A complete guide to full set hybrid lash

Nowadays, eyelash extensions have become a continuous upward beauty trend of beauty lovers worldwide. Along with this outstanding development, lash artists have not stopped creating; they continue to learn and combine eyelash extension methods to meet all clients' needs, creating perfect beauty for eyelashes. Hybrid full set eyelash extensions are one of the eyelash extensions styles that demonstrate that non-stop learning..

How do full-set hybrid lashes look?

eyelash hybrid set

As we all know, a hybrid eyelash set is a set of eyelash extensions made from two basic extension methods consisting of Classic and Volume styles. This helps clients who wear hybrid lashes have long and natural lashes that cover up imperfections of their natural lashes and enhance their beauty. The gaps of sparse lashes are also filled with new fan lashes that have softness and flexibility but are not too sharp like a normal volume set.

Personalization is something that few extensions have like the eyelash extensions hybrid set because it is not limited or has a specific rule. The technician almost relies on the client's natural eyelashes to perfect and develop this type according to each client. This is a plus to help hybrid set eyelashes quickly win the heart of millions of clients.

Who is the best to wear hybrid full set lashes?

full set hybrid lashes

According to our research, clients with sparse lashes and lots of space on their natural lashes will gain the most from a hybrid set. It will help them cover the flaws of natural eyelashes perfectly with thicker lashes and add a unique highlight.

Next are the clients with drooping eyelids or long but small eyes. Hybrid full set lash extensions with reasonable curl will create an opening for the eyes and the eyelashes will become balanced, creating a seamless feeling and attracting the eye. That's an impressive change, isn't it?

You can also use hybrid full-set eyelash extensions for clients with monolids or almond eyes. For ladies with single eyelids, lined eyelids, the alternating, curved and thickened eyelashes help their eyes have more energy. Particularly for almond-shaped eyes, the eye shape is almost suitable for all types of eyelash extensions, there will be no problems when you apply hybrid full set eyelashes.

However, there are some eye shapes that you need to consider carefully: eyes that are too big and round or eyes that are too deep. In this case, hybrid lash sets can still be performed but you need to pay attention to the thickness and degree of curl to avoid imbalance.

The best products you will need for hybrid set eyelash extensions

hybrid eyelash set

There will be many things you need to prepare for a full set of hybrid lashes. However, after filtering, we will suggest to you the most basic and necessary products in the eyelash extension process. Let’s discover!

Firstly, it is eyelash hygiene products: These products help you clean your client's lashes, separate them and make sure they don't stick together during the process.

The second one is eyelashes: There are many types of eyelashes on the market with different materials such as real mink lashes, silk lashes, artificial mink lashes, real hair lashes etc… With our experience, we recommend using artificial mink lashes products since they are super light, budget-friendly, less irritating to clients’ eyes as well as eco-friendly. At LLBA, artificial mink lashes are available in a full range of mixed and single thicknesses, extremely natural colours like natural lashes.

hybrid full set eyelash extensions

Next, we also need adhesive products: You can find specialized glues for hybrid set lash extensions. However, if you are new or inexperienced, choose for yourself the glue that can help you best or the seasonal glue.

Fourth, tweezers for picking and attaching lashes: Choose the type of tweezers that work best for you, the one you feel comfortable using. One tip is to prioritize anti-static and anti-magnetic materials and easy-to-operate height. Try to refer to the Gracie Silver Collection Tweezers!

hybrid full set eyelash extensions

Fifth, we have eye pads: There are not many requirements for this product, you just need to pay attention to the size and user-friendliness. A surprise for both you and your clients is that if you choose LLBA's Hydrogel under eye pads, this product has the ability to stimulate collagen production for the skin under the eyes, making them brighter! Your clients will be extremely satisfied with both beautiful eyelashes and improved dark circles.

hybrid full set eyelashes

In addition, LLBA Professional also provides specialized eyelash extension products such as brushes, cleaning tools, dental bibs, etc. You can refer to LLBA's website to choose the products you like at competitive prices.

How about the aftercare process of hybrid full-set eyelash extensions?

After completing the hybrid full set eyelash extensions, do not forget to teach your clients the following important eyelash care steps! We have:

  • Do not be exposed directly to water for the first 24 hours after the treatment.
  • When sleeping, do not sleep face down on the pillow
  • Don't rub the eyes
  • Do not use oil-based eyelash care products, do not apply mascara
  • Use a specialized eyelash brush. They should use this tool to gently brush their eyelashes every day.
  • Remind them to come back to check the lashes after 2-3 weeks even if they think the lashes are still beautiful and not broken.

Abov e is some sharing about hybrid sets of lashes and good tips for you in eyelash extension in general. Hope that you can find useful information for your career path from this article! If you have any questions about lashing techniques or wonder about appropriate products, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, we are willing to reply to you. And do not forget to follow our blog to get more interesting information!

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