A guide to long eyelash extensions: size matters

Does your client find themselves too lazy or squeezed for time to apply mascara to their lashes every morning? Or are your clients looking for those stunning, curly long eyelashes that celebrities have? In any case, long lash extensions could be the answer to achieving that desired attractive look. Choosing the right length is one of the most important things you can do as a lash artist. It would be best if you determined the appropriate length for long eyelash extension firsthand. The entire process will be compromised if done incorrectly. Most lash salons offer long eyelash extensions ranging from 9 mm to 20 mm, allowing clients with a wide range of natural lash types to be incorporated.

Remember to get long lash extensions if they already have long, thick lashes and shorter if they have weak natural lashes (the 3mm rule). Check to see if the client's natural lashes can withstand the weight of the long eyelash extensions. Sometimes pairing lengths are insufficient. To produce long-lasting effects, you will need to calculate the extensions' mass and radius.

The client's preference is necessary

Decide if your client prefers length and volume in extensions. We at LLBA like to use the illustration of a bouquet for the fans of lash extensions. When lash stems are long, they protrude from the base of the lash line, and there is much space between each lash, making the arrangement appear sparse yet wholesome. The perfect lashes can significantly change your client's overall appearance. We recommend that you choose a lash length based on your client's natural lash length as well as their preferred look. 

The client's preference is necessary

For example, lash extension lengths ranging from 11-14mm are for a delicate but alluring effect. This length will give your client magnificent volume while upholding their physical feature

The 3 mm rule

If you choose the incorrect length of eyelash extensions, it may damage your client's natural lashes. They will also make them feel unhappy and may make the eyes appear weird. It's also possible that the lashes are overly heavy, inhibiting lash follicles from producing healthy lashes. The rule of thumb for selecting eyelash extensions should be 3mm-5mm longer than your client's natural lashes. In addition, long eyelash extensions can permanently weaken hair follicles, resulting in shortened, thinner natural lashes.

Extended or lengthy lash extensions can ultimately damage follicles if used for an extended period. The 3mm rule is a guideline that emphasizes the importance of protecting your client's natural lashes. Referring to this rule, your clients should have lash extensions 3mm longer than their natural lashes and not more than that.

Variety of LLBA long lashes

At LLBA, you can get a number of long lashes, which are precisely what your clients want and are super cute. These include: 

Flat lashes

  • Flat lashes: Flat lashes are a type of extensions with a flat base. They're also referred to as ellipse lashes, offering several advantages over traditional lashes. Because of their larger bonding surface, flat lashes have higher retention. They're also lighter, which means they won't harm your clients' natural lashes. 

Flat lashes are intended to be used with other lashes to add volume and fullness. LLBA offers lash artist single-size flat lashes trays and flat lashes mixed trays. LLBA's flat lashes single-size trays range from 0.12 to 0.20 diameters.

  • Flat lashes mixed tray includes 8mm (1 row), 9mm (1 row), 10mm (2 rows), 11mm (2 rows), 12mm (2 rows), 13mm (2 rows), 14mm (1 row), 15mm (1 row)
  • True black is the colour of this item.
  • Widths: 0.12, 0.15, 0.18, 0.2 
  • Curls: C, CC, D, DD. Each tray of flat lashes contains 12 rows and more than 3000 lashes.

Velvet Super mink

  • Velvet Super mink: LLBA provides Velvet Super mink lashes which are matte black with a rich sheen with 2mm glue solely on the line, easy peel-off lashes on the strip.
  • With 16 lash lines per tray, this is a pocket-friendly option.
  • Water-resistant lashes.
  • Curls C, CC, and D are available.
  • Various lengths: 7-15 mm
  • Diameter: 0.03 - 0.15 mm 

Our velvet super mink lashes are formaldehyde-free and latex-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Easy fan

  • Easy fan: Easy Fan Lashes are one-of-a-kind extensions with a little cling coating that helps maintain the fan shape while allowing the fan to wrap around the lash naturally. These lash trays are designed to make lovely fans consistently. By dividing little groups of lashes in each row, clients could get the perfect fan every time. These easy fan lash trays will let lash techs complete a volume set efficiently, and these lashes will hold their structure and be applied in the same way as regular lashes.
  • Material: Dark matte silk material with actual dark colour.
  • 16-row lash trays in C and D curls are available.
  • It offers a matte finish and is exceptionally flexible, time-saving, and cost-effective.
  • Tray lengths vary.
    • 9mm(1row) - 10 mm (1 row)
    • 11 mm (2 rows) -12 mm (3 rows) -13 mm (3 rows)
    • 14 mm (2 rows) -15 mm (2 rows) -16 mm (2 rows) 

Head bonded

  • Head bonded: Synthetic mink lashes are used to make heat bond lashes neatly stacked in trays. The fans are heat bonded, and each tray contains 12 rows. The sizes range from 9mm to 15mm. This upscale product is a good choice if you're concerned about your clients' lashes or want to keep them healthy.
  • Pre-made heat bonded volume fans in a tray contain 12 rows with 240 fans per tray.
  • It contains ultra-fine, high-quality lashes that are simple to apply.
  • Curls: C and D
  • Thickness: 0.07- 0.10 mm
  • Length: 9mm to 15mm

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