5 Henna Brow Aftercare Tips for Your Clients

Henna brows are all the rage in the beauty industry and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s a simple, non-invasive, and natural treatment that provides fuller and denser brows to frame the eyes.

Henna brows are gentle on the skin as they use plant-based ingredients. With the right eyebrow henna aftercare, they can last for six to eight weeks.

So, how can you make your henna brow last longer? 

Allow us to walk you through all the important tips for brow henna aftercare. You can share these with your clients so they can maximize results and appreciate your services even more.

5 Henna Brow Aftercare Tips for Your Clients

5 Henna Brow Aftercare Tips for Your Clients

Most henna brow aftercare tips focus on reducing the eyebrows’ exposure to harsh chemicals and elements. This means that clients should be asked to evaluate their skincare regimen, habits, and the products they use regularly.  

1. Keep Them Dry

Advise your clients to keep their eyebrows completely dry for at least 12 hours after the treatment. This will keep the henna from being washed off. If they can keep their brows dry for 48 hours, even better. 

Since they have to keep it dry, your clients should avoid taking baths, showers, or washing their faces for 24 to 48 hours. They should also avoid sweating since it can cause henna brows to fade faster. It's advisable to ask them to refrain from rigorous, intense exercise and other activities that make them sweat. 

Even after the 48-hour window, they should stick to shorter showers. This will help them cut down on the amount of water that comes in contact with the brows and help the color last longer. They should also avoid swimming in saltwater and chlorinated pools since it can accelerate fading.

2. Use Oil-Free Products

Use Oil-Free Products

While they can use clear brow gel, your clients should avoid using makeup or use minimal makeup during the first 48 hours after the treatment. Makeup and antibacterial soap, especially those with harsh chemicals, can ruin brand-new henna brows.

Even after the first 48 hours are over, your clients should carefully check the cosmetics they use around the brow area. Ideally, they should opt for oil-free skincare and beauty products since oil can break down the chemical bonds in henna and make it fade more quickly. Products that are safe to use include gentle cleansers and toners without any alcohol in them. 

3. Avoid Touching the Brows

Avoid Touching the Brows

Our next henna brow aftercare tip is to avoid touching or rubbing the henna brows and the area around them. This is to be especially avoided during the first 24 to 48 hours post-treatment since henna takes that long to properly develop.

Touching the brows with the fingers or even a cotton pad during the 48-hour window can cause henna to fade faster. This may require your clients to have their henna brows retouched or reapplied more often than necessary. 

4. No Brow Waxing or Exfoliation

Waxing and exfoliating can significantly affect how long henna brows last. 

Facial scrubs, chemical, and physical exfoliants should not be used on the brows and the region around them. Anti-aging products must also be avoided because they typically have chemical exfoliants that promote cellular turnover, causing henna to fade faster. 

Saunas and steam can also speed up the natural fading process. Other things to be avoided are bleaching agents and other substances with harsh chemicals. 

If possible, your clients must avoid applying skincare or beauty products to the brows directly.

5. Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

As long as your clients have henna brows, it’s a good idea if they avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is because excessive exposure to the sun can cause a chemical reaction that causes the henna dye to fade or lighten. 

However, this doesn’t mean they can’t go outside. There are measures they can take to maintain their brows. Simple practices like wearing sunglasses and a hat can protect their brows and keep the pigment intact.


Your clients will want to preserve their henna brows for as long as possible. As the professional who provided them with the service, you’ll also want to make sure that your work stays intact for the maximum length of time. 

Sharing these henna brow aftercare tips with your clients will allow them to get the most bang for their buck. And increase their satisfaction with you while cementing your role as a credible authority on the matter. 

With a little extra care and patience, you and your clients can enjoy the wonderful and flattering long-lasting results of henna brow tints.


When Should My Clients Re-dye Their Henna Brows?

Henna brows are a semi-permanent brow enhancement treatment that lasts for a long time. How fast the dye fades depends on factors such as the client’s skin type, if they practiced the right aftercare tips, the type of dye used, if they have skin conditions, and more. 

In general, the dye stays on for six to eight weeks, so a good rule of thumb is to have them come in for touch-ups after that period. You can also ask them to get their brows retouched when they notice that the henna has begun to fade. 

What Henna Brow Tint Can You Recommend?

What Henna Brow Tint Can You Recommend?

LLBA’s BrowXenna Collection is a leading, long-lasting dye with 12 shades that complement different hair colors and skin tones. Manufactured in Russia and designed exclusively for eyebrows, BrowXenna provides professional, salon-quality results.

It comes with an easy-to-use applicator that makes applying brow henna convenient and fuss-free.

BrowXenna features a natural and vegan formula with the lowest concentration of PPD (paraphenylenediamine). It’s cruelty-free and can boost hair regeneration by up to 60%. 

How Long Should Henna Sit on Brows?

Despite the fact that henna is derived from plants, the dye is surprisingly potent and leaves an intense color. It’s thus important to ensure that it doesn’t sit on brows for too long. You can leave it in for ten minutes and no more than 20 minutes. The longer you wait before removing it, the darker the tint.

If it’s your first time applying henna on a customer’s brows, you’ll want to leave it in for a shorter amount of time until you get a better idea of how their skin and hair react with the dye.

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