A complete how-to for hybrid lashes open eyes

When it comes to a modern but natural lash style for our clients who love the lightness, we are talking about open eyes. It is a type of eyelash extension that when someone hears the name; you will immediately think of stunning "open" eyes, big and full of attraction. If you combine it with a hybrid to create a hybrid lashes open look, you are giving your clients a new breeze in creating a beautiful, impressive and eye-catching lash style!

What are open-eyes hybrid lashes?

Open-eyes eyelash extension accentuates the center of the eye by adding more lashes and increasing the length within the center and tapering off at each end of the eyes to create symmetry. Traditionally, this style uses lashes about 8 mm long for the corners 12 to 14 mm for the center of the eye.  When  combined with hybrid lashes to create open-eyes hybrid lashes, we still need to keep the above specifications but increase the appropriate thickness to create highlights for the lashes. You will see that the eyes are wider but also quite sharp. The ideal curl for this style is usually CC, D, DD, but you can use a more significant curl in some cases, and remember to consider carefully!

hybrid lashes open eye

Who should choose open-eye hybrid lashes?

Open eye hybrid lashes will help the eyes look dazzled, balanced and rounder. With this type of eyelash extension, we recommend applying it to small eyes and long eyes, and almond eyes. However, if your clients have big, round eyes, the open-eye mapping will not be the right fit for them. 

In addition, clients whose own eyelashes that are too thin and weak are not suitable for this type of eyelash extension. You can try starting off with a classic set using our flat lashes. 

A quick tutorial to hybrid lashes open eye

hybrid lashes open eye

A set of hybrid eyelashes with an open eye mapping is not a complicated technique. You need to master the two essential eyelash techniques which are, Classic and Volume, with the skill to combine them seamlessly. You will also need to accurately determine the client's eye shape, curl and health of the natural eyelashes. Pay attention since this will significantly affect the durability of the eyelashes after treatment!

You need to use Classic lashes as the base of the set and Volume to create thickness and sharpness for the lashes.  The maximum length of the lashes in the center is 12 to 14 mm and gradually decreases to 8 mm at the two corners. The curls recommended by experts are CC, D, DD. 

In terms of thickness,  depending on the client's requirements to choose thicknesses of 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, and 0.07 mm for volume. A small note is that you should not abuse the thickness, otherwise it will be heavy on the eyes. For classic, you can use thicknesses of 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm. 

This is a natural style of eyelash extensions, so prioritize the ultra-light, smooth, matte black lashes similar to natural lashes. Among materials of eyelash extensions, silk or faux mink lashes can best meet this requirement.

After eyelash extensions:

  • Don't forget to double-check the set of lashes you've just completed.
  • Adjust the eyelash direction to achieve a flush eyelash base, avoiding creating an uncomfortable feeling to the client's eyes.
  • Do not forget to remind them how to take care of their lashes to ensure retention, such as limiting direct exposure to water, cleaning eyes and eyelashes regularly and avoiding oil-based products.
  • They should have their lashes refilled after 3 to 4 weeks.

LLBA products you can use for this set

We are always determined to accompany you on the path as a professional eyelash extension technician by bringing the most high-end, diverse and cost-effective products. Here are some products you can refer to for hybrid lashes, open eye sets in particular and eyelash extensions in general.

Flat lashes: With a flat design at the base and tapering at the end, this lash style helps you create beautiful, thick and black lashes. This product is best suited for the classic eyelash extension technique. Flat lashes are available in various mixed and single lengths with different diameters such as 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20mm and suitable curvatures.

hybrid lashes open eye

Velvet Super Mink Lashes: This is one of our best sellers! With super-light, smooth, and natural-looking mink lashes, it's preferable by millions of clients. The durability of eyelashes is also higher than similar products. The product does not cause irritation to the user, is budget-friendly and saves time on eyelash extensions for the performer.

Eyelash extension adhesives: Surely, this is a must-have thing in the bag of an eyelash extension artist. If you are a "newbie" in this beauty industry, you need a specialized glue named "Hook-up", perfect for Classic or Volume lashing techniques. If you are a professional technician, "Speedy" 0.5 seconds, an extremely fast-drying glue, will be ideal for you.

hybrid lashes open eye

Hydro Gel Eye Under Pads: With a unique design to help stimulate the skin's collagen production, the product helps to brighten the skin under the eyes. This feature will surely make your clients satisfied when they both own beautiful eyelashes and have the skin under their eyes taken care of. We have various designs of the pads for your clients to choose from. 

Lash Mirror: While brushing the client's eyelashes, use Lash Mirror to observe the front of the lashes. It is a tool to help you feel more secure about every corner of their lash set, ensuring even, beautiful without asking your client to open their eyes. 

hybrid lashes open eye

The following product is a Lash map sticker: This is a great assistant for new technicians. It should be placed on the eye pad and help you with mapping. The reason is all information and parameters are shown clearly on this sticker so that you will not miss out on any points when performing eyelash extensions.

Finally, we have a Disposable Value Pack Dental Bib: This product makes you a pro at keeping things clean and tidy. They're waterproof and come in various sizes, so you're free to choose from.

Not only the products just listed, but you will also have many other options at competitive prices at LLBA. Be sure to get in touch with us to bring perfect hybrid lashes and open eyes to your clients.

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