A Quick Guide to LLBA Easy Fan Lashes

Looking for eyelash extensions that’ll save you time and help you deliver outstanding results to your clients?

LLBA Easy Fan Lashes are just the product you’re looking for!

They’re excellent for beginner users who want to create the perfect fan with little work. They also provide the perfect, professional-quality fan and leave little room for error.

If you want to know if these easy fan lashes suit your client's requirements, here’s a quick guide to these amazing fan lashes and all their key features.

LLBA Easy Fan Lashes

The On-The-Go Mega Volume Fan

LLBA’s iconic range of Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes is the ideal lash extension solution for those who want to achieve dramatic volume.

These easy fan lashes are a breeze to apply even if you have minimal experience, saving time. The lashes are easy to grab and require much less pressure to place correctly.

They come in 16-row lash trays with mixed trays or single-length options, both in three diameters.

Single Lengths

Single-length lash trays offer a variety of diameter sizes between 9mm and 18mm. They’re ideal for creating a natural look.

Mixed Lengths

Mixed tray lengths come with 16-row trays that consist of:

  • 1 row of 9mm fan lashes
  • 1 row of 10mm fan lashes
  • 2 rows of 11mm fan lashes
  • 3 rows of 12mm fan lashes
  • 3 rows of 13mm fan lashes
  • 2 rows of 14mm fan lashes
  • 2 rows of 15mm fan lashes
  • 2 rows of 16mm fan lashes

Mixed-length options are perfect for dialling up the fullness of the lashes and are great for creating dramatic looks.

Easy Fan Mega Volume is quite affordable and provides fantastic value for money.

The On-The-Go Mega Volume Fan

Lightweight Materials

The Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes from LLBA are made with premium quality silk material that is very soft and easily fans out. But the best feature of these fan lashes is that they help create perfect fans with minimal experiences, so you can enjoy making dramatic lash lines without worry.

And despite being fan lashes, they are extremely lightweight, thanks to the range of diameters they’re available in:

LLBA’s Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes are also cruelty-free, so you can put your client’s minds at ease when recommending them.

Lightweight Materials

While it is ideal for matching your client’s eyelash diameter, fan lashes can add a lot of weight to natural lashes. Thankfully, LLBA’s extensions are incredibly light, so there is little to no added strain to your client’s lashes when applied.

We advise considering how much weight you add depending on how thick and strong the natural lashes are.

Beginners and professional artists will love the LLBA Easy Fan Lashes. Professionals can show off their talent without toiling hard during application. And beginner artists can learn and improve their skills.

Premium Dark Matte Finish

These easy fan lashes have a true dark matte finish that gives the eyelashes a soft and natural look—your clients will surely be satisfied with them.

Unlike normal silk material, matte ones don’t have a shine or gloss that makes them look fake.

Different Curls to Choose From

You can choose among the following curl types for your LLBA Easy Fan Mega Volume Lashes:

C Curl

C curls are the most common type of lash extensions. They have a relaxed curl that provides a natural look to the lashes, similar to what you can achieve with a standard lash curler.

C curl is also the most common and popular curl extension for new clients using extensions for the first time. They appear longer than other curl types, making them suitable for deep-set eyes.

D Curl

D curls highlight your clients’ eyes and make them pop. This curl type is dramatic and has more lift than the C type.

It’s best to avoid using D curls on beginner clients because they can appear unnatural at first.

CC Curl

If you want to hit the sweet spot in curl shapes, try CC curls. These provide the best features of the C and D curl types without drawbacks.

LLBA’s curl sets include enough variety to help you create the exact looks your clients want!

CC Curl

The Takeaway

Using LLBA Easy Fan Lashes can help your clients achieve a stunning voluminous look with little effort. The variety of curl types and sizes options is perfect for accommodating clients with different looks and preferences.

Try using one of these trays—you won’t struggle to deliver volume any longer!

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