5 Cleansing Tips While Wearing Eyelash Extensions

Aftercare is essential for maintaining eyelash extensions and increasing their longevity. One of the simplest ways to do this is to ensure your clients are cleansing properly. 

Dirt, grime, and oils from cosmetic products, as well as natural skin oils, can affect eyelash extensions. If not cleaned regularly, oils build up and chip away at the eyelash adhesive, making the lashes look unkempt. 

Here are five simple but effective you should share with your clients for cleansing lash extensions:

1. Avoid Oil-based Cleansing 

Oils are the enemy of eyelash adhesives as they can cause them to fall off prematurely. So, oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, and other cosmetics that contain oil must be avoided at all costs. Natural skin oils  can also build up on the lashes and loosen the lash adhesive.

The best products for cleaning eyelashes are unscented and do not irritate the eyes. It’s best to use special lash extension cleansers to keep the lashes soft and hydrated. They get rid of all the buildup makeup and oil leaving them clean while reducing the chances of an infection.

LLBA Lash Foam Cleanser

One such excellent product is the  LLBA Lash Foam Cleanser. It is a gentle makeup remover for people with eyelash extensions and works well with every glue (except Dark Matter). 

Avoid Oil-based Cleansing

The gentle cleanser cleanses the dirt and oils, including waterproof makeup, without dehydrating the skin or the lashes. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin,  and works as pre- and post-treatment. 

2. Brush With A Spoolie

An eyelash spoolie, also known as an eyelash wand or eyelash brush, is a must-have for lash extensions as well as natural lashes. Brushing the lashes after applying makeup, for example, will remove all the powdered residue that has settled on the lash line. It’s also a good idea to brush the lashes before applying mascara to prevent lashes from clumping together. 

Brush With A Spoolie

Gently brushing the lashes improves their overall appearance and makes them look fuller and more polished while also helping extend the life of eyelash extensions. Combing your lashes after cleaning them will also remove any leftover residues of makeup, dirt, and skin cells. 

3. Wash Your Face In Sections

Once you have successfully removed all the makeup and impurities from your eye area, you can remove makeup from your face. But make sure you do not splash water on your lashes. It’s best to clean your face in sections. 

Divide the face into two sections — down from your cheekbones and up from your brow line. You can wash the first section as you normally would. Just ensure you do not get any cleanser on your lashes. For a more controlled approach, use a wet cloth. 

Wash Your Face In Sections

The next part near your browline requires more care. You need to ensure that water does not drip down to the lashes. Foam your cleanser in your palms and gently massage it onto the area. Make sure it is not too watery and has a thick foaming solution. Then, take a round facial sponge and run it under the tap. Squeeze the excess water, so the sponge is damp enough to remove the cleanser. Repeat till all the product is removed. 

4. Pat Dry

Once your lashes and face are clean, you can dry your face. Use a clean, dry, absorbing cloth and gently pat it on your face, avoiding areas near your eyes. 

Many people also use a spoolie, which aids in removing moisture accumulated on the lashes. 

5. Use Eyelash Sealer 

An eyelash sealer protects the lash extensions and adhesive from moisture and oil accumulating right after a skincare routine. 

Use Eyelash Sealer

The  LLBA Coating Sealant for extensions is an excellent choice for an affordable but highly effective eyelash sealer. It is carefully formulated to help improve the longevity of lash extensions. It protects the lashes from dust, dirt, oils, and skincare or makeup products that break down eyelash adhesive, thus increasing its longevity. 

Using an eyelash sealer is especially recommended for people with oily skin, who sweat a lot, go swimming, or live in areas of high humidity. 


Lash extensions are delicate and need proper aftercare. Cleansing and gentle products on the lashes, such as those from LLBA, are simple yet effective tips that will help keep your eyelash extensions looking better for a long time. 

Maintaining eyelash extensions is important if you want to extend their longevity and keep them looking good as new!

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