A walkthrough of the best synthetic lashes of LLBA

Why are synthetic eyelashes so popular?

Synthetic eyelashes are generally the most preferred and rather popular and eye-catching options for people looking to get lash extensions. If your clients want a soft and silky effect, these are the way to go.

While these best synthetic eyelashes tend to seem less realistic since they are made out of entirely synthetic, this does not mean they will always give an unnatural look. It varies on how many Volumes and curls you use; a Hybrid set will easily make your clients' eyes sparkle. On the contrary, Russian Volume is the best option if your clients want a full-on glam style.

Synthetic lashes are hyped for a reason, as they are available in a broad range of thicknesses and curls and may be applied to seem extremely natural. Professional artists most prefer them because their firmness keeps the curls quite well.

LLBA Handmade Loose Fansbest synthetic lashes

Handmade fans are manufactured by skilled artists, pulling a few extensions from a strip, fanning them using a meticulous technique, and dipping them in glue to make a firm connection without any excess adhesive. Because of it, they are also considerably lighter than other synthetic mink lashes. A single mixed tray of thick eyelash extensions provides a large number of lovely fans! Needless to say, we offer the best handmade fans that lash artists seem to adore the most.

C, D, and CC curl

LLBA Handmade Loose Fan is considered the best synthetic eyelash extension that comes in the most common curl types, for instance, C, D, and CC curls. These curls are possible when the individual lashes of these types of curls are combined with the preferred methods of the lash artist. LLBA has a variety of curls to offer, such as C, CC, D, and L Curls.

C, D, and CC curl

From Russian Volume to Mega Volume (5D to 20D)

Volume lash extensions are a fantastic option for clients who have fewer eyelashes naturally. This type is used to bloom and is ideal for individuals seeking more spectacular or voluminous eyelashes. From Russian Volume to Mega Volume, we offer a varied form that is easy to apply, from 5D to 20D to choose from. 

Velvet Super Mink

Velvet Super Mink

The current craze, velvet lashes, aims to make your eyelashes seem as soft as feathery. And we're having a wonderful time with it! Using Velvet Superminks (find your perfect one here at LLBA if you haven't already) within different sets is the groundbreaking method for eye makeup that may completely change your client's image. Velvet lashes are worth the hype because they provide clients with a mascara-ready, soft, feathery look they adore. Using them within different sets gives a fantastic desirable look.

These best synthetic lashes are extremely natural-looking and have the highest quality possible, and the best part is that they are super dark compared to the ones on the market. Some other best qualities that our Velvet Super Minks possess are that they are super lightweight, water-resistant, have a natural-looking appearance, are cruelty-free, and have longer durability.

Ideal for Classic - Hybrid set or making handmade fans

Super mink velvet lash is often used in Classic - Hybrid eyelash extension sets to give the eyes a fuller and denser look. It's the best synthetic lashes when you want to give your clients a highlighted statement. The individual mink lashes provide a luxurious experience with their deep and rich black tone and silky texture. In addition, the soft and light texture makes it so easy to create handmade fans, which helps you save the cost significantly.

Ideal for Classic - Hybrid set or making handmade fans

C, D, and CC Curl

Like every eyelash fan, Velvet super mink synthetic lash extensions come in various curls like C, D, and CC curls. At LLBA, many curl types are available, including C, CC, D, L, and M curl.

From Classic, Hybrid to Volume

Velvet super mink lash extensions can be applied in multiple types of sets ranging from Classic and Hybrid to Volume. Their material provides a glamorous look yet makes it look natural when used in different mappings. LLBA offers different diameters, for instance, 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, and 0.07 mm for volume sets whereas diameter for classic and hybrid: 0.10, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm.

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