A quick guide to hybrid lash extensions

Not everyone wants to wear a thick volume set 24/7, so hybrid lash extensions are a perfect choice if your client wants to have an everyday look for work or home. In this article, let's go through a quick guide on how to perform this style and products you can use for good retention.

What are hybrid lash extensions?

Hybrid lash extensions are a perfect combination of classic and volume eyelashes, helping clients get thick lashes at the base without using too many volume lashes. Being a new concept in the lash industry, this style is favored by most clients worldwide. So what does it take to perform a hybrid lash set?

The required skills for hybrid lash extensions

This is not a highly complex lash style, in fact, very few new technicians can confidently perform this type of eyelash extension. It requires them to practice a lot frequently, be knowledgeable and have high aesthetics when receiving requests from clients and have good taste to meet any requests from clients. However, if you do not have much experience, you can refer to some of the tips below:

First, you need to assess the client's natural lashes, make sure it's suitable for hybrid lashes. Check and make sure their natural lashes aren’t broken or too weak or thin. The thickness and number of eyelashes depends on the eye shape and needs of the client. Therefore, you should discuss carefully with them and give the basic outline steps of the type of eyelashes you are about to make to help them visualize more easily and satisfied.

Like other eyelash extensions, you also need to consider the material and type of eyelashes you will use. Flat lashes are what we would recommend to you. It will help you make a difference in performing hybrid lashes, increase the size and thickness, and keep the lightness of the classic eyelash extensions.

hybrid individual lashes

You also need to be mindful of the adhesive for eyelashes. We recommend that you choose the appropriate glue according to the weather, specifically depending on the season because of changes in humidity and temperature. Selecting the suitable adhesive will help enhance your work speed and, more importantly, lash retention.

The lash extensions kit for hybrid lashes 

More than two-thirds of the notes talk about eyelash extensions for hybrid lashes, so whether you are a "newbie" or an experienced eyelash extension artist, you should equip yourself with this professional kit:

The first is eyelash hygiene products. You know, you can't do eyelash extensions until the natural lashes are cleaned. You can refer to "Prolong Cleanser Concentrate." It not only cleans the lashes but is also very popular for its comfortable feeling.

hybrid lashes individual

The second is eye pads: Choose skin-friendly products or more advanced products that can nourish and brighten skin, like LLBA's   Hydro Gel Eye Under Pads. It helps stimulate collagen, blurring dark areas under the eyes, a small tip but in exchange for the client's satisfaction.

individual hybrid lashes

Third, you need specialized tweezers. We have had many cases where the new technicians were miserable when using the wrong tweezers; they could not place the lashes correctly. Therefore, you need to consider the tweezers' height, antistatic ability, and more importantly its comfortability. 

individual lashes hybrid

Fourth, it's the eyelash extensions. On the market today, there are many choices for this product with various materials such as mink lashes, artificial eyelashes, silk eyelashes, etc. However, for hybrid lashes, you still need flat lashes, and not all manufacturers have all the sizes and curls for you to choose from. Check our store for the products you can use for this look.

The fifth is appropriate glue. As shared above, hybrid lashes or any other type of extension need the adhesion of the eyelashes. If you are not familiar, choose seasonal adhesives! At LLBA, we recommend using "Speedy" glue in cold and dry environments since the glue dries quickly in only 0.5 - 1s; otherwise, use "La Magnétique," a slower drying glue, for hot and humid weather. In addition, you should also change the glue regularly, at least three times per hour.

individual lashes hybrid

The sixth is the lash map. Please put it on the lash pad for easy manipulation! For many professional lash artists, sometimes they won't need this tool, but for beginners, don't hesitate to use a lash map because it helps you to finish faster and more accurately.

In addition, you also need a lash mirror, disposable dental bibs, cotton swabs, etc. You can find them at LLBA with a wide variety of products. Don't forget to follow our website to get promotions!

A step-by-step to do hybrid lash extensions

Step 1: Check and clean the client's eyelashes, make sure their natural eyelashes are healthy enough and not irritated with any eyelash extension products.

Step 2: Choose the correct eyelashes for the client and draw an appropriate map. Accordingly, you can consider the following parameters: commonly recommended diameters are 0.15 mm and 0.18 mm, lengths are from 8 mm to 12 mm, suitable curls are C, CC and D curl. These indicators can also be applied to flat lashes.

Step 3: Fix the lashes to conduct the treatment depending on the eye shape and actual requirements of the client to perform. However, it should be noted that this is a combination of classic and volume but still prioritizing naturalness, so you should distribute appropriate ratios.

Step 4: Check and reshape the new set of lashes. Wipe off the excess glue, make sure the base of the eyelashes is clean and will not cause discomfort to the client's eyes.

Step 5: Instruct them to take care of eyelash extensions at home, make an appointment to see them after 2-3 weeks to check the eyelash extensions.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you be more confident with the lashes hybrid. Follow our blog for more lashing tips.

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