A beginner guide to hybrid eyelash extensions

The long lashes trend can never go out of fashion. They are also a mark of high beauty standards. There are many sizes and styles to put an extension on eyelashes. But the hybrid lashes are the most popular ones.

Most of the clients want long-dense dramatic lashes while remaining natural-looking. So for this reason the hybrid pair of lashes is a perfect option. Because they are the best of both worlds. 

What are hybrid lashes?

To your knowledge, we can say that hybrid eyelash is a customized combination of Classic and Volume extensions. It creates an artistic and natural look of both worlds.

There are fewer gaps between lashes than Classic lashes. That’s why hybrids are mostly preferred by many clients. Hybrid ones are best for an everyday glamor look.

How to do a Hybrid set?

How to do a Hybrid set?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are more textured than Classic. So according to the client’s demand, you can add 50% Classic and 50% Volume. But if they want a denser hybrid then you should go for 30% Classic and 70% Volume to achieve the required results. Before doing a hybrid extension, keep some points in mind:

  • Examine the face and eye length of the client. Select the lash map according to the requirement of the client.
  • First of all, you have to put the Classic lashes with the natural ones. Put Classic extensions to give length to lashes and leave some space for Volume. Our suggestion is to use 0.15mm diameter lashes. You can find some here.
  • Then put the Volume extensions by the mapping. Make a fan or use a premade fan to put it into the natural lashes. Use 0.07mm diameter lashes that naturally add density. You can either hand make your fans or buy them pre-made here.
  • Give a perfect set on their eyelashes that is good for an everyday look.
  • That’s it.

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Can I choose any mappings?

Can I choose any mappings ?

Firstly, determine the shape and size of your client’s eye. Discuss with them what type and style of lashes they want. Then you can go ahead with the mapping, such as baby doll eyes or cat eyes for a hybrid look. To maintain the consistency of eyelashes, use the same type of curls and thickness for both Classic and Volume lashes.

If the client has hooded eyes, then try to use the open eye mapping because it will go with their eyes. At the same time, almond eyes can opt for any style like a baby doll or fox eyes mapping etc. Be a little technical to handle the hybrid lash style and create a mesmerizing lash look for your client.

The lash extension should be greater in length than the natural one. But the diameter of lashes must be the same as that of natural lashes or you can use thicker synthetic lashes if it suits the client.

The eye shape will remain the same while adding hybrid eyelashes to it. Everything is based on mapping, if it goes well then you can give a perfect everyday look to the client and satisfy them.

For more information, read out the Kim K eyelash look. It will help you give a bigger and more natural look to clients’ eyes.

How much should I charge for a hybrid set?

How much should I charge for a hybrid set?

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of Classic and Volume lashes. So it will take more time than Classic extensions but less than Volume extensions. It takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours maximum to do a hybrid set of extensions, depending on the technique you are using and how thick it goes. You can set charges by your effort and time taken to do a hybrid set. approximate charges of hybrid lash set are around $170-$190.

How to take care of hybrid lashes?

How to take care of hybrid lashes?

Lash extensions need proper care. You must advise the client to take good care of them. Sometimes the first 24 hours are critical. Tell them to avoid following things while having a lash extension.

  1. Don’t take a hot shower unless the glue gets completely dry.
  2. Don’t use mascara on the lash extension.
  3. Avoid using a curler because it weakens the extensions.
  4. Do not frequently touch the lashes.
  5. Sleep straight or on the sides.

Does it fit everyone?

Does it fit everyone?

It all depends on the size and style your client chooses. If hybrid lashes are applied correctly according to the eye's shape, then they are the best option. If their natural lashes are already dense then the hybrid will be a perfect choice.

But on the other hand, if the client wants a full dense look for their eyelashes. They may not like the hybrid one and go for Volume eyelashes. Now it’s up to you how you convince your client and explain the style that suits them the most.

Ask them about their choice and the image they have in mind. Give them suggestions according to their eye shape. Tell the benefits of hybrid lashes that it goes to their everyday look.

What is the difference between Classic, Volume, and hybrid eyelash extensions ?

What is the difference between Classic, Volume, and hybrid eyelash extensions?

When it comes to density, Classic extensions are less dense than any other lashes. The Volume extensions are higher in density while a Hybrid is a mixture of these two. For example, one extension is applied to the natural lash in the Classic set, while two lashes are applied to a single natural lash in a Volume set. In contrast, Hybrid is a combination of Classic and Volume.

Similarly, less time is taken to do Classic lashes: 90 -120 minutes, Volume lashes take greater time: 120 - 180 minutes, Hybrid lashes take anywhere from 120 - 160 minutes.

Now it is up to the clients, what style they love. Style them according to the budget and desired look. Keep in mind that if they want denser eyelash extension, then the Hybrid style is the best option.

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