7 basic steps of the extension eyelash procedure

Extension lashes:

Lash extensions are silk or synthetic strands applied on the clients' natural lashes strand by strand to give them the desired look lasting up to 3 to 4 weeks. 


Before putting on eyelash extensions, the professional ought to go over all of the concerns and perks, as well as any issues clients have that might make lash extensions problematic for them. Some necessary basic measures are taken before the beginning of the application process, such as the removal of the makeup.

Decide on the length and curl:

It is important, and the entire process of getting extension lashes depends on this crucial part. First, it depends on the client whether they want to go with a subtle or dramatic look for the eyes. Then it is the task of the lash expert to suggest the appropriate length and curls for the distinct look that the client is going for. Length varies throughout the eyelids; it is not the same all over the eye. For instance, the shorter extension eyelash is placed on the inner, medium length in the middle, and the longer extension eyelashes are placed on the outer corner of the eye. 

Cleansing the eye area:

Cleansing the eye area

After deciding on the length and curl that the client wants, it is now time that you make your client lie down comfortably and clean the eye area with wipes to get rid of any dirt, oil, makeup, mascara, etc., as it will be helpful in putting the extension lashes in place without any difficulty. Next, use a micro swab to apply the pre-treatment to the client's eyes. This step ensures that the eyelashes are smooth and clean of any cosmetics or hidden residues from makeup removers.

Applying the tape and eye gels:

The application of extension lashes is a long process that usually takes more than 1 to 2 hours, depending upon the client's look, i.e., subtle or dramatic. Keeping that in mind, the lash expert should prepare accordingly. Before starting the application of extension eyelashes, an artist should apply under-eye gel to the lower lashes to keep them out of the way during the process. It would also provide a contrasting white background against which it would be much easier to apply extension eyelashes to the upper eyelid. Also, it depends upon the eye shape of the client, according to which the lash artist chooses to use tape or eye pads under the eye.

Applying the tape and eye gels

The lash expert should make sure that the eye tape or eye gel placement isn't quite so near to the client's eye waterline. If not correctly positioned, this will most likely cause discomfort to the client's eyes during the application process. The distance from the bottom eyelid should be at least 1 mm.


After preparing the entire procedure, it is now time to begin the actual application of the extension lashes to the eyes. The lash artists use tweezers to pick the extension eyelash and then dip it into the glue before applying it to the client's natural eyelashes. In most circumstances, one eyelash extension is put per natural eyelash. However,  lash artists might apply fan lashes (2D - 20D) depending upon the clients' demand, whether they desire a dramatic or subtle look.

extension eyelash

Insert each eyelash extension simply at the tip into the glue. When it comes to eyelash extensions, less is more: excessive adhesive can cause the extensions to cluster together, which is evident when the extensions begin to grow out and cause irritation. The glue on the eyelash extension should not be visible. Dip it and position it on the eyelid.


Although the adhesive dries rapidly, lash artists should let the clients know to be careful when opening their eyes. They can(use a tiny, portable fan to speed up the drying period of the glue, or opt to let the adhesive cure naturally.) speed up the drying time by using a tiny, portable fan or letting the adhesive cure naturally. Make sure that the eyes of the client are still closed at this point.

Using a Nano or super bonder accelerates the curing process. These two curing procedures will allow artists to apply eyelash extensions in as little as four hours. Super bonder cures immediately while nano bonder enhances the cure time.

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