4 Tips When Perform Lash Lift On Short Lashes

Lash lifts are extremely popular among those who wish to enhance their natural lashes and make their eyes pop with minimal hassle. 

Often, people have long lashes but they may droop down or are straight, making them look shorter or lack a defined curl. And even though lash lifts can be great options for such clients, those with short lashes can also benefit from a lash lift. 

Moreover, while lash extensions are one option, they can be a little over-the-top and require more upkeep as compared to lash lips. This is why people often prefer a lash lift despite the shorter length of their lashes. 

If you think performing a lash lift on short lashes is a challenge, we’re here to help you out! Here are four tips to help you give your clients the perfect lash lift for short lashes!

Short Lashes Lash Lift: 4 Tips For The Perfect Eyelash Lift On Short Eyelashes

When it comes to performing lash lift short lashes can be a bit tricky to work with. However, these 4 tips will ensure that your next lash lift and tint on short lashes goes off without a hitch!

1. The Ideal Length: 4mm

This tip is crucial for carrying out a safe and effective process of lash lift with short lashes. 

Now, what does the ideal length mean? It means that you should only lift those lashes that are 4mm or longer. If they are shorter than that, avoid that particular lash.

This is because lashes that are shorter than 4mm may not be able to handle the lifting process and could get damaged if you attempt to do so. It can also cause discomfort to the client and affect their overall lash health and the final results.

If your client’s lashes are too short, you can recommend a lash-growth serum and ask them to return once their lashes are longer.

2. Choose The Right Pad Size

The pad size is another crucial aspect of a lash lift procedure, and it is important to select the right one especially when it comes to short lashes. 

A pad that’s too small may not provide enough of a lift, whereas a pad that’s too big can make the lashes look unnatural. It can also cause discomfort to the client.

Eyelash pads come in the following sizes:

  • Small (S) - for eyelashes measuring 7mm
  • Medium (M) - for lashes from 7mm to 8mm
  • Medium 1 (M1) - for lashes ranging from 7mm to 9mm
  • Medium 2 (M2) - for lashes ranging from 7mm to 10mm
  • Large (L) - for lashes measuring from 7mm to 11mm

Choose The Right Pad Size

For short lashes, use a smaller pad size that will allow you to lift the lashes just enough to give them a natural-looking curl. Ensure that the pad doesn’t touch the client’s skin. Typically, if your client has short lashes, you should opt for small or medium pads when performing the lash lift.

3. Do Not Apply Perm Solution on All Over The Lashes

Too much of anything is bad, and the same applies to using the perm solution for the lash lift. It is important to be mindful of the perm solution you are applying to avoid over-processing the lashes. 

Using this solution on all over the lashes can damage the natural lashes or cause them to break, which is counterproductive. The solution may also irritate the skin if it comes into contact with it.

Do Not Apply Perm Solution on All Over The Lashes

You can go ahead and apply the usual amount of solution, but here's the catch - make sure you avoid the tips at all costs! Trust us, you don't want those beauties getting over-processed. So, the advice is to leave about 1/3 of the tips without any solution. That way, you'll prevent any unwanted damage and keep those lashes looking long and stunning!

4. Use The LLBA Eazy Lift Glue Balm For Better Results

When trying to get the perfect lash lift and tint short lashes aren’t easy to work with, no matter how experienced you are.

In such a situation, products like the LLBA Eazy Lift Glue Balm can be very helpful. This glue balm, in particular, offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. The balm doesn’t dry completely, which allows you to freely adjust the lashes during the procedure. This feature can be a major boon when working with short lashes.

It also nourishes the lashes and the oil penetrates the lash hair to protect and hydrate it, thus improving lash health. It’s thus a highly useful and effective product for those with short lashes.

Use The LLBA Eazy Lift Glue Balm For Better Results

Final Thoughts

Lash lifts are highly coveted by everyone who wants to enhance their natural lashes and give their eyes an extra oomph. However, short lashes can pose a challenge as they are difficult to handle in such an intricate procedure. The tips we’ve outlined here can be really helpful in aiding you when you’re working with clients whose lashes are shorter than average.

Following the 4mm rule, using the right pad size, and LLBA’s balm are ideal solutions for addressing all the concerns related to lash lifts for short lashes!

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