A tutorial for easy fan lashes mixed tray

Easy Fan Lashes are unique extensions with a mild cling coating that helps retain fan shape while enabling the fan to wrap around the lash naturally. These lash trays are made to produce uniform and beautiful fans every time. Individuals can achieve the ideal fan every time by separating tiny groups of lashes in each row. The easy fan lash trays will ensure that you finish a volume set quickly plus these lashes will retain their shape and can be put together similarly to traditional lashes.

Easy fan lashes, when applied, allow the consumer to achieve a flawless look and provide the professional feel of voluminous lashes with minimum input effort. Easy Fan Lashes are self-fanning. They have a smaller base and can be further squeezed upon by pinching the tweezers. Due to their application with minimum glue usage, it gets easier and easier to apply them and stay put together all the time so as to never fall apart or cause any reaction. Easy Volume Lash is developed for professionals who are new to volume lashing or have difficulty making handmade fans.

As self-making fans require high expertise, easy fan lashes most often come in handy as they save a tremendous amount of time. Even though being pretty new to the market, these qualities are why these extensions are becoming more and more popular among lash technicians.

The adhesive lash strip maintains the volume fans in position and protects them from separating at the root, allowing you to tailor the size of the fan. The bottom of the fan is secured with adhesive glue, allowing you to modify it.

Easy fan lashes mixed tray

Easy Fan Lashes are simple to use. Lash artists only need to pick up from the tray and apply them to a single natural eyelash, cutting down on grafting time. These trays come with strands of varying sizes and curl types.

How to use

Easy fan lashes mixed tray

The procedure to apply strands from mixed trays is quite similar to those from single lash trays; one has to pull the strands out of the tray with the help of the tweezers, then apply suitable adhesive in small amounts and then apply it along the lash line.                                                                         

Easy fan single trays

Single strands are bonded and attached at the bottom by a temporary glue that splits when removed but keeps the base intact. These trays include all the strands of the same length.

How to use

To employ, hold the lashes at the root (just above the adhesive line) and pull forward simple removal on narrower fans. Before detaching the strands off the strip, wiggle them backward and forward with wide fans.

How should you use Easy Fans?

Opting for suitable easy fan lashes depends upon the person getting them, as there are two types of trays in which the easy fan lashes come in, i.e. Mixed and single lash trays. Lash artists often prefer mixed easy fan lashes to a single tray.

The criteria for good quality easy fan lash trays:

The following qualities describe the quality of easy fan lashes:

  1.     The Glue Base

The use of eyelash extension adhesive is critical to the proper insertion and durability of false lashes. Easy fan lashes require way less adhesive than regular ones, but they stay intact for a longer period of time due to their light weight.

  1.     The quality of the lash

The quality of the lashes matters a lot. Inexpensive lashes can lose their curls easily. On the contrary, good-quality lashes stay intact for a longer period of time, maintaining their shape for a longer time. Good quality tends to attract clients to choose easy fan lashes.  Good quality attracts clients to choose easy fan lashes.

  1.     Easy to create fans

easy fan lash trays

As the name suggests, Easy fan lashes are pretty easy to create and apply on the lash line. Easy Fan Lashes are single-strand lashes with a minimal adhesive coat that helps preserve fan shape while still letting the fan organically loop around the lash, resulting in a much more solid connection and complete integration.

When it comes to easy fan lash trays, artists always think of a time-saver that allows them to make volume extensions with the input of minimal effort. And with LLBA products, you will have a wide range of selections to choose from, whether the thickness is 0.03mm or 0.07mm, anything to create amazing lash sets. 

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