3 Secrets To Mesmerizing Hybrid Lashes

If your clients are jumping on the hybrid lashes bandwagon, you want to ensure you’re catering to their needs. While hybrid lashes don’t have a fixed guideline to perform, it takes a lot more to create mesmerizing hybrid eyelashes.

Here are 3 secrets that the best lash artists in the industry use:

Get the Ratio Right

The ratio refers to the percentage of volume lashes to classic lashes in your hybrid lash set. It is the most important factor in creating hybrid extensions for many reasons.

For one, you can customize the ratio to suit every client’s eye shape and natural lashes. This allows you to create multiple looks with hybrid eyelash extensions.

For example, artists who want to create a basic yet beautiful hybrid set should choose a balanced ratio with equal volume  and classic lash extensions.

Despite our recommended proportion, you’ll find that the most popular ratio is 50% classic lashes and 50% volume lashes.

A higher ratio of classic lashes is ideal for clients with more natural lashes since these will have a 1:1 density. If your client has fewer natural lashes, they’ll need more volume lashes.

If your client wants a natural look, classic lashes are perfect . If fullness is your clients’ priority, you want to dial up the ratio of volume lashes.

On the other hand, using a variety of diameters and curls will give you more texture and profile.

Get the Ratio Right

Another reason why the ratio is crucial is that it allows you to customize the lash set easily, using 3-4D, maximum 5D Promade Fans. For classic lashes, we recommend LLBA’s Velvet Super Mink. Both lash sets come in various sizes and curl types to support your customizations.

In addition, they’re very light, super soft, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

Whichever ratio you choose, aim for symmetry in your creations and ensure you have mapped them out..

ratio you choose

Two to five Lashes Per Fan

The number of lashes per fan determines the volume of your hybrid extensions.

Most artists working on hybrid sets prefer using 2, 3, or 5 lashes per fan. It creates more drama and fullness than the classic lash set and appears more natural than volume sets.

Another reason artists use more lashes per fan is to hide any lash imperfections since more lashes create a darker lash line.

The only consideration you need to keep in mind is the isolation of natural lashes, so they don’t end up sticking together and defeating their purpose.

The more you work with different kinds of clients and their unique natural lash sets, the more experienced you’ll be at handling customizations.

Two to five Lashes Per Fan

Creativity and Technique

The best lash artists all have one thing in common — creative skills.

However, creativity is best explored after you have the basic technique of lashing down pat.

Amateur artists can wait until they have more practice. Those confident enough to explore but don’t know where to start can try the following:


Experimenting with length is one way to make your hybrid lash extension stand out.

The only rule of thumb when experimenting with lengths is to keep the differences in lengths under 2 to 3mm.

Using longer classic lashes and pairing them with shorter volume lashes will give you a dark colour at the lash line. Meanwhile, longer classic lashes provide texture for a more natural-looking set.


Curl is another way to get creative with your hybrid extension lashes. Most artists stick to using one curl type throughout their sets, but there’s no reason you can’t experiment.

Eye Shapes

Prioritizing the shape of the eye allows you to focus on framing the eyes for a more customized look.


Our three secrets are getting the ratio right, applying 2 to 5 lashes per fan, and learning technique first before creativity. In addition to these three tips, however, any lash artist must consider their clients’ comfort.

Regarding wearability, hybrid lashes are perfect for ensuring comfort while giving the artist lots of flexibility and opportunities to be creative.

The next time you have a client with unique demands or features, use these tips to outdo your lashing technique and create a mesmerizing set of hybrid lashes.

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