch with us via email for promotions and discounts. Besides, the after-sales support policy is always there to support you, no matter what is happening in the world.

When it comes to popularity, CC and D curl lashes are two of the most well-used extensions. Therefore understanding them will help gain more expertise in creating the perfect lash lines. And don't forget the important thing: practice makes perfect.

If you have any questions, please share them with us by commenting right below this article. Happy Lashing!

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