Battle of the eyelash extensions: Hybrid vs volume lashes

Your clients will want to know the differences between hybrid and volume lashes. They will want to know what kind of eyelash extension will suit them. How do you respond to show them that you are not biased towards any eyelash extension and show them that each style has its advantages depending on personal preference? It sounds simple, but to answer these questions professionally and satisfy your clients, you have to master the following things.

Hybrid vs. volume lashes: What are the differences?

Currently, hybrid and volume lashes are among the most popular topics for eyelash extensions. They have many similarities, but each type will also have advantages that you should introduce to your clients.

Hybrid: This type of eyelash extension combines classic and volume eyelash extensions. It can cover flaws, enhance the shape of eyelashes and, importantly, keeps the eyes' natural beauty.

Volume: An eyelash extension style that increases the thickness of the lashes. This extension is extremely intricate and improves the condition of sparse eyelashes, and is suitable for participating in events or parties.

The lashing technique of hybrid eyelashes vs volume: The hybrid mainly depends on natural eyelashes and the technician's evaluation. Usually, the ratio is 50:50 or 30:70; it depends on whether the desired result is a soft set of lashes in the center or lashes with prominent highlights in the corners of the eyes.

How about the volume eyelash extension? This lashing technique requires the most experience to combine many lashes on one natural eyelash. This technique also comes from a Russian lash artist, which is also called Russian volume.

So what are the pros and cons of hybrid lashes vs Russian volume?

hybrid lashes vs russian volume

The pros give clients an attractive look, not too dramatic. Therefore, many clients choose hybrid lashes because they can "wear" them for any occasion. In addition, this type of eyelash extension is suitable for nearly all eye shapes and eyelash conditions, particularly sparse and uneven eyelashes. When it comes to Russian volume, people immediately think of a dramatic appearance, which eyelash extension techniques can make. In addition, technicians also combine large curls for clients who want to show their strong personality or sometimes want to create uniqueness with colorful eyelashes next to black ones.

The cons of hybrid lashes vs Russian volume are that the execution time is longer than typical eyelash styles. It can take from 120 minutes to 160 minutes, depending on the complexity of the lashes. These two types of eyelash extensions also have a higher implementation cost. Particularly, hybrid lashes require technicians to be highly qualified, skillful, be flexible, and do not confine themselves to a specific technique or style so that they can unleash creativity.

Hybrid vs volume lashes: Which style to choose?

hybrid lashes vs russian volume

To make the right choice for each client, we need to consider the following factors:

Based on the facial figures of your clients

Good choice for volume lashes:

If your client has a heart-shaped face, the forehead is broad, but the look is slimmer towards the chin. In this case, do not hesitate to recommend volume lashes. The thickness and curl of this eyelash extension make them more luxurious and attractive. Next is the square, angular face and high forehead. Clients with this face shape will need volume lashes to show and enhance their individuality.

The choice for hybrid lashes:

True to the nature of this eyelash extension, a round face will be the first choice! It makes the eyes more sparkling. The eyelashes are, thin, long, and curved, giving the eyes a natural and delicate beauty. In addition, oval faces are also quite suitable for hybrid eyelash extensions. This face shape is almost not picky about any extension. Therefore, a hybrid style will make a brighter and more delicate look.

Based on the natural lashes of your clients:

hybrid lashes vs russian volume

A general rule for both types of hybrid eyelashes vs Russian volume is that clients need to have strong natural eyelashes that are not broken and are not allergic to eyelash extensions products. It is vital for the retention of the set of eyelashes after the treatment.

In addition, thin lashes with lots of space are suitable for hybrid lashes vs. Russian volume. They will help cover imperfections, thicken and create the necessary softness for the eyelashes. The remaining problem is which type of eyelash extension you should choose to suit the needs of each client.

On the contrary, lashes that are too thick and stiff with even lengths are eyelashes that you must consider because thickening or highlighting them is pretty tricky and almost easy to make them look heavy. The advice for you is to increase the opening at the outer corner of the eyes with simpler eyelash extensions.

Based on the eye shapes

We'll have a few shapes of eyes you'll probably see often:

Almond eyes

hybrid lashes vs volume

In our experience, many eyelash extensions artists like this eye shape since it is almost perfect, has symmetry, and the height and width of the eyes are balanced. Therefore, this eye shape is suitable for nearly all types of eyelash extensions.

Lining eyelids and slightly drooping eyelids:

The biggest flaw is opening up the eye, and it will be solved when applying hybrid eyelash extensions to create interlaced lashes. With volume style, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the fan lashes since they can make the eyes heavier.

Round eyes: With this eye shape, eyelash extensions with short, thin, and slightly curved lashes will be more suitable. These eyes inherently have the advantage of very prominent big and round eyes, so you don't need to elaborate too much. It is also why hybrid is the perfect type of extension to apply.

hybrid lashes vs volume lashes

Single eyelid:

The single eyelid has the tiniest opening of all eye shapes and looks very small. Therefore, the eyelash extensions suitable for this eye shape will make the eyes protruding, round, long, seductive, and have more depth. You can easily see this type of eye in Asian clients. For optimal eyelash extensions for a single eyelid, volume style is the ideal choice. However, you can still use a hybrid to create more light in some cases.

Deep-set eyes:

hybrid lashes vs volume lashes

These eyes help to make your face look more profound and more attractive. When applying eyelash extensions for this eye shape, you need to use eyelashes that are long and have a moderate curl. The eyelash extensions will feel the eyes stand out more with this method, helping the face be more balanced.

Comparison table: hybrid vs volume lashes

In summary, let's take a look at the similarities and differences of hybrid lashes vs volume lashes


Hybrid lashes

Volume lashes


It is a pretty creative eyelash extension style because it combines two techniques of volume and classic eyelash extensions.

Easily conceal the flaws of natural lashes.

Suitable for a variety of eye shapes.

Eye-catching, ideal for many styles.

Usually use the ratio 50% classic and 50% volume. However, it can change according to reality.

It takes a lot of time and money.

It is a type of eyelash extension that focuses on creating thickness, attraction, and impression. Fan lashes are the deciding factor for this.

Suitable for clients with strong individuality, like impressions, wishing to participate in parties, events, etc.

Use the method of attaching multiple lashes to one natural lash.

It takes a lot of time and money.









Which style to choose

*Based on the facial figures of your clients:

Round and oval faces are always recommended for hybrid eyelash extensions because it helps to enhance the face shape and preserve the natural look, making a brighter and more delicate face.


Prioritize the heart-shaped face to enhance the elegance of the face, followed by the angular square face.

*Based on the natural lashes of your clients:

Apply for strong eyelashes and no allergies to eyelash extension products

Sparse eyelashes with lots of space.

Do not apply to very thick or horizontal lashes.

* Based on the eye shapes:

Almond eyes.

Lining eyelids and slightly drooping eyelids Round eyes.

Triangle eyes.


Almond eyes.

Lining eyelids and slightly drooping eyelids (pay attention to the thickness).

Deep-set eyes.

Single eyelid.

Above are some sharing of full volume vs hybrid lashes. We hope that it's useful for you. If you have any questions about hybrid lashes vs volume, please feel free to leave a comment below. And don't forget to follow our blog to get more information.

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